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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Thanks for the update on the smoke. I'll be heading out to the park today to ride Terminator for my first time!


And also, I stopped caring about that Facebook contest when Le Monstre beat El Toro. It isn't even a tournament about coasters anymore. The Canadians are voting for Le Monstre solely because it's in Canada.

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I didn't really pay close attention to the tournament until I saw that Le Monstre beat El Toro. Then it beat Nitro and now it's beating X2. That's kind of sad because Le Monstre isn't even the best ride at Le Ronde. I voted for X2 but it doesn't seem like it will win at this point because the French Canadians want to stick it to the Americans and thats all that they seem to care about. Its gotten pretty out of hand. Its gone from a fun tournament to French Canadians and Americans swearing and ranting at eachother.

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@ Eric: thanks for clearing that up about the fog. I swear I had no idea when people would make reference to the fog, mist, whatever.



Hopefully we hear about the plans for the upcoming ride soon. I can't wait.


Anyways, just to encourage some discussion...

What section do you guys prefer on rides, or does it vary from ride to ride? You know, the back, front, etc?




Everything varies for me. I think the back on Tatsu is the best. The front on Viper is the worst. For Goliath, I like the front for some reason that defies the logic for liking the back for Tatsu. Haha .


For Deja Vu, I think the back is the best. I merely like Deja Vu for its initial drop.


For X I've never sat in the front or back, primarily just sat in the middle section of the train. Is there any difference in experiences in being in the first, front row of the train for something like X2?

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My Rundown:

X2: FRONT FRONT FRONT (Front with ALL the effects on at night is a ritual experience)

Tatsu: Back (feel your face melt!)

Termy: Back (mas airtime!)

Vu: Back (Force beast on the return trip)

Viper: Back (But fun in any row)

Goliath: Back (Makes the drop good!)

Scream: Screw you

Colossus: Back (although I have had some nut jarring experiences in the back)

Batman: Front (to get the full inverted effect)

Ninja: Back (at night!)

Goldrusher: Back (Makes the ride kinda exciting)

Superman: Front (even though I havent ridden it there)

Riddlers: Back (Airtime out of the MCBR into the helix is golden!)

Revolution: Ehhhhhh it doesnt matter

Canyon Blaster: BACK BACK BACK BACK!!!!

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Scream: Screw you


X-Only way to go is the front. The drop is intense


Viper-Front or back, front rattles less, back more intense


Revolution-You're getting a sucker punch to the jaw no matter where you sit


Deja Vu-Front;see X


Terminator-Back,Airtime is orgasmic


Tatsu-All the seats face the ground. It doesn't matter


Ninja-Back, the helix of Jet Stream is most intense in back


Superman-The bench outside the exit while waiting for your party to get



Goldrusher-Back. Helix at end picks up speed outta nowhere


Riddler's Revenge-Front or back row; either great view of inversions or

intense ride


Batman-Back, but no matter where you sit your legs feel like they're going to rip off


Scream!-See atem122's post; though if you must ride, front seat farthest to right.


Colossus-Back, there's a little bit of airtime back there


Goliath-Back. It's not Nitro, but meh. It's there...


Canyon Blaster-Back. It's the only seat an adult can sit in and not feel like a douche


Percy's Railway-Can't say. WAY too tall to ride.

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Batman The Ride: The back...and the back only. Definitely NOT a front seat ride. Feeling like your legs are going to rip off is a good thing.


Canyon Blaster: Wherever the kids don't want to sit.


Colossus: No where, kill it.


Deja Vu: Never tried the back or very front, so I guess middle.


Gold Rusher: The front.


Goliath: The back, you get the best airtime and the more intense helix (which means I get to black-out, woohoo!!) No, it isn't Nitro, but yes, IT IS THERE!


Ninja: The back, unless you want to fall asleep, then sit in the front.


Percy's Railway:


Revolution: The back, I find it smoother but I don't really think it matters on this one.


Riddler's Revenge: The front.


Scream!: What atem said.


Superman The Escape: What atem said.


Tatsu: The front, unless you want to throw up on those nice red railings, then the back.


Terminator Salvation The Ride: If you want to get the little airtime Terminator has, sit in the back.


Viper: The back, because it is surprisingly a lot smoother than the front.


X2: The front.

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I was just at the park today. We stayed from opening until closing. It was a little smoky in the morning, but cleared up a few minutes after the park opened.


