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  1. I voted for facebook, mainly because I enjoy the back and fourth communication that it allows. You are able to develop real time conversations and "emotional relationships" with your friends or your customers because there is so much potential to "keep the conversation going"... Also the analytics they provide are second to none. Twitter- to me has always seemed like you are posting into the oblivion because of the anonymity of it, though for a large organization like tpr there must certainly be more traction.. In other words, Robb is a known personality with numerous exposure on television. Twitter WORKS for people in that situation. Pinterest- My wife is addicted to it.. Want to gain traction with the female enthusiast? Pin something. I guess. Instagram- Lets add filters to photos and drink pbr while wearing heavy eye glass frames. Is there a hipster/ themepark enthusiast niche? Tumblr---- Teenagers who don't want their parents to see what they used to post on facebook. YouTube- Clearly TPR's strongest move into the social field. The strongest thing TPR has always had is great videos (amongst other things).. You tube is the future, but the comment area brings out the stupidest people in the world. Google+- Wait that still exists? If you are a computer engineer, or work for google, This is America's hottest social media. Vine- I personally love Vine- It requires people to think up something captivating in video form and only gives them 7 seconds to do it.. Full Disclosure: The real reason I love vine, is that it isn't flash based and "Just works" on every device and browser. 4chan- Rule 34. Usenet Newsgroups- I was social before it was cool to be social. Reddit- Lets never sleep, ever again. MySpace- BEST.SITE.EVAR. -Chris "not sure if I missed any site, but will edit if I did" Con
  2. So I got this today.. Basically three of my favorite things combined.. Raptors, Landscaping and the Jets.... Huge thanks to Joe Frandsen for knowing me. It's always great when you know the person in real life and they are awesome. And as always, hat tip to Brandy for hosting this. - chris "only 99 more posts and I get a bag of crap" con
  3. This is why I love Christmas .. Thanks Townsend family ! You are all awesome . Link directs to a video of our son opening up his Christmas gift. Sorry it's an external link, I couldn't get the file to load to TPR directly.. It's pretty cute though https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=576372222416168&set=vb.100001301867988&type=2&theater
  4. Always enjoy TPR's coverage of this trade show.. Hat tip to you and thanks for the great content.
  5. Post from the future: Dateline 2015- TPR makes jokes about this ride comparing it to "the rollercoaster at new york, new york"
  6. ^Great idea... It is a teacup ride though.. If it ever is built, that theming would certainly work. From the patent.
  7. Fresh off the Disney patent research list, we have a Tea Cup ride where the cars goes vertical. Just to recap, Disney has been spending a huge amount of time researching Fantasy Land rides.. We have a patent for an extreme dumbo that never stops spinning, a choose your own direction, interactive carousel, and now we have a tea cups style ride that goes to the sky . Via the patent .. The idea is this: You have your traditional spinning tea cup ride.. The harder you spin the higher the platform below you goes.. Kind of interesting... Over view of the traditional tea cups ride. What happens when you spin like a crazy person... - Copyright Disney.
  8. Kristin and I are in.. If there are enough tiny humans to exchange gifts then Bean is down as well. Thanks for always hosting this Brandy. you rock.
  9. I have to say LGB kind of sucks too.. The last time i flew into there was 2011 via jet blue but if things are still the same, half of the airport is "portable terminals" (imagine those portable classrooms they add to schools and then add in a bus and an additional 10 minutes of travel time to get to your terminal which will then have minimal concessions).. MCO beats LAX and LGB all day. I've yet to go to a California airport that I've enjoyed.
  10. I do that too! I'm not sure why because it drives my wife crazy (mind your own business Chris), but I get a bunch of smiles and thank yous. That works for me.
  11. Florida-- Here's why..During our first Orlando trip we were amazed by how everyone was so nice to each other. An example might be someone on the Disney monorail sees a senior citizen board and decides to stand up so they can sit down. Every time we go to central Florida we are floored by the kindness and friendliness of strangers. I've struck up conversation with random people in queues multiple times. I love that sort of thing. When we visited SoCal- It was like I was back in New York (my home town), that friendliness and magic was gone. Everyone pretended that the person next to them wasn't there. The cast members were just running through the motions and everyone was glued to their smart phone. It was like we were all alone, together.
  12. ^Pretty sure you go to town hall and specifically request them? I could be wrong.. Not a button/pin person.
  13. Regarding the medals for marathon running, What's everyone's take on wearing Birthday or Anniversary buttons?
  14. ^This... I put my hands up on any lap bar ride simply for the floater/ejector air feeling to get maximized (as a side benefit, I'm able to also offend everyone around me with my terrible body odor . Putting your hands up on OTSR though is just saying punch me in the face... A follow up question for anyone who cares to respond- Are there any OTSR's that are SMOOTH enough for hands up?
  15. ^It started with vice? That seems legit. They are page view whores all day (Off topic: but if anyone wants to check out something interesting, but slightly overzealous, check out their North Korea videos. They are worth the watch). But yeah, I guess you could skew it as any publicity is good publicity on Universal's part. Still not sure I'd personally handle it that way. I wouldn't want "homophobic show" and my company's name becoming national headlines which is what appeared to happen after they decided to cancel it. I can only find three articles before they decided to cancel.. -christian "I'll leave it to the professional pr people to decide what the best way to handle it was, just sharing my opinion as always " con
  16. From a media standpoint, the funny thing about all of this is by Universal Studios canceling the show they've actually created a "Streisand Effect" I've never seen the show, but saw the USO one two nights ago and really enjoyed it so I can't pass judgement on the actual content. But, from a marketing, PR standpoint they could have just as easily done nothing and it would have blown over. Using google trends, and google news searches there are significantly more articles about the show being cancelled than the one by the huffington post (which is a site that trolls stuff like this for page views/clicks)... just sayin. -christian
  17. I organically created this post, because I enjoyed the video.
  18. This is one of our favorite parts of TPR.. Hat tip to Brandy for putting in so much effort to make this happen. Lets do it again?
  19. Here's a photo I took on September 22nd when the ride was still in Beta.
  20. ^Out of the new additions food/beer/wine wise this year, Do you have a top 3?
  21. Hurt to hear the tacos tasted terrible. Happy to hear the park performed preferably to your previous presumptions. Cool Kodaks Consistently Compadre. -Chris Con
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