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  1. Great video Tyler. You look like a pro to me! Keep it up dude...
  2. I should just head back to Great Adventure! Superman better be open, they had all off-season to fix it.
  3. Awesome trip report so far. I was there opening day and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even with the crap Great Adventure had pulled so far...but it was a great day!
  4. Atleast it isn't cancelled. But come on, Six Flags should have gotten the permits before they started building. Didn't Mark Shapiro bash the old management because of bad planning and attractions never opened on time? I still have faith in Six Flags...Atleast they didn't close down a section of a park, yet.
  5. This really makes me mad. I was actually looking forward to riding it this year...as sad as that sounds. Wasn't it approved on friday?
  6. Right now gas is around 3.40. But when we drove to New Jersey, I saw the cheapest was 2.97. Go figure....
  7. ^ Hehe, after being stuck on it for like 10 minutes kinda stunk. But I agree, we do look thrilled!
  8. Great photos Mike. BTW, that was me and my friend Lindsey (crazyrider06) on EL Toro when you saw us!
  9. Great update Jahan! Funny thing, when I went to urinate in one of the bathrooms at Six Flags Great Adventure, I looked up and saw a Geico ad. It read: Sorry to disturb you, I'm here to save you money on car insurance. I thought that was funny, and disturbing to look up and see a lizard watch me pee. Anyway, it's awesome how Magic Mountain is looking, and I'm looking forward to my visit next year!
  10. I rode it for the first time in March and I loved it. There is new padding on the ride which make it hard to fit two people, heck I had a tough time fitting. But I loved every mintue of it.
  11. It's me and Lindsey when we got stuck on the Sky Ride for like 10 minutes at Six Flags Great Adventure opening day!
  12. Awesome pictures. I am really looking forward to Fahrenheit. But I hope they don't get rid of canyon river rapids!
  13. Aww Pete! He's adorable! Congrats to you guys. I hope to meet up with you guys sometime soon. Enjoy parenthood.
  14. Haha, best trip report ever! I read the entire update and it was awesome Scott. Looks like you guys had a blast! I must say though, thankfully pissing through the inside of my shorts has not happened...yet. Thanks for pics and stuff Scott.
  15. Awesome pics Josh. I was there as well and I had an amazing time. Though I must say, removing Houdini is a terrible mistake. I LOVED that ride and I rode it everytime I went to the park. Fly me to The Moon was kinda corny and I miss Spongebob! Great day though and Great trip report.
  16. I went twice last year and I absolute love Hershey Park. It is definatlely one of my favorite parks. I recommend you going. Hit up Dorney which is on the way to Hershey if you can. Knoebels as well.
  17. Great photo trip report so far Scott. I can't wait to read the rest!
  18. Awesome trip report Jahan. I read the entire update and it felt as if I was there with you guys. Hopefully one day I'll be able to join a TPR trip. Thanks for helping with my offseason blues!
  19. ^Haha yeah. I liked it and I didn't think you would mind.
  20. Here's me with my friends at Coney Island. I'm on the gray El Toro Hoodie.
  21. Ok here's the last batch of photos. I don't remember much of the question and answer session but after that we ate lunch. We had pizza and some desserts. After that we took the rest of the tour and had a group shot. I must say that this my second tour and I had a blast. I met some awesome people. The Yankee Emporium dropped Yankee from it's name and is now the Lake Compounce Emporium. They renovated it this past off season from top to bottom and it looks great. Although there are no new rides this year, the Lake had 3.5 million dollars of improvements done. They bought the kiddy pirate ship from Wild West World but will be installing it next year. They couldn't install it this year because Circus World is circused theme, and the ride is westerned themed. Eventually they will use two trains on the train ride. Ok more pictures. I'll end this trip report with our Whip for the Journey. The Coov Mobile. BTW, we did drive past Six Flags New England. No pictures though....:(Thanks for reading! Run Fat Boy Run! Too bad our fat boy was sleeping...as usual. Lets go to VIP! But lets make a quick stop at the new Stew's In Newington. I work at the Stew Leonard's in Norwalk. After dinner we started our journey back home. Only an Hour and 15 minutes. Here is Andrew sleeping. Which he does a lot on our trips. I thought this was cool. Baseballs... Red Robin....YUM Our favorite place to eat. Our day didn't end there though. We had our eyes set on going to Red Robin in Enfield for dinner. Bye Boulder, see ya in May. This concluded our tour. Here is a group shot with all of us and Jerry kneeling down. My favorite flat ride is the swings. Inside the Emporium
  22. This past offseason, the work on Boulder Dash completed and the trick track was taken out. What was out in the place? Well, I will show ya! Ok so during the question and answer time Jerry showed us some drawings for the water park expansion. I didn't get all them on cam, dummy me. But this is the water coaster. Wildcat waiting for opening day. Butt Shots! Walking to the training room for some lunch, we are all hungry. Boulder Dash is sexy still. Sue and Rich will their yellow train that they were married on. Ok the back part of he tour. Here's Wildcat's train. Turn around... Boulder Dash's new hump! Naked Music Express. This has one more year Jerry said and then its being taken out. They have ideas of what may replace it. I'll keep it hush hush though. Coaster Porn baby! Footer touchy...
  23. Ok by this time we moved out of the Maintence Building to continue our tour. Ok, we evicted some ghosts...now lets harass Boulder Dash. AHHH Sorry, Lindsey scared me. Trackless Ghost hunt! Don't bother us, we are hard at work. Ok time for to Evict some ghosts! I guess I'll include a pic of the ferris wheel...this is for you Linds. Gotta have some pictures of us in it. Christina was my hired photographer for the day. Nude American Flyers...If you look close you can see it, no longer will be it wheel driven.
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