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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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Year 44


Well Year 44 is underway and it looks like the park is gearing up for Year 45 by playing another game!






Rock Drop


The Falls




Rapids River






Hurtle de Zhambi


With daily updates returning tomorrow, the park will release a clue with each update hinting at one ride that WILL NOT return...


More soon!

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Year 44


It's nice to have this greet you as you enter the park.


Will anything ever replace Tigre's old station spot?


There's still a great bit of room back in The Great Outdoors section of the park.


Who knows what all they could fit back here.


They're starting to run out of options.


They might have to start taking rides out again.


Oronga's old spot might be able to fit in a new area or maybe a large dark ride or something.


It gets tricky to add new attractions when you're in HHE's situation.


They've got some creative people to work around this obstacle, though.


Building towards the sky might be the park's best bet for the forseeable future.


At least they're bringing some classics back.


More soon.


Clue #1:

This ride is not returning:


" - - - - it like it's - - - "

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I just went thru all 64 pages and it has been like a soap opera with this prk! Some creative mind you have to come up w/ this concept. I never really did like those huge unrealistc coasters in the park but I like the xcar coaster and the wooden coaster. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the comments!



Year 44


Good morning, Hershey's Hawaiian Escape.


Tantalus is doing its morning routine.


I guess the water slides need testing as well.


Watch out, coming through!


Solar Flare is still hanging in there!


The park is slowly getting its skyline back to what it once was.


It's cool how everything lines up in life, haha.


Tantalus has a twisted layout if you look at it from above.


It looks different from each angle.


Required shot now.


More soon.


Clue #2:

This ride will not be returning:


"I love Dawn of the Dead!"

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Year 45 Announcement





Soaring 140 feet over Hershey's Hawaiian Escape. Speeding over 70 mph. It can only be one thing.




After an absence of over 4 decades, the mega-ride is returning to Hershey's Hawaiian Escape! The ride will call a new location home and will sport a new color scheme. The ride has been nearly rebuilt from the ground up.


"We always hated removing this ride," said a park rep,"but we had no room for it."


He continues, "Now with this strip of land opening up in the back of the park we have more than enough room for it.


The park will open for its 45th season of operation soon.



Delusion will peak at a height of 140 feet.


More soon.

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^OMG, I thought I was the only one. They're fun, but also annoyingly forceless (obviously not completely - IMO, the larger they are, the more forceless they seem). And the gargantuan harnesses make it impossible to see anything except what's right in front of you.


I want Hurtle back. *pouts*

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Year 45


Delusion is completing its testing today!


The ride will hopefully draw more people back to The Great Outdoors area of the park.


The ride comes pretty close to MM:E!


It takes up alot of space, but now its in a better spot so it's no longer a waste of space.


It's gonna hold alot of people!


The other rides in the park are gearing up for another big season!


Will anything ever replace Oronga's old spot?


The entrance plaza is looking great as usual. I've almost forgotten my favorite invert once stood here.


Hershey Grove is also looking good.


Mine Mountain: Excavation soars over The Great Outdoors area of the park.


But the ride did shut down for the first time today, the crowd doesn't look too happy.


More soon.

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Year 45


Delusion soars high in the sky.


Yes this would be the 140 foot peak.


A new food stand accompanied the addition.


Two in one shot.


It's a grand view across the bay now!


Nothing but air...


How close do they really come???


If only it could block the blinding sun...


Standard view right here.


This small piece of land makes the park seem more spacious... they should keep it.


Wish upon a giant rotating steel star...


More soon.

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