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PTR: Fenway Park 7-22-07

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I brought my Didgital Camera to the game and I thought someone would enjoy these pictures. The Red Sox beat Chicago 8 to 5.


A final view when I was leaving the park, of the Yawkey way sign.


I tryed to get a picture of the scoreboard on the final out but it came out blurry.


Manny Delcarmen coming in from the Bull Pen.


Terry Francona and Doug Maribelli meating for a pitcher change.


A view of the huge Citco sign outside of Fenway.


I tryed to get a shot of the Red Sox TV announcers but it didn't work to well.


A view of the score board in the outfield.


An overview of the field with Eric Hinskey up to bat.


Kevin Youkilis stepping up to bat. My mom thought they were booing him when they were really going YYYYoooouuukkeee


Manny stepping up to bat. Right after I took this picture he had hit a homerun in to right field.


The first pitch by Tim Wakefield. I got lucky with the timing on this one.


David Ortiz or as we call him Big Papi catching the first pitch, by a boy who had a special disease.


Curt Shilling greeting some kids who had won a special contest for something to do with diseases.


Manny Ramirez coming in from warming up.


Looking Down the First base line from the Budweiser Seats.


A view toward the press box and the Fenway sign from the Budweiser Seats.


Looking down toward Pesky's Pole, and the out field wall.


The Green Monster from our seats, or as Bostonians say it the Green Monstah.


An overview of batting practice from our seats.


The cool little band called Hot Talent perfoming in front of Fenway.


Yawkey Way one of the best spots to be before the game.

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Baseball has to be the most boring sport to watch.... well other than golf... But I do kinda find golf interesting so nope!.. Baseball wins for most boring sport to watch imo lol


I agree with you. I like other sports, but baseball bores me to hell.

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Go Jays


I've seen only four teams so far this year - but that number will hopefully hit ten after a trip in September to Miller Park in Milwaukee [brewers/Reds], Metrodome in Minnesota [Twins/Rangers], and the Jake in Cleveland [indians/Tigers]!


I saw Boston earlier this year in Toronto, Dice-K got outdueled by - to be honest, I forget :S - and the Red Sox lost 2-1


Nice TR, Fenway looks like such a crazy place. Glad you guys took that black hole of suck Eric Hinske from us, too!

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Came all the way from Colorado to see Fenway and the Sox for the first time ever this year, and what do I get? A blowout by the royals of all teams. Anyway, Fenway is probably one the greatest places to see any team in any sport. Even if you do get stuck behind a pole like I was.

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That's the past. This. Is. NOW


^ Remember that? Who got their a$$ kicked in that fight?


That's such a Boston fan reply lol so sad.... I don't get it. Why is Boston so gung ho about their team? I've never seen another city go so crazy about a team...



Neo-proud to have my NY auto-plates in Boston during redsox games-greeneyes

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Who has the most rings? I believe the Yankees have 26. You guys have what 6? Win 20 more and we'll talk.

such a typical Yankees fan response. How many of those were before you were even born? They've only won 4 times in your lifetime, so I'd consider those other 22 titles to be fairly irrelevant...

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My 1? Do you even know what team I like?


My favorite team has won two in the past decade, thank you very much, including a nice beat-down of the Yankees.


I'm not saying that 26 world titles isn't good, but why do Yankees fans, when on the defense, always use that crutch? They could have won 100 world series titles and that still won't help them much this October! That is, if they actually play in October this year... and I doubt they will.

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^^ Technically, Joe's a Marlins fan. It's actually funnier to compare the fish to the yanks over the same period of time you've been alive. Half the rings with half the talent, half the payroll, and no where near even half the fan base.


How bout them apples?


EDIT: you were quicker on the draw, Joe.

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