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  1. Yeah they changed it a couple hours ago.. I found another site that saved the images that I linked to before... Here you go.. http://www.wdwnewstoday.com/archives/2736
  2. I searched and couldn't find an answer to the meaning of life... So I will ask directly.... Is it Coasters or is it Theme? In a death match does Six Flags Great Adventure (with three B&Ms and two famous Intamins) beat Disneyland or Magic Kingdom..... Since this is theme park review and not coaster review, although it has a fairly strong coaster emphasis, I was simply wondering the opinion of the higher-ups I realize that it's comparing apples to oranges, but if given the choice, would you pick Cedar Point or over Tokyo Disneyland? X or Poohs Hunny Hunt? Half full or half empty? Chris "Wasting your time with purely hypothetical questions" Con Mod Edit by larrygator: I'm editing and unlocking after conversing with the thread starter. It's not so much a straight comparison question but what is Robb and Elissa's preference. A valid question in that they love coasters and awesometheming.
  3. As many may know, Disney began a viral campaign in December with posters, first spotted outside the Burbank studio, asking the question; Are you 23? Disney.com/23 allowed you to sign up for the announcement on March 10th. Speculation ran rampart on Disney sites (maybe here too? I didn't see a post) of what it could be.. Here is the answer, if you care. On October 23, 2008 Disney registered these websites d23expo.com disneyexpo.com disneystwentythree.com disneystwenty-three.com Disney filed for two trademarks in late March 2008 The are "D23" and "Disney Twenty Three" They filed a number of numerous classes of trademarks for general merchandise. (clothes, pins, etc.).The last filing though is the most interesting.. "Word Mark D23 Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Education and entertainment services, namely, providing information in the field of children's entertainment, theme park service, animated and live-action films and television programs, books, magazines, music and music performers, ice shows, stage productions, consumer products history, history and news concerning the entertainment business; fan club services; providing information via global computer network in the field of entertainment and history; fan club services; providing information via global computer network in the field of entertainment and history" This was the last one posted for opposition on February 10.... Also this image was found on disneyshopping.com http://s7disney.images.go.com/is/image/DisneyShopping/300459 Although I don't have all the exact details, It will be a Disney enthusiast fan club that will have an annual fee. They will also have a convention/expo for all members sometime this year... Is this my first post? I hope I made it a good one. Chris "Really Bored on a Sunday" Con
  4. I wonder if that animatronic is actually a hidden Kuka Robot Arm.. It certainly looks like it moves that way...
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