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Come on in and say "Hi".


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Hi there,


I'm Natalie, and I've actually been a member on here for awhile, just under the name "havenli." But let's face it - it's much too girly of a name for a coaster fan. Anyway, I'm from Athens, TN originally, where Dollywood was my home park for 20 years of my life, but I just moved to Apex, NC last year, and now I'm only 3 hours away from Carowinds, Kings Dominion and BGE. Not a bad trade off, if you ask me.


I'm now up to 111 roller coasters, though my CoasterFanatics count says 112, but I don't exactly get how they consider Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls a coaster. No matter, though, because 111 has a much better look to it than 112. I like my symmetry.

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Hi! My name is Bianca. I am currently 13 1/2 years of age and I absolutely looooooove Walt Disney World. It's the only thing on this Earth that I'll ever admit to being a true fan of. My closest parks are Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Europe. Oh, and I live in Virginia in case you already haven't figured that out.

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Hi! I'm Michelle. I'm 34 and live in Texas. My home park would be SFOT, but the last park I visited was Sea World.


I've been following the thread on the construction of the Boardwalk Bullet in Kemah. We went there last summer, so I can't wait to visit again.


That's all for now. I don't have much to say about roller coasters, but I thought I'd say "Hi!"

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Hi, my name is Jason--long-time lurker, first-time poster. I've been an amusement park fan as long as I can remember and even wrote a book about them in a historical context a couple years back.


The first theme park I can remember going to was Kings Dominion when I was about 5 (which would have been 24 years ago). My home amusement park is Trimper's Rides in Ocean City, MD, though as far as "theme" parks go, I guess the closest is Six Flags America (and the closest "real" theme park would be Busch Gardens Williamsburg/Europe). I've never seen a donkey in real life.


Professionally, I work in public relations. I'm very active in my local Jaycees chapter. And... that's really all there is to know about me. Which is kind of sad, really, when you consider I easily have been able to condense nearly three decades of life into three small paragraphs.




Jason "I Think I'm Going to Go Cry Myself to Sleep Now" Rhodes

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My name is Jon but everyone calls me "Jonny B" (and anyone who loves roller coasters is cool enough to do so!)


I come from Santa Cruz CA. Home of the Boardwalk and the Giant Dipper. I worked as a ride operator mostly working on the coaster and had a fun time doing so.


Something weird that I enjoy doing is riding my unicycle off road "through the trees!!!"


I am nineteen trying to get through engineering school so someday I can design coasters for Intamin!

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My name is Chris and i reside in edinburgh, scotland. (no - before you say it - i dont know your cousin twice removed ) English expat mind you - up here studying at university - graduate in january


that aside... trawling through the interweb for videos of coasters as i went to orlando last year... and i came across this site.... then got bombarded by countless emails about your latest trip updates... watched a few videos killing time whilst i was at work. Rollercoasters are definatly my passion... although not a fan of duelling dragons, i was bashed and bruised m off of that ride - moreso then when i am in a mosh pit! I tend to lean the more intense steel rollercoasters - and although the end bit of hulk sucks - the begining is bang on the mark....


Thought i would say hello - as i got a message from the admins stating that i had not posted a message before, so i thought why not....


I also help moderate the download forums which is an alternative rock festival in the uk - which is held every year in june!

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Hello all, This is the best web site for theme park and roller coaster fun. I have been reviewing TPR for years now, I enjoy all the great pictures.


My name is Steve, i live in PA ( Philadelphia area), i enjoy coasters ( of all types) and Dark rides. I have worked in the amusement park industry for many years, from engineering to inspections.


I hope to meet up with some the TPR crew in future events.

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Well I'm not exactly a new member but I've never posted in this thread so...


My name is Allen, and I've actually been hanging out around this site since sometime around 1998-1999. Since then I've posted on several other sites (and even ran my own for several years) and for a while posted on RRC. I've meet a good number of people who I know post on this site, but I doubt many people remember who I am. I have somewhat fallen away from the hobby (I don't live by a park anymore, and am living on Student Loans, so no travel for me) in the past several years, but I still enjoy seeing what is going on in the industry, especially with SFMM, since I lived a few miles away from the park up until I was 20.

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^ I remember you, Allen. You posted on Goose's Realm of Insanity, which is where I became acquainted with you. Occasionally, you show up at Westcoaster, too. I met you in person at SFMM the day they announced X, Deja Vu, and Goliath Jr.


