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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^Not as bad as Saturday and Sunday, but once it hits July you can pretty much expect Thursday-Sunday to be pretty busy.


I'd expect Deja, Tatsu, Term and X2 to be atleast hour waits.


Not if you get to park early, before opening and hit up Tatsu---Deja Vu--Terminator with re-rides on the latter two at one's discretion. Get them all out the way for the day with minimal waits if you know what I'm saying.

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This park has been empty the past 2 days! Yesterday we got to the park and walked onto Goliath, Batman, Scream, Terminator, and waited 20 minutes for X2 and Tatsu. Later we got walk on runs on Goliath 2 more times, Scream, and Batman. Today we ran to X2, then Tatsu, got on Deja Vu twice, Terminator, Riddler, Batman, Scream, and then Goliath. Now we are at our hotel for a couple of hours before heading back for some nighttime carnage. We will be there for the park opening as well!


By the way X2 isn't any rougher now than it was a year ago. In the front it is incredibly smooth and the back is slightly rougher, like almost ALL rides.


Also wtf is up with the sound on X2. It has bugged out for both of our rides so far.

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^I really hope SF takes the effort to properly upkeep the audio on X2. It really adds a lot to the ride. I can understand them taking it out on Terminator since it apparently is not well-suited to wooden coasters (although I'd love for them to implement any of the alternate ideas I've seen proposed).

By the way, I did find X2 really rough, but I've only ridden it on one day so I can't say if it's getting worse. It did not interfere with my enjoyment--well I guess technically it did, but not enough to affect my overall opinion of it.

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Went to Magic Mountain today.


Both of X2's trains had working audio. Don't know if this was a question for anyone.



Highlights for the day:


Someone threw up on Riddler's. They threw up all over the train.....in their row. So ride operators housed the train down and then did not let anyone board the train for some time.


I went up into the sky tower today. I got in an argument with an employee over the model of the roller coaster, Great American Scream Machine. If you guys have seen the model they have of the ride in the sky tower, you'll know what I'm talking about. Pretty much my debate was that it was a variant of our Viper. He told me that it was the Scream! we have!




Pretty good day at the mountain. No need for a flash pass. Got all the rides in by 6pm. Went to Tatsu first.

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^ Try to avoid going on weekends during the summer. Though if you have to go on a weekend, I would recommend a flash pass. If you go during during the week, you might want a flash pass if you want re-rides. If you want to ride everything once and be done, you should be able to ride everything in one day. Also souvenir bottles are a MUST during the summer, HIGHLY recommended! Best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday IMO during the summer.


I might be able to help more if I had more knewledge about your trip. Like how long it is, want to spend as little as possible, ect.

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^ Doesn't that model even say "Great American Scream Machine" on it? I can't remember. But some employees really don't know that much...




Yes. It does. It also says Six Flags Great Adventure, where it is currently in operation.


After telling the employee that, he looked, and then he told me that "I'm right."

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My first time on this forum and what a wealth of information.


I'm planning on visiting MM in august, what are the best days to go ?

Avoid the weekends ?


August is not bad.


If you go on the weekdays of August you won't have to worry about crowds too much. July is the worst of the three months, June---July--August, in my experience.


I'd recommend you go sometime in the middle of /late August. Sometime around there. Just avoid Saturdays. Sundays aren't bad.


Don't waste your money on a flash pass, like other people tell you to. You can get re-rides on Tatsu, Deja Vu, and Terminator in the morning if you wish by going with those three as your first rides for the day. You can easily get re-rides on the rest of the rides there any time of the day, excluding X2.


I usually save X2 for last and if there's time left over (there always is) I may fit in a second ride of it or additional re-rides of the other rides. But I don't care for re-rides on X2 personally, so I go ride Goliath again hehe.

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Very interesting screamscape rumor.

2012-2013 - Colossus Refurbishment - (6/5/10) I’ve got a soft spot for Colossus at SFMM… after all it was the woodie I rode most as a kid growing up in SoCal. I remembering riding it with the 3-Bench PTC trains in the early years and on the 2-Bench California style Morgan trains that were added in later years. I’ve even ridden it backwards many times using a borrowed B&M train from the Psyclone coaster. That said… I’m hearing that Colossus is due to another revamp sometime in the next few years… as the Morgan trains are coming to the end of their lifespan and need replacing. Facing the aspect of buying some costly new coaster trains, management is hoping to find a way to market this costly expense in their favor and all eyes are keeping careful tabs on the Texas Giant rebuild in progress, as Colossus is said to be a possible candidate for the process as well.

If Colossus does get the green light, it’s said that we could very well see some huge changes made to the ride’s layout in order to spice things up like banking those slow flat turns, and making the hills even more thrilling and full of airtime. Yep… I think it would be a great idea to make remodel Colossus back into the monster coaster it could be once again, so cross your fingers.

At WCB it was mentioned that colosus would be up for a paint job in the next few years and it would be a great move for the park to not only restore a classic, but it is often a walk on, and this woud breathe new life into a classic. Anyone buy into this at all?

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Hitting up the park tomorrow, haven't been since February so I'm looking forward to it. About the Colossus refurb Texas Giant style, that would be awesome. I would love to see Colossus get some love, I think it's an overlooked and under appreciated ride.


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I think this may very well be my first post here on the forums.


Anyway's I live up here in northern/central california and I got a season pass to Discovery Kingdom Mudusa is the only coaster I really like there. Animal shows are good.


that said there's not many good coasters there. So thankfully me, my dad and his girlfriend took a road trip down to LA at the end of june to the 3rd of july. The first day we spent all day at SFMM, we got there just before it opened and were the first three though the front gates. However none of us have been there, so we didn't know what to do or how to get there. We ended up going on perhaps the 2nd ride of Terminator and it was walk-on, me and his girlfriend took the front seat and where the only two on it. Of course there was no audio at all, but there was mist and flames.


After that she somehow convinced me to go on Superman with her. I got a fear of heights, so we walked on that and it was a fun but very quick experience. I forgot what we did after that, but I rode collsus twice that day which is a great ride I think and perhaps my favorite wooden coaster I ever been on. We left the park, ate at wendy's down the road and went to our motel room. Me and my dad then go back to the park since he has a season parking pass. I somehow get the balls to go on Tatsu then X2, both of which are great. Though I hate how Tatsu makes me feel like im going to pass out on that huge inside loop. I was expecting negative G's there, not positive ones.


Tatsu was a overall disappointment since it did not really feel like flying at all due to the position your in. Still fun though.


As for X2, I went on it alone and got lucky enough to ride on the very back, I took the left outer most seat and that ride was amazing.


So which seat is actually better for X2? The front, or the back?

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I won't ride X2 in any seat but the front anymore. The second two rows are OK. The last half of the train seems to just make my body hurt the rest of the day.


I guess I'll try and get the front seat next time.. I was assuming the very front or the very back are the best since your the first or last ones to experience everything.


though it does suck that the music "Goiiinnng down!!!!!" isn't too synced up with the back, from my experience. Also I couldn't really hear the music asides from the lift hill, the breaking station and on boarding.

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