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JZ's Ongoing Kings Island Update Thread!

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Firehawk > BORG Assimilator


I like BORG's theme and atmosphere 100000 times better, but hey; it's " new"

I liked the corkscrews alot better than the barrel rolls. They are fun, but nothing great. But...the helix made up for it. Could have been the best part of the ride!


I dont get it how can firehawk be better than BORG but you then go to say that you like borg's theme and atmo"sphere" 1000000 better and you like the corkscrews better but firehawk>BORG?? Must be a fanboy thing...


Sorry dude, not a fan boy. I like my home park a lot, though.

What I am saying: Right now, BORG's atmosphere is better. You could walk underneath it and everything. Firehawk's isn't. I like Firehawk's ride better, though I would prefer the corkscrews over barrel rolls. And to me, the ride beats the look of it.



What do you work ,Reon?

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Rides. I basically rotate around to operate everything, so what I run is a mystery. I am a returning op though, so I should get priority on ride of choice this year. Personally, I'm hoping to run the bumper cars or Python

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Today, Firehawk was running both Yellow and Red train. One of the ops said there is a third train comming and he thinks it is Silver. The line looked like it moved same with one train op. One train in the station and the other baking on the open brake run. Well....atleast it has two trains running, but they weren't using the dual station from what I saw too...I wasn't expecting that to be used, but still an extremely SLOW line. For all those coming to KI......get on this first. Even with no line....it would problly take 20 minutes to get on and off. rode the Racer twice after work...fun times.

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Welcome to the world of Vekoma Flyers. Slow loading/unloading.


Is the lift hill facing directly south? That was the worst part at GL, you were facing right into the sun on the lift. Your retinas didn't recover fast enough before you were done with the ride.

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Does this model even HAVE a third train? Batwing only had 2, though they were Six Flags to be fair...


Batwing has three. The trains are increadibly complex. For a few seasons, Batwing always had one of the three trains in the shop and it would go on rotation which train would sit off for the season. This year, they're TRYING to get the third train on the track to be used as a back up train if any of the other two should go down. Personally, I find when the coaster is running two trains and both stations, the line moves plenty fast (SIGNIFICANTLY faster than two trains and one station).

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^ Yea, that's what I would want to see most; using both stations. Not only will it speed the line for possble re-rides later in the day, I think it would be cool to see. I think a silver train would cool really awesome flying around on the dark red track. Hm. Well, that -WAS- the first time I saw them running two trains while open to the public; so maybe they will be using both stations today or tomorrow. Some people are still in school....so maybe workers is an issue? I wouldnt that would be the case because it's the new ride...top priority, right? Oh well, I will be getting more coverage after work tomorrow. Anyone can meet up if they will be there after 6!


-Zach "I'd really like the take another flight of Firehawk!" Boothe

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When Firehawk was at Geauga Lake (R.I.P. X-Flight), it had three trains (blue, green, and black). When it first opened the ride would use all three trains and both stations. More recently, however, that number was reduced to two and one, respectively.

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Is it just me or does the restraints on the Vekoma ride add to the slow loading times. We went on Friday of last week (one train death que in the hot hot sun), and when we finally got to the station and loaded the restraint system just seemed jacked up. I am used to Superman at SFOG where the restraints are easy to get in and out of, but these seemed ridiculous.


My brother-in-law and I were timing it and it was taking 7 minutes from entering the station until the train left. That's just nuts.


Side note: Why is the que so hidden, un-shaded, and wihtout fans?

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Pics from today Firehawk was running the red train (the one that was broken on friday) and that was it. The yellow train (was only one working on Friday) was parked in the other station. Hooray one train op.


IJST - one ride

Flight of Fear - One ride

TR:TR - one fun ride

Vortex - 2 awesome rides. The front is really jerky....the back kicks ass! Heed thy word!


Racers are still a great ride at over 40 years old.

Vortex is 20 years old and showing little signs of aging...or staking!

A little shakey at the bottom, but still pure fun!

Ride Vortex and tell me there isn't airtime there.

Rare full lift shot for those who care.

After watching Vortex run 1000 times while working, you really wana loop the loop.

Gotta ride IJST when there is a 5 minute wait. Still think it's a very fun ride.

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Racers are still a great ride at over 40 years old.



