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  1. ^ I don't think you guys look like terrorists or pedophiles, but thats the problem today with the world. Anyone could be terrorists....but anyway thanks for the pics and the video. Tyler I want to see that video of you guys fighting!
  2. No I don't... Do you drink vitamin water?
  3. I'm really looking forward to riding Voodoo since I have never been on an impulse before. I'll be there in june!
  4. Woah! 11.95 for the park AND safari. I wish It was still 11.95...though I have a season pass so it doesn't matter to me but still. Thanks for the trip down memory lane....even though I wasn't alive in 1979...oh well.
  5. Zoomerang is the smoothest Boomerang I've been on thats for sure. The trains will look awesome on the track.
  6. Sunny and 40 degrees....way to warm for a New England winter.
  7. Now That was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh guys! I hope we get to see more crazy antics like that in the future.
  8. ^ That's really awesome. I can't wait for the season to finally start. Are you going to the tour?
  9. ^I had heard that too. I guess I will find out during the offseason tour this March.
  10. I just can't wait to ride Boulder Dash. Hopefully it will be like when it fist opened, but I must admit it was pretty good last year.
  11. Great update Robb! I wish I could go to West Coast Bash but my surgery on the 27th this month has prevented me from doing so. Oh well, I'll live.
  12. My slippers that I got for christmas Corona pj pants My Guiness Hoddie
  13. ^ Yeah I really it. I saw it during the Haunted Graveyard. I guess I will see more of it when I go to the Tour in March.
  14. It sounds like it's going to be an interesting season. I've already got my season pass ready! Zoomerang's paint job is really good. Also the four person cars on Ghost Hunt will hopefully speed up that line.
  15. Happy Birthday Jahan! I hope it's a great one for ya.
  16. Well as dumb as I can be sometimes....I didn't even think about the title all that much. But atleast Flight Deck got shelved because it was a horrible ride name.
  17. A new wallet. $16.00 at Walmart.
  18. No, but only because I don't like Bush. Are you a John Cena fan?
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