Maybe you remember me...?



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Hi everyone, i'm Kat. i have been knocking about coaster forums for some time now but never really had the time to do much here as i was pre-occupied with other things really so never got the chance! I'm back online now though so looking for like-minded people again! There is one or 2 members who will know me from elsewhere no doubt so hi again to you lot (nadia mainly!!!) Er, yeah so just come and say hello if you like! xx

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Hola, je m'appele Mike.


Some of you may know me from CoasterForce, using the totally imaginative name of Mike (I noticed that the Mike on this site joined two years ago and has not visited since. That sucks.)


I really only joined this site to confuse and bore all of you asking questions about TPR's trips next year, instead of boring and confusing everybody from CF instead.


Anyway, in case you haven't a clue of whom I may be, I'm Mike (as stated above), I'm 17 years old (Birthday 2 day ago- Go me. ), and I live in Essex, England.


I'm a Cricket fan, Coaster/Theme or Amusement park enthusiast, I'm an extremely fussy eater and I'm currently doing my A-levels/Whatever the American equivalent to that is in Sixth Form/whatever the American equivalent to that is.


Anyway, that's me.

Any questions about myself, just ask.


Also, don't bother telling me anything in either Spanish or French, because I won't have a clue what you're going on aout.

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Hey guys and girls 89James89 here.


Just thought Id introduce myself properly instead of just starting to post randomly. Anyway I'm 18 (hence the username), called James (username again see what I've done there creative aren't I ) and form England.


Anyway I've only just started getting into the whole Theme Park and Amusement park thing and love reading all your reviews and such. I also play RCT 2 and 3 a lot and love trying to create realistic parks so your reviews really help me out. Hopefully in return for the inspiration Ill be able to share some of my parks with you which Ill hope you all enjoy.


Anyway thats me summed up and I hope to have a nice time here.





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Hi, since I am new here I thought it would be polite to introduce myself. My name is Tina I am 34 years and I live in the uk.

I hated roller coasters, my first ever roller coaster was a good few years ago and it was the Ultimate in light water valley, anyone who is familiar with this coaster will fully understand why I was put off lol.

I met the man in my life and he introduced me to the joys and fun of roller coasters and now I love them.


I look forward to meeting and speaking to you all




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Just thought Id introduce myself properly instead of just starting to post randomly.


How nice of you, and hello!. I must seam really scummy for doing the opposite. For those that thought that i wont impose to change your mind so you can stare at this smiley


For anyone else (hopefully everyone) then that smiley is actually cress growing inside a miniature bio dome.


My actual name is Ben and have wasted a lot of my life not going to theme parks and over the last few years have been trying to make up for that cause there fairy dam ace. Even the crappy bits. (I really like X:/ No Way Out and thats terrible! (don't see it as a coaster but a really odd dark ride where the queue used to be a dark wiggles world type thing)). However i live in the UK and feel the need to 'make do' (and was very new to theme parks when i 1st went on it and the spinning tunnel was working). Hit my 40th coaster a few weeks back and would like to improve that so i don't feel the need to count the clown oval coaster at PBB in there (although going though the drum was cool)


I also really like using brackets like these (the curvy ones as i save the square ones for non picture smiley's [: ) and often use them where you may think a full stop should go but i sometimes actually talk like that. If Robb wants to moan i have a list of at least 3 typos in the chat transcript from the other day()


Dont worry bout meeting me if you o as i wont have a keyboard handy and will be fairly docile.


Burritos are lush, my 3 cats all have very different meows and i just had some ice cream. Theres also a new south park episode out in a couple of days, (www.mrtwig.net will have a link for a torrent. Many other places will to but this has the best domain name).


I had more but it was wanky so got rid of it


I don't scream on rides but i do think this really really hard.

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Hello to everybody

I am from Ireland. I have been invovled with the travelling fairground on and off for nearly 30 years. I have erected quite a few coasters in my time.

one of the shows I work for travels a big wheel,( 35 meter), a magic mouse coaster, a speed loop coaster, a gold mine express kiddie coaster and a log flume ride which are moved every ten days most of the year.

I love coasters and high drop towers and my latest coaster to ride is the Furios Baco in Portaventura in spain.


So nice to meet ye all

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