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More casting news. I know some people just hate her.




Michelle Rodriguez is the latest ex-815er to book a return trip to Lost.


Sources confirm to me exclusively that Rodriguez will reprise her role as late tailie Ana-Lucia in at least one of the show’s final episodes.


Rodriguez, who was killed off in season 2, returned in season 5 when Ana-Lucia appeared in one of Hurley’s visions.


There’s no word where or exactly when Ana-Lucia will resurface this time around, but, come on, this has “flash-sideways cameo!” written all over it!


Rodriguez joins a growing list of Lost alums guest-starring this season. Said list includes Maggie Grace, Harold Perrineau, Cynthia Watros, and Rebecca Mader.

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After reading that, I have a theory. He's a clone!


Also, they announced they will leave several of the questions unanswered.


Many of the questions posed during the run of "Lost" that have been keeping you up at night are never going to be answered on the show but will instead be tossed on the compost heap like an old turnip, because, the writers say, they have run out of time.



Kind of figured they would leave tons of open ends.

Lindelof & Cuse stated on Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks back that they would only be focusing on questions that the characters were interested in having answered. If it wasn't important to the characters then it was not important to the plot of the show.

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^That was my big question from tonight's episode. Obviously we know that the evacuation would have occurred whether the Lostie's were in the 70's and knew of the Swan leak or not, and that Ben and his Dad did not leave the island on that evacuation much like baby Miles and Charlotte did. Even if the explosion did sink the island slowly enough for a full out DHARMA evac, why would Ben's dad be wondering how life would have been different if they had stayed? Therefore we can only guess for now that they left the island on their own accord and had no knowledge of it sinking.

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^I was going the evacuation route, but as you stated, when he said he wondered what it would be like if they didn't leave it island, I was thrown for a loop.


Makes me wonder if something completely different is going to take down the island.

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I'm still not buying the whole island sinking theory. Showing the island underwater was just a artistic device that meant nothing.


I can't remember who called it, but it sure looks like Richard came in on the Black Rock as a slave and I finally got something right as Widmore's is coming back to the island.


Anyway know whose flash sideways will be shown next week?

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I think that the lack of response to last week's epsiode confirms that not many of us loved it, although I did like Sawyer as a cop. Personally, I enjoyed the Widmore group getting to the island to setup up a final battle.

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Although I enjoyed the story line, I found this episode to be more of a filler episode than last week. All answers were pretty much predictable.


Richard arrived on slave ship.

Man in Black/Smoke Monster has been killing people that come to the island for years.

Jacob granted Richard eternal youth.


With so little time left in the season, did the creators need to take a whole hour and verify what most people were already thinking.

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I thought tonight's episode was fantastic. Lots of questions answered, although they were really more hunches that we thought to be true that were confirmed. But it can now be said that Jacob - good, Smokey - bad.


I've attached 2 preview pictures from my more full update that will be posted later which show the lost tour I took in hawaii. I should post the rest of the pics by this weekend, but the two i posted were pics i took with my phone. you all should go to hawaii and take this tour.


The survivors beach camp. Constantly protected by a security guard.


Dharma barracks. they make it seem like a larger area than it really is.

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While I agree with Larry that all the answers we got tonight were pretty much assumed, I felt that the way they presented us with this information was wonderful. I thought that the acting was superb tonight.


I am assuming that next week is a Jin/Sun centric episode?

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Yeah, last night was just a piece of crap filler episode.


I don't think they are making this up as they go along. I have a feeling that the Jacob/MIB-centric episode coming up will prove that. Just have some faith. But, I agree this season has had a lot of filler for a show that has supposedely "run out of time" to answer all the questions.

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I'm going to have to disagree that "The Package" was crap. I think some people are just judging too harshly in light of the awesomeness that was last weeks episode. But I really enjoyed the episode.


Here are my thoughts.


The sideways world is a completely parallel universe. If we go with the idea that there is a multi-verse out there, then there are billions of versions of ourselves out there, each living in their own universe where things are slightly different. I think what the "jughead" blast did was blast a hole in two of those universes, and those two are slowly starting to bleed into each other. I've been suspecting this since the first episode of the season when Jack saw the cut on his neck and couldn't figure out how it got there.


That's why Sun couldn't speak English, not because she bumped her head, but because she never bothered to learn it in the sideways world.


Likewise, Sayid's attitude towards freeing Jin in the freezer seemed more like what he's becoming on the island (not being able to feel and uncaring) rather than the concerned brother we saw in his episode earlier in the season.


I think in the weeks to come we're going to see more and more of this "bleeding" into each universe. Which according to all the good and bad sci-fi novels I've read, would be really bad. Something about how two universes can exist at the same place and same time and the end of everything if this were to ever happen.


