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  1. I completely agree with this.. While I'm a horticulturalist by profession and my wife and I even even enjoyed our honeymoon at Epcot during the flower and garden festival, the food and wine festival is just so much better...
  2. Here are some new aerial photos showing the construction going on at Universal.. Of note- Gringots Coaster is 20 percent bigger than the Mummy building and Approximately 30 percent bigger than the original potter ride. Harry Potter Land 2.0 Harry Potter Train Station and Path. Close up of the beams for the train. Cabana Bay Construction Tansformers
  3. Wow .. This is really cool.. The two R&D executives leading the push for innovative rides at Shanghai Disneyland just had another patent application become public today... It's called Omnitable, but lets just call it Omni Dumbo... Riders board on the first level from an elevated stairway onto a circular platform that is moving at a slightly lower speed than the cars (think spaceship earth's station). The vehicle you board is inside the inner circumference of the circle. You then view two or three dark ride scenes while your vehicle moves up to the second level.. Once on the second level, the vehicle pivots on a bar to the outside circumference of the circle. You are now traveling twice as fast due to the larger radius; you are outside, and you can control height/pitch, while also cycling through level 1 to level 2 a predertermined amount of times. Once your ride is over the vehicle pivots back into the inside circle and the next rider boards. A spinner ride with dark ride elements that never stops. Genius. I wish I thought of it. Level 1 how the ride loads and unloads.
  4. Interesting stuff. I assumed that they'd just stick with the Mickey rfid readers. For anyone wondering, the iPod touches are equipped with a case that can scan RFID. Source :http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/03/05/walt-disney-world-pilot-test-replaces-turnstiles-with-apples-ipod-touch
  5. Didn't read the thread because this meme is dead. TPR is filled with an incredibly smart group of people that would not do the harlem shake at this point... -chris "con los teroristas" con PS.. This was the best harlem shake video.. Edit: Bows down to MeteorNotes for beating me to it. Other People: Don't make me post the Today show version.
  6. This would make for an awesome television/you tube show. Just sayin.
  7. A bit off topic but the guy who plans on building the "Chinese Titanic Knockoff" also announced plans to build a real life Jurassic Park. I say, build this first! http://screenrant.com/real-life-jurassic-park/ It should also be noted that the Chinese facility where Titanic 2.0 will be built has never constructed a ship of this size and it doesn't even have a dry dock to build it in. -Chris "note: neither one be built" con or -Chris "wishes he was an eccentric billionaire that could take LSD and just start announcing terrible ideas" con
  8. I think he meant Battlestar at Universal Singapore... or maybe Transformers at Universal Singapore... Come to think of it, Universal seems to do this a lot. This seems to have become common practice for Universal.. Tranformers & the Sesame Street ride at Singapore both opened their gift shops before the ride opened. That being said, lots of cool merchandise here (and I'm not usually one to buy theme park clothes) and strong theming.. I'm really impressed with what Universal is doing.... Thanks for the pics! -chris "Disney should really start looking over their shoulder" con
  9. I'm sorry knoebels Edit: Just realized Nicole did this first.. Sorry
  10. After spending 3 hours with a committee of 30 people, we've reached an impasse. Therefore (is that spelled correctly? it looks wrong) EVERYONE WINS! Donating to everyone that could easily defeat horse sized ducks or duck sized horses. -chris "only for people I haven't donated to yet " con PS. Thanks for bringing the awesome Kara. PPS. I think I got everyone.. If you posted and I missed you, please PM me
  11. Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck? Why? Top 2 answers win $11.11.
  12. Not sure if this an amazing deal, but since my friend posted this on my facebook wall I figured it wouldn't hurt to share it with the group.. Woot.com is currently having two big sales on K'Next Coasters. http://sellout.woot.com/offers/son-of-serpent-coaster-5 Son of Serpent is 40% off list from $999.99 to $598.99 and http://sellout.woot.com/offers/rippin-rocket-2-coaster-5 Rippin' Rocket Coaster 2 is 31% off list from $64.99 to $44.99 Hope this helps anyone out there.
  13. Living with the Land. Where I learned how to plant my seed.
  14. HTF-- I posted as StrongArmSystems.. Just wanted to let you know- I'm sorry
  15. ^Even though you didn't quote my post.. I'm donating to you and your trip to "Kings Dominiom"
  16. This is such a great charity. Kudos/Respect/Props to the Alveys for promoting this charity for another year.. The next three posters (that I haven't already donated to) that are coasting for kids and quote this get $11.11 each..
  17. Awesome report as always Robb.. Just a thought regarding lines.. This is the big vacation week for the North East and New England area.. Seems like everyone I know that has a government job is off this week locally. That might account for the lines. Another thought- I might be easily impressed, but they've done a great job with theming the cube that is the new transformers ride.. Cool to see they did something other than just theme it to a "sound stage"..
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