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  1. I thought Renegade was great last fall during Valleyscare...It was fast and felt out of control...I love that ride!
  2. Bullet looks a lot like Stingray in RCT2...don't ask me how I remembered that lol Man I would love to ride that coaster!
  3. I think that update just changed my girl preference to asian lol
  4. I liked "Hung over on hangover"... reminds me of my weekends
  5. white castle is only good after a long night at the bar its ridiculous!
  6. ^ needs to go a little nuts and have a regular classic coke. < went to the 311 concert last night
  7. yeah i dont understand what all the complaining is about...the park just opened give it time
  8. looks like the website was launched before it was even finished...
  9. i don't think its a volcano i think its just a huge drop off into a cliff..."rock bottom plunge"...
  10. I thought they were going to be working on the park after the march date? You guys make it sound like everything has to be done by the grand opening...Isn't the log ride going to take awhile to be re done?
  11. are they going to paint the rest of that tumbler ride or is it going to stay that wierd mix of colors?
  12. yeah they did a really good job with the parking ramps at the MOA and the parking is free...seems like you have to pay for parking everywhere these days
  13. Its really never that bad going out there...just have to avoid rush hour.
  14. I can't wait to see them paint the ripsaw orange! Well I'm guessing its going to be orange since its name is going to be Orange Streak...
  15. yeah i heard they are keeping it...rumors are its going to be green slime themed. i have no idea how they'll do that but whatever i guess lol.
  16. Yeah I did too. I'm going to miss the Paul Bunyan themed log flume ride a lot...I grew up riding that thing Anyways I also think its time for change. You can't get much better than a Nickelodeon themed park popularity wise. It seems like the park draws more kids and young teens than anyone else. I think the MOA did the right thing. ps Thanks for all the comments on the pictures...I appreciate it!
  17. Yeah I forgot to mention this but they havn't filled in the holes with cement yet around the supports for spongebob...they just had wood spacers keeping them centered.
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