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Eejanaika Opening Day Photos & POV Video

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Hey everyone,


Thanks to our friends over at Roller Coaster Maniac we bring you photos and a POV Video from the media day of Eejanaika, Fuji-Q Highland's brand new S&S/Arrow 4th Dimension coaster!


And you thought Six Flags Magic Mountain's "X" was *HUGE* wait until you see this!





Enjoy the photos and POV video!



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I believe it can only run the two trains, although they do have a 3rd one on site. I do wonder about capacity. On a positive note, it doesn't look like it does the seperate load/unload thing that makes X's dispatching times so long, but on the negative side it's fewer people per train (5 rows compared to 8 on X).



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This ride looks awesome. I love the flip in the first raven turn. But where the hell do they get 14 inversions from? Even if they counted the actual track inversions and seat rotations it still doesn't equal 14... The ride still looks bad a$$!

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Um, what's so different about it from X other than not being at SFMM?


The layouts look EXTREMELY similar from my angle except for the "full-full roll" which looks pretty damn sweet but I can't use to justify the cost of plane tickets to Japan... Actually I can't get to X either so what am I babbling about?




Anyway, it looks great and I'm extremely pleased to see another 4D. I'm just alittle confused on what makes this "so much better" than X...



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^ I actually ask the same thing. I mean, I have said before that this ride isn't making me book a trip to Japan. It looks interesting, yes...in the same way that X first looked intersting. But from what I know about it, other than the different train design, some modifications of how the rotation system works, the full-full, that's really about the only different between this ride and X.


Now if it was a TOTALLY different layout, then I might be a bit more interested. But the ride layout looks to me like an X clone with the one major change being the full-full.


And watching the 3 or 4 videos I've seen basically confirms my thoughts that even with the differences between the two installations, the ride experience looks EXACTLY the same.


I'm sure people are going to *LOVE* this ride, the same way they loved X when it first open (and hell, still do), it's just not something I'm going insane over. I'll be happy to get out and ride it when we do our Japan trip next September, but I'm more looking forward to Tower of Terror and getting on Big Boom again.



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