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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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Year 41


HawaiiWheel casts a large shadow on the Bay Lake area.


Looking towards the volcano - it's not the park's only icon now!


Kissing Tower is taller than Surf, believe it or not.


Hershey's Hawaiian Cascades is doing great business! (it is a separate entrance fee)


Hershey's Hawaiian Escape overview.


Current Hershey Hawaii overview.


The "boring" area of the park - will this ever change?


Major extreme airtime hill ahead!


Looks like the sun to me...


You get a great view of the park from the top.


Surf - Preparing to... surf.


More soon.

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The removal of Tidal Wave really helped the park I think. The center of the park always seemed so cramped with Tidal Wave and Tantalus right next to eachother, it seems alot nicer and more open with the new plaza design, and you even managed to fit a pretty sweet looking coaster in!


Hopefully the park will install a real big full circuit coaster soon to give the park another iconic ride. Oronga's spot would be perfect, and that plot of land is big enough that a major ride could go in there without overshadowing the entrance plaza like Oronga did.


I still think the park could use some larger, signature flats, like perhaps a Sky Swat or drop tower. Although with Seaworld having a S&S tower, it might not be such a good idea to put in an S&S, and the park already had an Intamin Rotodrop... Of course, Hershey could always just one-up Seaworld by building a bigger, badder ride with more towers than the two that Waterspout has.

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Year 41


Well the Year 41 season is wrapping up and the park has all but confirmed there will be no new additions for the Year 42 season...


Up the spike they will go...


I guess they need to take a break after the high-cost of this year's addition.


Hopefully they're holding out for something big in Year 43!


I've heard... HEARD... that the park has secured a two-coaster deal with B&M. But we all know those contracts don't exist!


Hawaii Wheel looks larger today for some reason...


It sure is bright!


Ready to ride?


I could do without the spinning, but its not as bad as Tango...


Nothing but... Surf.


Doesn't look as tall from this point of view.


Alright now it looks a bit taller.


More soon. I've been a bit busy with this side project called "life", so the "daily" updates may change over to "every-other-day" updates for a while.

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _

It's coming. It's returing. A new face. A new ride. Reinvisioned.


So much for never re-using ride types... Looks like Sulfur is coming back.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

s u l f u r


I didn't even bother to try to decode the other two. Just don't feel like it.

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Hmmmmm... The people over at the Atari forums think they have it figured out... They claim that the ride is;




Mine Mountain: Experience

Year 43

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Hmmmmm... The people over at the Atari forums think they have it figured out... They claim that the ride is;




Mine Mountain: Experience

Year 43


I made it bigger Haha!

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^ Sure.


Hello Theme Park Review - I want to play a game.



You have looked at this park, day in and day out... you come home expecting a daily update, and while you might not post your thoughts, you cringe inside at the thought of not seeing this park updated daily.


You have taken it for granted.


So lets play a little game, I will give you a webpage:




You'll notice there is a window that asks you for a username/password.


You have to find that out for yourself.


USERNAME: (only the word, do not include the word "the")


Too easy? Let me make that a bit harder:


PASSWORD: (enter the ages from oldest to youngest, no spaces)


Think you can google for the answer? Think again, this riddle has been altered.


If you somehow decipher the code, you will find the announcement to the Year 43 addition. If you find the press release, post it as soon as you read it, because if no one receives the answer before November 1st, then game over for Hershey's Hawaiian Escape.


Make your choice.


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Hershey prepares to bring back a classic with a new twist. Mine Mountain: Excavation will be the worlds first coaster to feature an "obtuse dive", coined by B&M mastermind Johny Canon. The dive will be the steepest in the universe, at over 100 degrees.


The ride will stand 16 stories over the park, becoming the tallest coaster at Hershey's Hawaiian Escape. B&M have featured several of their best products at the park and they feel this shall be no different.


The ride will soar through an overbank before roaring into a twisted mas of steel, dodging in and out of the new Mine Mountain. The park intends for this to be the classic revision of the ride that closed decades ago.


Hawaiian Escape opens for its 43rd season soon.


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