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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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The park is really starting to look swell with the Nick theming, I might consider bugging my dad about going to MOA this year or my mom since she has a friend who lives near MOA. I really look forward to riding SB and Avatar if I somehow get the chance or have the chance to visit Minnesota.


They don't call it MOA for nothing, this looks effing great! Good job on MOA's behalf I really love the park! Always wanted to go there before this and this makes me want to go even more!

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Odd. Shouldn't the Jimmy Neutron wrap be on the column closest to his ride?

The column wraps look really cool, and they can be changed out when all the shows featured in the park become outdated in 2 years.

Anywho, I hope that Rugrats gets a column wrap, it would be cool to see Rugrats being acknowledged in the signage around the park as well as the bumper cars(which look surprisingly neat).

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If the park is going to honor Rugrats at all, at least they should get a gold-plated statue for the show. What was it - one of the most successful cartoons ever?


It basically put Nick on the map. It's sad how Nickelodeon refuses to acknowledge that Rugrats made Nick what it is today. Rugrats, Doug, and Ren and Stimpy deserve a mention considering they were the first NickToons, but I'd rather see the Slime Geyser from Nick Studios show up.

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^Yeah! It was announced after they announced Nickelodeon was taking over the park, and I was like, "What the hell? Do you not listen to your own press releases?". Imagine is a Nickelodeon-mini golf course was added where it is. It would looks so cool, using Spongebob's house as one of the holes or a Ghost from Danny Phantom trying to knock the golf ball off the path.

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