We rode every coaster at least once except Revolution and Viper, and I rode Terminator for my first time, too! It was fun, but the ride op lady pushed my restraint down all the way so it was annoying. Some other new rides I rode today were the Roaring Rapids, Yosemite Sam's Sierra Falls, and Tidal Wave. A lot of the coasters felt like I was going through a furnace, due to the heat. Especially Riddler's Revenge! The ride was not fun at all because of all the hot air. So I've decided that if I want to avoid crowds, I'll just go in January instead of late August.


Everything was under a 15 minute wait except X2. All the rides were also running one train. But the ride op at X2 told my friends and I that they should have been running two trains on X2, but one of the trains was having problems. He said they fixed the problem, but they didn't want to bring the second train on for some reason. I really think they should have, because the line was an hour long because of the one train operation. That was the only line longer than 15 minutes all day.


I'd also like to say how much of a difference it makes riding X2 in the inside seats and the outside sides. I rode in the back row, inside seat for my first run. It was smooth and fun, and it was the same old X2 I know and love at my number 1 spot. Then I rode in the front row on the outside seat. That was the most brutal experience I've ever had on a coaster...


Overall, it was a fun day at the park. Not my best trip, but certainly not my worst.


As for the current discussion, here are my thoughts on where my favorite places to sit are...


X2: It's a tie between the back row or front row, inside seats. They're both the same to me, but the back row's directional changes feel a lot faster.


Viper: I've only been on it in the front row, and have never found it that bad.


Tatsu: Back row is the best. I like being yanked down the drop and the pretzel loop is amazing.


Deja Vu: I prefer the front, mainly because I like being able to see everything. I hate looking at the chair in front of me on any ride.


Terminator: Only been on it in the back. I liked it a lot, though. The ride was fast, smooth, and probably would've had some good air time if I didn't get stapled.


Goldrusher: Back car, first row. It has some nice pops of air.


Superman: Don't care.


Ninja: Don't care.


Riddler's Revenge: Front row, because I don't like looking at the seat in front of me.


Batman: Same as Riddler.


Scream: Same as Batman and Riddler.


Colossus: Back row. It's actually smoother than Ghostrider, but the lap bar hurt my thighs whenever we went down a drop.


Goliath: Back row. I got some floater air on the drop today.


Canyon Blaster: Don't care.


Revolution: Don't care.

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I did this on my last time and wanted to know if anyone else does.

Does anyone ride Sierra Falls for the purpose of seeing how much a$$ you can haul? My friend and I have learned that if you lean forward and lean into the turns, you go really freaking fast, hence how on our last ride, we got airtime and banked close to 90 DEGREES!!!

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Yeah Goliath had plenty of floaty air on the first drop when I was there. I rode towards the back everytime because thats where the line was the smallest and of course because the back is the best . I think the ride with the best floaty time on a drop is Deja Vu. Especially if you're towards the back. It may not last as long as Goliath's drop but you get a lot more of the floaty time. I'm going to be going to Silverwood in a little over a month so I'll determine which one is better because I haven't been on the Shock for a while. I also want to see if Tremors is better than Terminator because when I went on Terminator I couldn't determine which one was best. I hope I'll have a clear cut answer.

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I did this on my last time and wanted to know if anyone else does.

Does anyone ride Sierra Falls for the purpose of seeing how much a$$ you can haul? My friend and I have learned that if you lean forward and lean into the turns, you go really freaking fast, hence how on our last ride, we got airtime and banked close to 90 DEGREES!!!


When I rode it, I didn't get much airtime at all, but I did go nearly 90 degrees! I'll try leaning forward next time to see if I can get any airtime.

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Doesnt Sierra Falls count as a water slide and if so why isnt it a part of Hurricane Harbor instead of Magic Mountain?


Yosemite Sam's Sierra Falls is a water slide, but it opened in 1993, two years before Hurricane Harbor opened. Also, it doesn't require swimwear, as riders navigate the course on a raft.


I have heard people say they think Hurricane Harbor should just absorb the slide, since it is so close to the water park's edge. In fact, its so off the beaten path, I have only just recently ridden it for the first time after countless visits. I really enjoyed it, and I think it's nice having a fifth water ride in the park. Valencia can get really hot.


I'm going to have to try leaning forward next time!

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