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Saddam to Hang for war crimes

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I never claimed to be anti-America either, I just disagree with some of the stuff being done by the government. There is no doubt that America has done alot of good stuff for the world, but in recent times it seems like the American government is acting more and more on its own without support from the international community, and at the moment it doesnt seem to do much good....

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The American Government, Foreign policy, military and Intelligence services are generaly seen as rather sinister here and not to be trusted. They are seen as bullies, who put aside their own preaching of human rights as and when it suits them. Many countries regard the U.S itself as a tyrant, throwing its weight around to get what it wants, and damn everyone else. If anyone tries to stand up to the bullying, they are generally threatened. At least thats general view over here.


Bear in mind these thoughts are directed towards the government and associated military bodies, not the American people themselves.

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I want to say something about Bush following his announcement of increasing the American presence in Irak.


What does he think he's doing???


Does he really think he can win the 'War on Terror'. He will never get rid of terrorism and fundamentalism because it's too much spread around the globe, and you can't just "see" terrorism. It's a battle that costs to much for what it's worth (almost nothing).


And for every terrorist Bush kills in Irak (generally for the globe), I bet there are 5 regular, normal people who stand up and turn into terrorism because they don't agree with a man who thinks he can just invade countries based on lies.

Does Bush think that it will be over if he kills Bin Laden? Doesn't he know there are alot of people ready to take Bin Laden's place?


The cost of this war is too much. Not only money-wise, but also peole-wise. Almost everyday I hear the following words in the news: 'Bomb, Irak, X people die'. Countless soldiers and citizens are dead because of this war. And what is the result? It's not like the situation is better then before.


Why does he send more people to Irak when his own people don't believe him anymore. It's mad


Bush is wrong, wrong, wrong

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^ and ^^ and ^^^ and ^^^^I seriously love all you guys!


See, you are using logic and intellect as a way to approach a problem. Right now our government is controlled by corporate greed. The same corporations also control a lot of the major media outlets in this country. While you guys in Europe actually see whats happening on the news services the majority of media in the US is focused on who Lindsey Lohan is dating and how the Iraqis are to blame for not "stepping up to take responsibility for themselves".


The current strategy is to shift the blame from the Bush administration to the Iraqi people. As if it's their fault for the huge mismanagement of resources, lives, and money.


I like how when I travel the world I get to see actual news on CNN World and the BBC, where they show what is actually going on in the middle east. Over here its all "Hannity's World" on Fox News 24/7 with fluff pieces and nationalistic flag waving garbage.


What some americans fail to realize is that every Humvee/tank/troop transport that gets destroyed has to be replaced. The spiraling debt is going to kill our economy. In the end, even if Iraq becomes a 5 star resort paradise (unlikely) it will never be worth what we paid for it with lives, capital, and reputation.


Please Denmark, let me move there! I'll sweep the midways at Bakken! I'll clean bier steins, anything!



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I hope they impeach him finally. If for no other reason, I would have to say that BLATANTLY disregarding the opinions of both a war council and, not to mention, basically the entirety of the American populous is pretty good ground for kicking a REPRESENTATIVE out of office, since he isn't representing anybody except his own desires any longer.


This is what I've always disliked about Bush. He's always done what he wants to do, even if it's against the opinion of the UN or the people or everybody else. Now it's just easier to see since he is doing it "just because." Before he had excuses like terrorism and weapons to back his decisions. Now he's not even trying to come up with a reason for the people, he's just doing it and telling us to accept it and that is BULL SH!T. He's reached a level of pomp that I find intolerable.

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See, here's the thing. He'll never be impeached, he'll resign before that just like Nixon did. If you are impeached you become ineligible for a pardon. If you resign you can recieve the pardon and never be brought to justice.


He's probably make up some lame excuse too, like "to spend more time with his family" or some other cop out. The only reason I can see for not pursuing an impeachment is so that after his term he can be sent to The Hauge for the internationl criminal court to deal with.


I would so love to see an impeachment though...sigh...



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I think Bush's thoughts are totally wrong since they have been

making lots of serious problems so far like Iraqi wars, decision

to put Saddam to death penalty. He's been still sending troops of

US Army and Air Force though he's already supposed to realize

Iraqi wars were really kind of a mess. Can't believe lots of Iraqi's

death including very innocent citizens mostly took place under

US powers. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean all troops are bad

but i really assume some of them are good. Bad thing that Bush's

still going to send more troops. I do wanna tell him they ARE NOT

for victims. These things always make me want to say a word.

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^ Exscuse me for having regard for a human life even if what he did was evil he was still a man. Ultimately it was up to him on how he led his life.


Fair enough. So you're ultimately saying that you feel sorry him, then yet you lack to mention how sorry you are for the thousands of innocent men, women and children he sent to be killed?


Very interesting.

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