Vortex is 25 years old and showing little signs of aging...or staking!



Good thing KI didn't put you at anything with cash register!

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I'm off today. I had a +.05 variance at the end of the day

Vortex's thing was an error. omgomgomgomgomgsorry


So yea, Zephyr is a classic.

Oh yea, Firehawk....still doesn't know which train to run. Red was broken, now fixed; yellow was operational, now parked.

Slow-mo fly to lie was cool

Flight of Fear in the backseat seemed kinda vibratey. They seem to have a different intro every time I am there.

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Ride Vortex and tell me there isn't airtime there.


Probably some airtime. But the memory gets bashed from your skull soon after.


A few solid blows to the head probably explains some people walking off thinking it was the best ride ever.

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^I still don't know why everyone says this is a rough, headbanging ride. Sure, there are a few in the front. But not as bad as Face/Off. After riding in the front, I get a few bashes. In the back you aren't thrown into them.


Still my favorite part of the ride.

Best vertical loop in the park.

Firehawk has the best helix.

Red Train < Yellow Train

Sun sets on IJST

See anything different in this picture?

TPR gets a pretty picture. Carowinds on Friday. Top Gun bliss here I come....damn I hope my camera will work.

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Firehawk was running both trains and both stations around two today, I was actually sent to station two to board but the transfer track jammed and they sent us back over to one.


I am still not sure what is going on with the transfer of KI, there still seems to be a clash that is really making the park less intresting.

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^Yea, I really hate how you don't have much access to Firehawk. Not many ways to take pics of it besides infront and in line.


Both trains and stations around two? Hmm...I was on break and I couldnt see it all day. One kid said he rode twice with a 15 minute wait before and after it rained...he was talking about a 'different ride on Firehawk' so maybe he was referring to different stations. They need to get this problem fixed.

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Eh. I was there today, and rode BOTH sides, since they were running the trains pretty well. I actually saw them with two trains on the track a few times while I waited. Lines for me were about 30-45 minutes, so yeah. Firehawk pwns. Also, FoF appears to have their "rave" lights back on in the bowl





Red train>Yellow

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Firehawk was running both trains and both stations on Monday morning. That was the only time I rode it, so I can't say if that held all day. The line was pretty short too-they were barely filling the stations and holding the rest of the line in the queue, but it was only a 30 minute or so wait.

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So it's guys day at KI for the games department. All the girls work and we have a cook out. My and my friend headed to Boomerang Bay and rode pretty much everything. Around 6:45, it POURED down rain! Storm warnings and everything, it was like a monsoon. We ran from BB all the way into Nick U to an employee restaraunt to take cover until 8. After that, the park was DEAD. Firehawk had a 15 minute wait, and was using both stations! FoF had no line! Vortex had no line. Then we watched SoB test. Still very loud, and it went through the pre drop off the left quickly, but almost vallied as it inched over the first drop. The trains look tiny compared to the old ones, and the new logo is on the front. (Loop is out and the second helix is put in).


FoF - 3 Times, no wait for the front

Vortex - 3 Times, no wait for back and front

Firehawk - 1 time, 15 minute wait in the front

All waterslides were 10 minute wait and really fun, especially Tazmanian Typhoon (the big funnel ride)


Welcome to Boomarang Bay, mate!


Down Under Thunder, your normal slide. I didn't ride


Coolangata Racer, you lay on the mat and race! It's a really fun, quick ride.


Yup, POURING down rain....relentless wind...monsoon basically.


Aww, a rainbow! That means it's over, right? Nope, it still rained for a good 20 minutes.


Flight of Fear is dry and wait-less! YES!!!


All Clear, say hello to the aliens! FoF is still a great ride


Obligadory ghosty shot.


Using two stations minimizes wait times?! Psh, you're bluffing.


I can fly, I can fly!


For James and his special Viking Fury crew!


Drop Zone is all, "I'm a reliable, non second generation freefall, but yikes, I hope that little girl gets better!"





Wait a minute......I hear that familiar deafening chain lift.....








It lives!


"Hey, I'm new here....they told me there was a loop!"


"I'll open up in a week or two, come and ride me! I'll play gentle."


Did I mention it FLIES over the second hill?


I'm still smooth.




I might put up the video, but it's knda crappy since I was running with it.


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