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Hersheypark Announces Fahrenheit!

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I rode Fahrenheit on Tuesday July 8th, and I thought it was a great ride.




The lift hill has a VERY odd feeling to it. It feels like you are going to tip over backwards! The first drop has great ejector airtime all the way down in any row. The pull out has some great forces and then you catch some gentle floater air as you head into the first part of the Norwegian Loop. At the bottom of the Norwegian Loop there are very strong positive g's. As you exit the Norwegian Loop you get some strong floater airtime down the drop to the Cobra Roll. The first half of the Cobra Roll has some decent forces and a little hang time at the top. The second half of the Cobra is basically the same but in reverse direction except there is a lot of rattling/shuffling during it. The first corkscrew is super fast and has a great whip through it, it reminded me of Batman the Ride! The second corkscrew is a little slower and doesn't have much whip to it. Then comes the overbanked turn which has very strong forces, but I got a little head banging on its transitions. After the overbanked turn comes my second favorite part of the ride, the airtime hill! This little airtime hill has some very strong ejector air! The last turn on the ride is pretty strong but has a lot of head banging in it. Then the ride finishes with a little floater air time into the sloped brake run.


Key points:


-Fabulous first drop.

-Great airtime hill.

-Norwegian Loop.

-First corkscrew.




-Rattle during second half of the Cobra Roll.

-Head banging during the last two turns.


I need to ride Fahrenheit a few more times to give it a true rating, but as of right now it gets an 8/10.

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it is the best ride for the GP. It's hard how to describe but it's the parks first ride with more then 3 inversions (count out sidewinder), and that's something almost every other park has somewhere or another. In this sense I think it was a great move. And this ride is better then you're standard B&M Floorless or Intamin 10-Inversion ride, so i'm very satisfied.


I hope this makes sense,

Hershey shouldn't build two rides that half the GP are afraid off in 3 years. Many people in the GP just look at SR's launch and are like No, not riding it at all. Now the ride has been a walk on the two times I've been to the park. Fahrenheit isn't as as intimidating since it lacks a launch, 70+mph, exc. Ever notice the huge group of people standing outside of Storm Runner just watching, there's not that many at Fahrenheit today and that's a new ride.

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lol, I find it funny that so many people are complaining of "headbanging" at the end of Fahrenheit...I found that to be the best part of the ride. The jarring banked turn to the right after the second corkscrew, the head-chopper produced by diving under the brake run, the spastic-yet-genius airtime hill, and spiriting leap into the final brakes reminded me a lot of Maverick.


I guess I like rides with a little more edge. Fahrenheit just didn't do it for me, but the first drop and finale-elements were great

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I just got back from my second senior trip of the year (the first one was to Cedar Point! WOOOO!!!!!!), and our destination was none other than Hersheypark.


The deciding factor in traveling to Hershey was the addition of Fahrenheit, a rollercoaster my friends and I couldn't resist traveling to ride because of our intense luuuuurve for Maverick (my new #1 coaster).


But...I can't help but feel extremely let down by Intamin with this one. I mean...after the intial drop (which is hella-intense), the ride loses any and all momentum (both literally and in terms of excitement) it built up after the initial drop.


The ride just kind of plods along through the elements, and was entirely too forceless throughout.


While the first hill certainly does its job well, it almost seems too tiny to create enough momentum to make the rest of the ride's elements exciting.


Even the non-enthusiasts in my group (which far outnumbered me ) said that they felt the ride was "lame" upon exiting.


So overall, a big fat disappointment for me. But hey...the colors sure were pretty

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I took my very first trip to Hersheypark this past Sunday and Monday. We got two rides on Fahrenheit, and to be honest, I was a bit let down after the first ride on Sunday night. The lift and first drop were crazy, but it was just kind of "meh" after that. We weren't going to ride again, but sometimes it takes a couple of rides to really "get" it, if that makes any sense. I am glad we decided to give ol' Fahrenheit a second chance though, because we really enjoyed our second ride on Monday night. Also, I could not get enough of watching the people in line freak out every time the train went up the lift.

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