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horror mazes

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mine would have to be Hellgate at TP purely because it was the only one my whole family went on.


great time, loads of misdirection and deceit.


there were cloaked figures that i expected to jump out, but none of them did. had my foot grabbed, made me drop anchor


had a great luminous picture you could see from the revolving tunnel which had blood splattered words over it.


had a massive person (6ft tall, took up pretty much the width of the path) run at us with a (fake) meat cleaver. scared the hell out of me when it caught the light.


had a model being hung on the wall of this long corridor. we got about 5 metres down it when she screamed, jumped from a disguised platform and ran at us. she stoped barely a metre infront of us (as still as a statue, we werent sure if she had moved or not). we walked passed her, then she started stalking us, then dissappeared in a hidden compartment.


there was a guy with a chain hiding behind a wall. he jumped out and tried (but failed) to strangle me. this scared the hell outta me.


i thought it was over, but remember the girl that was hanged? yup, she jumped out of a crack in the wall and caught us unaware, scared everyone!


i have to admit, that was THE single scariest thing i have ever done, ever!

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Never been to a really great theme park fright night/haunt.halloween event before except SFMM Fright Fest many times. I would say the old Carnage E. Hall if that is right. The one were you went with a tour guide through the whole thing and would stop and talk and all that. Now my personal favorite is located in Santa Clartia and is not in a theme park. Its Molar Manor and is rated in the top five haunted house in the USA. I love it it is huge and a load of fun. If ever in Santa Clarita this is a must

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Well, since Elissa and Robb spoiled me and took me on this HHN trip...I gotta say


Since I did Fright Fest, Halloween Horror Nights, and Howl O Scream. I really enjoyed HHN the most.


Believe it or not, if I could rate them and put them in order, id do so like this-:






Your probablly thinking, what a dumbass, puts Fright Fest in front of HOS. But see, FF's scare zones were actually MUCH more enjoyable, i thought. More Fog, More scare actors, LESS shaker cans then HOS, which suprised me.


As for Scare houses, HHN / HOS had FANTASTIC Layouts, and AWESOME theming! But if I had to go for better scares, I would have to choose HHN.


But for sticking with theme a little more, id have to say HOS.


If ONLY you could combine ALL these parks together! Youd have an AWESOME product



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Definatly Carnage E. Hall at SFMM.


They added a few really cool things to spruce it up. They put a video screen up inside the theater to keep you entertained while you wait. It goes between black and white movies, as well as the news story saying the theater was for sale, the news story for the old Camp Ohmygosh, and the news story for Brutal Planet. The elevator is 10x more intense than last year. When it starts crashing strobe lights go off, and after it crashes they added a new music which is actually quite funny.


It's a must see.

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Factory of Terror (Fall River, MA, USA)


Me too! By comparison, I thought Asylum of Horror (also Fall River, MA) sucked. Shame, because it's closer to my house than Factory is...but both within walking distance.


I was also a huge fan of Spooky World when it was in its original location in Berlin, MA, and if I'm ever able to reopen in, my own haunt Wonder of the Woods will round out my list of all-time favorites.

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So are we talking about horror mazes at theme parks or just in general?


If we are talking about horror mazes at theme parks I would have to say 13 Axe Murder Manor at Haunt with your eyes closed...scared the living crap outta me and there is probably still a stain on the pavement.


If we are talking about horror mazes in general I would have to say the Haunted Hotel in downtown San Diego...that place still scares me and it changes every year with new rooms, freaks, effects, and scenery, and just plain gore. Awesome maze!

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I agree Asylum of Horror sucks, especially when compared to Factory Of Terror. The only thing that made Asylum even remotely "scary" was that they typically make visitors go through the maze one at a time, alone. My ex g/f just wouldn't go through alone so therefore I didn't really get to experience what it was meant to be...


Pete, have you done Factory of Terror this year yet? I want to see if it's any different before I shell out the 15 bucks.


It's too bad about Spookyworld, I really liked that place too (both locations!)

Did you know last year the scareactors basically moved the show to Edaville Railroad in Carver, Mass. as the owner passed away and they wanted to continue. They called the event "Evilville" and I guess they aren't doing it this year considering there's only a week left till Halloween.

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