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  1. LMAO. Thats one of the funniest things I have seen. Good find and thanks for the laugh.
  2. Chuck awesome PTR. I wish I was there for Six Flags and the party. It looks like yall had a great time! Though I've never been to Magic Mountain, RIP FlashBack.
  3. This may be the single greatest thing ever posted to this site... dt Dave I must say that Wegmans is the best grocery store I have been to. I went there for the first time in New Jersey last summer and it blew my mind. I just wish there was a Wegmans here in CT. Publix is cool too...
  4. I can't believe he's gone. He was an incredible actor and my prayers are with his family.
  5. ^ Lazy Butt! LoL, I'm wearing my batman sweater and my patriots pj pants.
  6. Cloverfield 6.5/10. I really liked it but the concept of the video tape ruined it for me a little. It was a great movie, but I feel it would have been better if it was made a regular movie and a little bit longer. Good movie though.
  7. Coffee is a must for me. Thanks for sharing your advanture. Coffee and McDonalds, great combo lol.
  8. Dude that is one funny video. I tried my first Vault ICEE and it's soooo good! Long live Vault ICEES!
  9. Fruit Punch, Lean Pockets, and Soup. $10.00
  10. I wonder why some of these people that go on Idol think they can sing. Almost all of them stink! But the girl that wanted to moon Simon was pretty funny. My favorite so far is Simon's Idol. That song was kinda catchy lol. Watch, he's the next Will Hung.
  11. Thanks for the tip man. I really have to go to Cedar Point!
  12. Looks like I have to get to Darien Lake this year or next year. Wasn't on my to do list until now. Yay!
  13. I got my New TPT Zip up today! It's very warm and cozy
  14. I got stuck in Rockin Roller Coaster at MGM once. Then I got evacuated on Kumba's Lift, fun stuff lol.
  15. Nope. Did you order a TPR hoodie yet?
  16. Nice Trip report. I still have to go to Cedar Point, hopefully next year!
  17. Thanks Brandon! It's about time I see some track. I can't wait for this ride.
  18. Dude thats really awesome. I want one! I bet its nice and comfy and warm to huh Kara?
  19. LMAO, Go Robb and Lou! Anyway, Lou great report thus far. Im really enjoying it...since I can't ride til Spring, this is helping a lot, Thanks!
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