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Hersheypark Announces Fahrenheit!

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Even worse is a ride like Rollersoaker, capacity on that is about 350 an hour (3 cars dispatch every 2 minutes), that line will be 2+ hours with virtual que added.


Roller Soaker already has an insanely long line. Is there really that much of a difference between 90 minutes and 2 hours? It sucks both ways. It's not like taking away virtual queuing systems is going to give parks reasonable waits on busy days. Look at how bad Cedar Point's waits can be.


Flash Passes are an absolute life saver for out of town guests with very limited time. How else could I ride every coaster at Great Adventure on a Sunday in July?

Amen.I was able to ride every coaster at SFGADV two times or more on a Saturday during Fright Fest.Flash passes are great,but Hershey doesn't really need to add them unless they're looking to make some money.Rollersoaker always has the longest line,which can get to about 45-60 min. on a busy day and 30-45 min on about every other day.No other ride comes close in terms of lines with the next probably being Comet which can get 20-30 min during the busiest days..Stormrunner and Lightning racer run amazingly quick and Great Bear and Wildcat also have good capacity.

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Wow it seems that Hershey is really adding a lot this year, and last year for that matter. I'm glad my home park is getting better.


From what I understand I will be up February 2nd for pictures, thats when I was told my doctors appointment was. Maybe it might be vertical.




Edit: The official date that I will be there is February 7th, I hoped to go sooner but hey its not to far away from the other day posted.

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^I am garenteeing you will. A friend of mine has just went past the park today and some things have been going on.

First of all, the whole first drop of Coal Cracker is completely gone. Pieces are scattered all along that area and they look like they are refurbishing it.


On to Fahrenheit. TRACK AND SUPPORTS ARE VERTICAL!!!! It looks like a section of flat track has been built next to CRR catering and part of either the lift of cobra is being built. All catering areas are still standing which means that this could be a great shoe-horn coaster like GB and SR.


My friend should have his pics up soon and I'll get a link when he does.

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knowit wrote:


Hersheypark already has a launched accelerator coaster called storm runner! Be sure to ride it!


My point was, what's wrong 2 launched coasters. On Maverick hitting it's 95 degree drop at speed was sensational, so a bigger steeper drop like Farenheit's at speed would be amazing. It should be a good coaster anyway.


I went to Hersheypark in 2004 so I'm well acquainted with the horsey coaster.

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[My point was, what's wrong 2 launched coasters. On Maverick hitting it's 95 degree drop at speed was sensational, so a bigger steeper drop like Fahrenheits at speed would be amazing. It should be a good coaster anyway.


I went to Hersheypark in 2004 so I'm well acquainted with the horsey coaster.]


Not as acquainted as I am!



Don't think that the chain lift on Farhenheit will be a slow one. It is a new hybrid chain lift powered by hydraulics, which will provide a smooth and fast ascent to the summit. I've never ridden maverick, but it doesn't seen to hit that first hill at more than 15 mph, i could be wrong, though. Anyway, both coasters are a stones throw away from each other, it wouldn't make sense to put 2 launched coasters in such close proximity.


Also, keep in mind that the drop on Farhenheit is 21 feet taller that Maverick. It wont need the extra boost to get up to speed. In fact, the speed of the Hershey drop is the same as the maverick drop. (Actually, farhenheit is 1 mph faster)



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I was up at Hershey today for a doctors appointment and got pictures of Fahrenheit, and it's vertical construction. They were working very hard today and the ride seems to be coming along nicely. To see all of my pictures Click Here.


Alright Here they are:

As you can see construction trucks are bring supports to the site, they kept bringing them and bringing them.


Intamin track goodness at its best!


One of the trucks as it drives to drop off those big, blue beams, can't think of a better caption.


You know you like it!


All of the vertical construction so far, on Hershey's defense they are hard at work on this ride. So it could be finished very quickly, so there all you non believers!


Not the best looking picture but is a close up on the supports. Wonder if it's going to get any bigger because in person it isn't that high.


Look at all those supports, and track.




The supports from a ground view.


Now for some up close and personal shots, I got to touch the track, surprisingly it was not hot at all. It was freezing since it was like 30 degrees out! 97 degrees my a$$!


See close and personal, and look at that Intamin!


There's a whole lot of it so I took a whole lot of pictures!


Look now there facing the other way.


Now look there all confused facing upside down and right side up. Wow these captions suck!


That's better, but look at the creeps behind them, thinking there cool or something facing upside down.


I'm going to stop with the extremely bad captions and just say, Intamin Track! YaY Me!


I love this picture because this was right before I touched it.




La De Da, there's me standing and taking a picture of me with thee awesome Intamin Track.



Hope you all enjoyed the pictures,


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I haven't been to Hershey Park since I was a kid though I have seen it on the Travel Channel and through pictures on this site. I hope to get there this summer or next. I am looking for a pre-ternship at a park somewhere. Anyways, before I saw these pics from the construction update I never realized how many "tall" buildings are right up next to the park. Because at ground level in many pictures you can't tell. But in a few pictures there was a large building that looked like an old high school and a few other 5-8 story buildings. There was also a 1960's 1970's looking building that has to be over 10 stories- never noticed this before. I didn't realize how urban the immediate area was- or are my eyes and perspective deceiving me?

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