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  1. As Disney Shanghai R&D walks their way through the new park, this is their take on Astro Orbiter. The kick- It's gravity and centrifuge based..The faster the ride spins the higher you go. It allows for more articulation and a sense of "fear" on a spinner. The ride vehicles move higher purely on the speed of the ride.
  2. Vortex at Carrowinds? It seems like everyone hates stand ups and when I rode this it was barely maintained. It's also one of B&M's oldest rides and is located in a prime position in the park for redevelopment. -chris "have any 21 year old intamin full size coasters been scrapped yet? " con
  3. ^We took our son on a TPR trip and he was able to ride his first roller coaster at 11 months. So tip 1 would be to go on a TPR trip... The other tips would be to just try your best to make it a positive experience for them when you go to a theme park.. Make the day about them and not about you... Do all of the cheesy parent stuff you've skipped over in the past and take lots of breaks...Watch parades, meet characters and in general just make sure the day is all about their experience
  4. It's my birthday (getting old sucks).... The first person that I haven't already donated to,that posts on here and mentions this gets my birthday gift.. $12.34. -Chris "old as eff" Con
  5. Well, it doesn't benefit Coasting For Kids, it benefits Give Kids The World (who also put on Coasting For Kids)... Sorry I misspoke .. Give Kids The World is a great charity.. Hat tip to Kara as well
  6. Awesome trip report and it's cool that you put this together to benefit coasting for kids. Looks like it was a great day supporting an amazing charity.
  7. Awesome TR.. I'd love to visit Sally someday.... My favorite photo, though, is this... No person under 6 inches tall is allowed to ride.
  8. @AJ .. I was thinking of a place like Alton Towers that has height limits , but without height limits you are correct. -Chris "already regrets bumping this thread" Con.
  9. Moments like this make me wish I was a moderator.
  10. Best Theme Park Review Haiku, by twelve tomorrow Wins thirteen dollars -chris "had to use my fingers to count the syllables" con Bonus points for incorporating YOLO or Prince Desmond into the poem.
  11. Was thinking the exact same thing.. They are also the only two rides that Disney has confirmed for Shanghai, but hasn't issued concept art for yet (except for a very generic model recently in the end of year report)
  12. So here's a patent from a couple weeks back. Full Disclaimer: It's not exactly theme park related but the patent was filed by the Vice President of Disney's Magical Express and while it's something that will likely never see the light of day, it makes incredible sense to me.... Background - This patent attempts to simplify the the airport check in security experience. Current check in-- Stupid bins, confusion, 2 lines (one for baggage drop and one for carry-on) Solution- a rolling cart with touch screen. The screen scans your boarding pass and uses gps to direct you to the correct security line and gate... Your carry on or loose items go in the top two bins, while your check in or actual carry on luggage goes in the bottom.. At a particular divestment point in one security line you hand off your check in luggage since the cart is gps aware your luggage tags are already printed for you. From that point in the security line your carry on luggage and personal items (shoes, watches, laptops) stay on this rolling cart that goes through it's own full size scanner... No messing around with stupid bins. Once through security, all your items remain in one conveinent shopping cart. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  13. I have to say, while this post is part of an April Fools thing the company does each year, it's actually a pretty decent idea if you incorporated a moving walkway for loading and unloading. It solves capacity problems that shorter ferris wheels have by eliminating the need to start and stop the ride. -chris "actually impressed" con
  14. ^Non existant. I'm actually surprised they are open on Monday. Many schools in the tri-state area have had their Spring Breaks shortened due to Hurricane Sandy and the snow storms we've had. At least in my area, most schools are open on Monday. Should be a great day to go. The downside would be all this one train operation that people have posted about.
  15. For anyone that has visited this year, is El Toro still only running one train?
  16. ^Since you are generous, I will be too. Donated to you and Chuck Campbell. Chris "happy that a photo of a sloth dressed up as a pope actually exists" Con
  17. First person to post a picture of a sloth dressed up as a pope gets 11.11 -Chris "yes I realize this is incredibly weird" Con.
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