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  1. So I was thinking about MyMagic+ today and had the privilege of reading some internal documents. Here is where the current tests stand.. As a guest who is selected for a test, you currently have two choices. 1-Join the test- You are entitled to book 3 experiences/rides per day but you are not allowed to use fastpass (regular) at all.. Pros- -Know you will get on the 3 rides you care most about that day. -You'll have access to experiences that a regular guest normally wouldn't (vip fireworks seating, priority parade seating, meet a character that isn't fasspassable).I love making up words. -The ability to pay for a meal, open up a hotel room, or purchase a balloon at the flick of a wrist. Cons- The equivalent of 3 fast passes every day with limited ability to enjoy a spontaneous trip or use your trip planning to maximize rides. -You are unable to use the regular fastpass system in any form. -You have to plan your trip before you take your trip. 2- Skip the test Pros- Seasoned tour planners should be able to get 6-9 fastpasses on an average day (allowing for more rides on average). Cons- Special experiences like the aforementioned vip seating are now out of play. -Less integration with paying for items and planning the day before -You have to plan your trip before you take your trip. That being said; What's your current take on magic bands? -chris "yes I realize, it's a test and adjust phase, but I'd still like to hear your thoughts" con
  2. In related news, I spent hours watching paint dry today and then trying to see if I could legally bet on the success of the ship being parbuckled and re-floated. Really cool that it seems like after taking twice as long as planned (20 months) it is all working out today.. -chris "I love it when a plan comes together" con
  3. ^They told me this fire was going to happen six months ago. -chris "too soon, I know" con
  4. Here's a quick photoshop to illustrate visually what this community has been through. -con
  5. ^^Situation looks really bleak... From the photos I've been analyzing 65-70 percent of the actual "boardwalk" seems like a legit amount at this point. It's a terrible event for a tourist community.Just wanted to say that the dailymail does like to exaggerate everything. So a bit of a grain of salt with that article... -chris "and the rain cell ended up breaking before it could really help seaside heights" con Edit : Proof there is no god: The Jersey Shore house remains.
  6. Listening to live feeds right now.. Police scanner and random reporter are claiming they don't have enough water to contain the fire.
  7. An actual screen cap of people protesting the imminent demise of rolling thunder. (via change.org) -chris "wow" con (sic)
  8. ^Great post here. I agree with you on every thought , except for the last sentence. If you mismanage a business to this level, (alienating your customers through bad customer service, destroying your credit emotionally and financially, advertising promises that are unkept and telling lies to the public) then you have given up on success and the American Dream. This is attributable to any business........any business. -Chris "Crowd Funding is for new and forward thinking ideas and not ones we somehow care about because of nostalgic memories" Con
  9. So here is a new patent application from Disney.. It's your traditional raft ride, but you can rotate the boats by hand (tea cups style)... Cool idea. Pretty sure if this comes to fruition I'll never get soaked again.
  10. Noob question- Will seat belts actually make the ride safer or is this just something to appease the general public? Also- Anyone know if NTAG is getting the "seatbelt treatment"?
  11. So here's my take on HLN tonight- Robb represents the only voice of reason on the show and shares his points incredibly intelligently and articulately. Pretty sure everyone else on the show is nuts, but it's really entertaining. Hat tip to you sir.
  12. Completely agree with this Jen- For the past five years I've been considered a founding father of Southampton New York. search wikipedia for Southampton NY and look for Christian Connolly (and please don't edit it !)
  13. for anyone watching headline news "2900 people are killed annually by Hippos" ... EFFING AWESOME. -chris "wonders how many are animatronic" con.
  14. FWIW- I've been spending the past two hours watching Nancie Grace cry (if anyone else was watching, she legitimately cried for 30 minutes of the show) and Dr Drew yell at other talking heads to check this out.. Looking forward to see TPR on national TV.. Awesome stuff.
  15. Since we are all just talking- I'd like to talk about hydraulic cylinders for a second. I own a number of pieces of heavy machinery-(a couple tractors, two bobcats/skid steers and an excavator)... They all use hydraulic cylinders. What's a hydraulic cylinder? It's a locking mechanism that is mono directional.. Think of it as a syringe. It shoots hydraulic fluid into the mechanism that can only be removed if force is applied via engine conversely. So if one of my tractors or skid steers immediately blows a line, fails, etc. The hydraulic cylinder locks forks, bucket or claw in place so I don't die, the bucket doesn't fall, the machine doesn't flip, the forks don't kill someone on on the ground. So here's the thing- This is a fail safe for relatively dangerous heavy machinery. It's the industry standard. Each one of my machines has one hydraulic cylinder. NTAG- had TWO hydraulic cylinders just in case the first fails. Did the hydraulics lap bar fail on NTAG? No, I don't think it did. The only possible way in my mind is if one cylinder failed and the computer program operating the ride allowed ride operators to override the indicators on the first cylinder. That doesn't even seem remotely likely. -Chris "though I'm not an engineer, but I did stay at a holiday inn express" Con PS Someone post a video of Robb on HNL... Great to see our community leaders getting media attention on a national level.
  16. How can we figure out how to do this as a TPR pool? I'd throw some money down. -chris "too soon?" con Serious Edit: looked at the reverse POV posted earlier in this thread.. It looks like via Robb and Jake's movement that only major ejector air is at 3:46 and 4:04 ...Based on my incredibly limited knowledge of roller coasters, I'd expect that it happened at either of these places on the ride ( sorry to speculate! )
  17. While this isn't actually any new information, Knoebels isn't "downplaying" the opening of Flying Turns.
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