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The most rare coaster credits

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I'd say the rarest coaster I've ever ridden (simply based on the fact that it was removed a long time ago and it isn't even listed on RCDB, though I have talked to at least a few people my age and older who do remember it) was the old steel wild mouse that was located at what is now Jolly Rogers on the Pier at Ocean City, Maryland. I must have been around 9 or 10 when I rode it, and the cars reminded me for all the world of a bathtub - just a big oblong tub with a padded seat where one or two people could sit and a hand-hold. It had the typical switch-back layout of classic mice, and even though I was a kid (much better able to handle rough rides) I remember it being quite jerky and jarring. someone I had talked to who had ridden it thought it might have been an old Schiff mouse.

So not really rare in the sense that few people had ridden it, but rare in that it isn't on RCDB and very few people remember it.


Sure it isn't this? http://rcdb.com/4294.htm


No, because I rode it in 1979 or 1980, and the above coaster wasn't put there until the late 80's. The mouse I rode had very little themeing, though I think the cars might have had a mouse face on the front. I have no idea why it isn't listed on RCDB. I guess that they may not have any info on it.


Any chance you are talking about this mouse? http://rcdb.com/1598.htm


The rarest coaster I've ridden is this one



And the coaster that gives me my only Country complete on Coaster count

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Super Cyclone at Fiesta Shows carnivals. They just got this Galaxi-style coaster recently and I believe the Revere Carnival this past week was the first time it was set up. Their kiddie coasters are also pretty rare credits too for me (compared to most coaster enthusiasts) and I don't feel bad for having them since I got them when I was a kid.


There are probably some random kiddie credits and alpine coasters in the Northeast that I have that not many enthusiasts have experienced as well. Python Panique at the Granby Zoo is another uncommon one that I have. Roar-o-saurus is a really good coaster that I've ridden that I don't think many enthusiasts have ridden.

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Not super rare as some others listed, but my mother and I rode Deja Vu at Six Flags Great America on our only visit there in 2005. From what I've seen, that ride rarely operated in its six seasons at SFGAm (due to mechanical and/or staffing issues)

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1-2 Riders: Rolling Thunder, Tahoe Amusment Park (Lived in South Tahoe for a few years when I was little)

3-5: Coaster, Playland, Reno NV-Mostly grew up there

31-42: Krazy Koaster, Silverwood (Surprisingly fun for its size)

58-76: Looping Thunder, Oaks Park. (Thankfully, my only Zyklon loop)

Wildcat, wild island (Had a unique layout. It was a larger Miller Coaster design)

77-100: Both Silverwood wood coasters. (I guess Silverwood is the rarest "big" park in the US?)

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How can any roller coaster be "rare" if...


...for those that are still operating, thousands of people ride that coaster every day it's open.


...for those that have closed, thousands of people rode it every day before it closed.


Is "rare" synonymous with "far away from where I live" because if that's the case then a coaster is only as "rare" as you're willing to spend the money to travel to, but that doesn't make it rare, that just makes it far.


It's not like someone just randomly unearthed a 1978 Blue Snaggletooth Star Wars action figure at a local Goodwill so I don't understand how a roller coaster could be considered "rare" unless you got to ride something like Twist Coaster Robin which only opened to the public for a few hours before it closed forever! But how many examples like that really are there?


Case in point...

Both Silverwood wood coasters. (I guess Silverwood is the rarest "big" park in the US?)

Silverwood gets an annual attendance of 600,000 people per year.


Timber Terror opened 21 years ago so that's a potential of 12.6 million people that could have ridden it. How is that coaster "rare" by any stretch of the imagination???


This is why counting coasters makes no sense anymore to me. Just enjoy the experience. No need to get all OCD over it...

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According to coaster count, Galaxi at KD is my most "rare".


I did ride Drachen Fire when it had 6 inversions so I would consider that experience my most rare since that was only available for three seasons.


I just read through this whole thread and did find the different criteria people have interesting. By Robb's definition there are only really 6 or 7 true rare credits. By coaster count's method, if you live in Russia you're just swimming in rarity and you even get rare point for riding Cannibal.

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Just enjoy the experience and don't be OCD about it? How can one be an enthusiast of something on the internet and "just enjoy it"!?Without debating over a superior type of footer or whether or not the angle of turn 7 of this ride is better than turn 3 whats even the point of having a hobby?

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