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  1. Bring a copy of Mystic Manor to Animal Kingdom... that would be the icing on the Avatar cake!
  2. At first when I heard that DL was putting in a Super Loop, I was pretty bummed. But I have to say, the fact that they are putting in both the Super Loop and the new slide complex has me very excited! Sure, it's not the coaster that we all want, but it's defiantly going in the right direction! Also, they have done a remarkable job on the internet marketing of the new attractions...the GP defiantly seems excited about it. I really hope that they take advantage of social media and post construction photos when that starts, it would be a great way to get people excited.
  3. I don't post here often, but I thought I would let everyone know that Darien Lake uploaded the new 2013 map on their site today... http://darienlake.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Darien-Lake-2013-Park-Map.pdf A few changes I have noticed: -UFO is completely gone off the map -Sky Coaster had been Renamed Red Hawk -The Park now has several distinct zones, or lands...very "theme" park-ish -Galaxy Theater is also completely off the map. (Probably to prepare for the new spinning coaster next year Haha ) Looks like a nice map refresh!
  4. Friday 4-23-2010 I took a ride by Darien Lake to check out construction on “Splashtown”. I was surprised to see how many waterslide parts are in the parking lot, and the sounds of construction vehicles were very prominent and they were hard at work. So far, no waterslides have been lifted yet, but the support poles are up so I would imagine that they will start getting them off of the ground ASAP. Also, according to a source on http://amusementgraffixintl.com/forums/ there have been many painting projects at the park during the offseason. Viper will be painted all black, like the original colors in 1982, Boomerang was painted, The Brain Teaser (Ladybug Coaster) was painted, the Giant Wheel was painted, and it is reported that some of Ride of Steel will be painted, oddly enough only part of the ride though. Here are the pix! Overview of the huge construction site. Slide parts litter the whole parking lot. Slides, slides, slides! Through the trees. More construction. Noted! All ready for slides! The "Swirl City" complex will be extremely close to the entrance, which is sure to create excitement among guests entering the parking lot. The Giant Wheel is looking great with the new paint job, if only it had some lights... And we finish it with a look at the pink Ride of Steel. Hope you enjoyed! I will have an opening day Photo:TR on May 8th.
  5. Darien Lake is my home park and I would love a new coaster but Batman The Escape was built by Intamin, not B&M.
  6. ^ I have been told at a GE forum it will be located in the Rainbow's old spot. The rainbow was right next to the entrance and about 50 feet from the road. The area it is going in does not really have a theme, there is a Boomerang, Balloon Race, and 50's themed cars.
  7. http://www.sixflags.com/newEngland/info/News_SupermanRideOfSteelRelaunch.aspx
  8. Hard Rock Park is my guess because of the absence of a wood coaster.
  9. If the rumors are right, the ferris wheel is getting LED lights. So far it looks true!
  10. I wonder what is going to happen with the whole Dubai thing.
  11. No, Darien Lake is not a carnival. It is actually a pretty nice park, this is the only "Carnie" type ride there.
  12. I just got back from Darien Lake and OCC: MotoCoaster is awesome! It is both thrilling and great for families. Here are some photos:
  13. ^^The new coaster is going where the two old pools were near the twister. Here is a link to the Buffalo News article on the ride: http://www.buffalonews.com/145/story/313394.html
  14. ^ I agree with you 100%. Orlando should lead the world in new ideas and really get there head in the game. The last major theme park to be built was in 1999 (Islands Of Adventure), that is almost 10 years of sitting back letting Dubai take there title. Now is crunchtime; time to expand. ... I'm just praying for Orlando's sake that Disney does not go to Dubai too.
  15. Thanks! I really did not know how the frog was related to Nick, but now I do.
  16. Does anyone know what theme the small frog hopper ride will have? It seems out of place...
  17. I do not even know if this is a "true" band but I think the Naked Brothers Band is horrible.
  18. I have never been to MOA but it looks like there might be a support column for the roof there and they might be putting up a Nick Toon Banner. If you look it is right in line with the other posts.
  19. Look what I just found at Amusement Today! Sounds like some good theming!
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