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  1. Growing up I was never a coffee drinker. Then one magical day I had a cup of coffee. I'm now a die hard coffee fan. Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best coffee I have ever had. Starbucks isn't all that great to me. Man now I want a cup.
  2. Haha Thanks Big Mike! Yes that was Lindsey and I that you met on El Toro. Whenever the Show comes close to us, we would love to tag along!
  3. Since we live 20 minutes away, Lindsey and I decided to go to the Park and take a few pictures. It's been almost two years since we last were here so it was nice to see the Dragon Coaster again. I grew up on the Dragon it was the one that started it all. The entire park is closed except the skating rink. Anyway, onto the pictures. I will now leave you with a shot of Advil: The Ride. Thanks for joining me! Rye Stabland: The Dead Zone, coming to a theater near you. Snow really does look nice on wooden coasters. Although I would rather ride them instead of watching them not operate. The Dragon is sleeping and is waiting for a spring awakening. Look, a ride KT will enjoy! My very first Big Mike pic! I think it came out ok. Lindsey is so short she had to stand on her tipee toes! I really like the photo. This was the only thing I can see from outside the park getting work on. That building needed a facelift. Oh well, who am I to stop her from having fun? Lindsey, the ice skating rink is over there --------> what are you doing? Here is the park map. Darn it I can't even eat! Yup, looks closed to me arrrrr. But the parking gate says the park is open until 10. Playland is closed you say?
  4. Happy Birthday Robb! You're almost 40! P.S. 700 POST!
  5. ^ Oh Yeah I remember that now. I was there and I plan to be there on opening day this year as well. I'm looking forward to another great coaster season.
  6. I'm not sure. I went there in March last year as well. I forgot which day but I'm pretty sure it was opening day? I would like to be there opening day this year as well.
  7. If everything goes according to plan, The Cyclone at Coney Island should open my 2009 coaster season. If not, then definately El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure.
  8. Man I can't wait to receive these DVD's! After reading all these reviews it's making me want to watch them even more. Hopefully the will come in the mail soon.
  9. Good luck Colin! I hope you received my donation. This is an awesome idea and I support you all the way.
  10. Here's me, Lindsey, and Sue on the swings at Hershey Park last Sunday.
  11. I just paid $1.97 for regular tonight. Thats the only gas station in my pathetic city thatr has gas for under $2.00. Good enough for me though!
  12. I plan on ordering them as soon as I get the money. Since the other DVDs are great I bet these are too!
  13. I'm going to look around for one tomorrow after work! Be sure to be on the lookout for Connecticut.
  14. Omg dude! My prayers go out to you. Tomorrow at Lake Compounce I will ride Boulder Dash in your honor. I hope all goes well!
  15. I went to Six Flags New England this past Saturday and while waiting in line for Superman this random guy started talking to me and said he went on the Superman in Australia and it flipped 97 times. Lol....
  16. Awesome photo trip report! I really want to go to Six Flags Over Georgia. One of the best trip reports I've read.
  17. New York Yankees baby!! Funny thing though, I grew up a New York Mets fan...
  18. Yes, I don't like them. Do you love summer?
  19. I know, wishful thinking but maybe it won't be the SLC. One can only hope its something really good. A second woodie similar to EK would be nice.
  20. You went to Kennywood? Without me? How dare you young man! Lol, anyway great start and I can't to see the rest.
  21. I think, and I could be wrong, It was said Tidal Wave can't be rebuilt because there was some damage to it. I don't think it was ever confirmed, but thats what I read on some other site.
  22. ^ Yeah. It's now called Canyon Blaster. I may be in the minority, but I like it and I think it's a great family ride.
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