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The Adventures of Yeti Ball in the UK!

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Well the people at work are wondering why i am laughing by myself.


Windex....mmmmmmmm I miss the windex.




I can just see your head bobbing up and down in your cubicle as little short bursts of giggling echoes through the office

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Btw I atcually never noticed you had boobs before...


Women usually do.


Oh my god no fricking way!!!!!!!


*sigh* No seriously. When i've met Lou I really didn't notice she had boobs.

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Dude, I have that small size Skippy and the original larger stuffed animal! (As well as the play set plastic ones too!)


I Skippy!!!!


As much as Stitch Encounter sucks my ass, at least Skippy doesn't get hurt anymore!

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Yay! I have the plastic ones too, Elissa! I got the Alien and the skipp(ies)y in their little tube thingy, although the Skippy Fried is evil I love the small size Skippy!


-Justin "Yay for Yeti Balls and Skippy!"

LOL! That same thing sits on our shelf!


Look familiar? =)

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Yes! Thats it! I have allitle shelf that goes above my computer (in the picture) and have my RNR train, and two Alien Encounter toys on there with Stitch sitting ontop. I looooooove Stitch (even though I dont like his ride) and Skippy!


-Justin *scratches head* hmmm... Skippy & the Yeti Ball as a TPR mascott? Well maybe just Yeti Ball


EDIT: Is this picture too big? I tried resizing it but its not seeming to go down for some reason?


Skippy, Alien, RNR, and Stitch!

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First of all, I needed a good laugh tonight... and thanks to Robb, Lou and YetiBall, I had one.


PS...we love Skippy and one of the Dgurlz (the one who is 8 and already asleep) voted Stitch her favorite attraction at WDW. Go figure.


Great PTR Robb!!


Shari "love the Yeti" Shoufler

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Skippy still lives! Sure, he's now a "level one", but at least he's not getting fried or suspended indefinitely. In all honesty, Alien Encounter was one of those attractions the scared the bejeebers out of me so much I didn't ride it. But it's good to see people who bought the Alien/Lava monster action figure.

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Yeti Ball IM'd me on myspace and said he's tired of all this crap about other stuffed animals!


He wants this thread to start talking about him again!


*waiting for Yeti Ball to get his own i.d. and start posting.*

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