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SheiKra Having Issues?

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My question is this: Whats going on with Griffon that is isnt having these troubles? Is it because Griffon has 10 seats per row as opposed to SheiKras 8? Or is it because Griffon was designed to have floorless trains while SheiKra was like "Oi...I want those floorless thingies!"


Somehow, I have a feeling BGA will say "F it..." and re-floor SheiKra, which wouldnt be that terrible anyways.

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You would think with all these technical problems it's having, it would have been designed by Intamin. But seriously, if that keeps up, they should close it down for a few days until they can get the problem corrected.

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It's run by computers which we all know can be like a two year old at times! As someone else stated, at least it's smart enough to shut down in case of a real problem. It's not who makes it, it's not location, it's just a machine and needs tweaking.


It does stink for the people who are stuck on the ride waiting for the EVAC, but with any coaster, we take that risk each time we get on!


It's just a part of coaster life people!

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I was there three days ago and SheiKra was only running with one loading station (the rear) open. And also, when it said it evacuated at the brakes on the top of the first drop, you do know there is a set of brakes leading to the holding "brake" right? It was probably from there, but thats just my guess.

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