So what does that mean? My best guess at this point is that the "merging" of the two is going to be the way the writers illustrate the point of what would happen if Man in Black gets his way and escapes the island. I think he want's to rip the multiverse apart and just let everything cease to be. That means our lostaways need to not only stop the Man in Black but also repair this rift that they've created, which I think is where Desmond (Who we've been told over and over is special and unique) comes in.


This episode also confirm a bunch of stuff.


MIB needs to get all the canidates together. Weather this is to get them off the island or kill them all in one feel swoop, is yet TBD.


MIB doesn't have complete control of Claire, or Sayid. He can certainly influence them, but they are not his puppets. He had to do some pretty fast talking with Claire to keep her on his side. There may be hope for redemption for her and Sayid yet.


It seems the MIB can't cross the water directly. He needs to take a canoe over to Hydra Island instead of just turning into Smokey and shooting on over there. Is this another weakness of MIB, water? Does he not like it? Is the MIB really DAN??!!


But I digress.


So could the season be moved along faster? Absolutely, but I think they're trying to give each major character their own episode and they can only fit so many answers in each one. Is it frustrating for those of us watching? Yes! But it's still my favorite show on TV right now and as long as it keeps entertaining me, then I'm in.

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^I agree with you a LOT John!


I had read everyone bitching and complaining about the episode before watching it myself yesterday and thought it was fine for what it was. So many little interesting things going on that I didn't really care that main questions were not answered nor was the storyline moved significantly forward.

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The thing I dislike about this season the most is this sudden "war" between Smokey and Jacob that cropped up in the series 5 finale. Each season of LOST has followed on from the last quite nicely,


1. General Island Exploring -> Hatch.

2. Hatch -> Others

3. Others -> Freighter

4. Freighter -> Donkey Wheel

5. Donkey Wheel sends people back to the 70's etc.. -> Smokey vs Jacob? eh?


They've thrown in these two huge figures in LOST which we've seen all along, but suddenly they're each others mortal enemies and have been sparring with each other for centuries? It just doesn't flow for me!

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I look at it this way, there have always been two forces against each other, even if we never know which side is bad or which is good.


Losties vs Others

Jack (Science) vs Locke (Faith)

Others vs Dharma

Freighter vs Losties/Others

Ben vs Widmore

Jacob vs Man in Black


So the introduction of Jacob/MIB doesn't bother me.


What I still don't understand is if Jacob brought everyone to the island, and we recently learned that Richard was to be a advisor teaching the newcomers the right way, then how does the DHARMA initiative fit in? It appears they were always at odds which Richard and the others, they knew how to build a fence to keep Smokey out. Who was behind bringing them to the island and why were they there and how come they continued to get food drops after they were destroyed and how did the food drop plane find the island?

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I'm enjoying this season, despite what some others think about it.


Now it's time to show some pictures from my lost tour. It was 8 hours, and we basically drove around most of the island. The guide had a binder with a bunch of screen shots. He'd show the screen shot, then point to the actual location. The Dharma Barracks and the beach camp were the 2 big portions of the tour for me. We took the 8 hour tour, but there's also a 5 hour tour which goes in the valley and visits completely different locations.


The house Hurley bought for his mom


Where Desmond killed Kelvin, and where Jack found Miles when he ended up on the island


Where Desmond saw Charlie die trying to save Claire's bird.


The Thailand beach from "Stranger in a Strange Land". There was a couple taking wedding pictures


The temple where Jin and Sun got married, and were visited by Jacob.


The pier from the end of season 2


where the Nigerian drug plane ended up


The walk to the beach camp


The next few will be the beach camp area




Sawyer's stash



Eko's church


camp area from the beach


The location for Nigeria in Eko's flashback


The beach from the crash site, and the tree where Jack saw his dad in season 1


The next batch of pictures will be of Dharma barracks



This is actually a YMCA camp




Sawyer's house, and Kate's house


Ben's house



just in case you didn't really think i went there


in that black tube is the original fuselage of Oceanic 815


The radio tower from the end of season 3.


that's it, hope you enjoyed

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^Great Photos!


The next time I visit Hawaii I would definitely look into one of these LOST tours.


I'm enjoying our last season of LOST. I hope that the writers can tie up all of those loose ends, but who knows? These writers have always shown a dark side, so maybe in the end it will be the man-in-black who is victorious.

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Two things of interest.


I don't normally watch Jimmy Kimmel Live but apparently they will have a Lost special just after the finale on May 23rd.


EW Article


What are you doing after the Lost finale on Sunday, May 23 — aside from experiencing the early stages of withdrawal? You’re watching Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost, a special edition of JKL devoted entirely to the show’s series finale. Highlights of the hour include an analysis of the two-hour conclusion, an appearance by executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, and live interviews with several of the show’s cast members (to be announced at a later date). Kimmel’s tribute, which gets underway at 11:35 pm, will be immediately followed by streaming video of me frantically refreshing EW.com looking for Doc Jensen’s recap.


Also, the finale is on a Sunday. So that week, we pretty much have two episodes; May 18th and May 23rd.

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