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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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I went to MOA today and what I can say is that they have a lot done, but they have a long road before it opens next month. They added queues to Spongebob and Avatar, and added themes to some of the rides. But what I can say is that they need to shift into the next gear up in order to get everything done on time. But I am looking forward to riding the new rides that were taunting in my face today.

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Wow Sponge Bob looks awesome!


This ride (regardless of the trains colors) is going to be a lot of fun! It looks really compact and intense, and will fit in with the spinning ride they have in there too.


Can't wait to see videos of it flying throughout the circuit!

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Spongebob is looking like an awesome roller coaster now! If only I could convince my mom to bring me to MoA the next time she goes there. And Valleyfair as well.


-Tanks "If only I could sharpie up those water dummies, I have so many ideas!" 4me05.

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I wonder what the stuff on some of the supports are?


I dont know if anyone saw but Avatars wait is up!

I thought it was supposed to test last week. I would have thought it would test before SB!


^ It's not down here. It could have tested previously and we don't even know. If the trains are unwrapped, and the floor down, that is a pretty good indicator to me that something has happened...

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