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  1. Nope, I don't think so. Are you ready for the return of Prison Break?
  2. My personal favorites are El Toro and Superman Ride Of Steel tied at number 1.
  3. Happy Birthday Robb! I hope it's a good one for ya man.
  4. I need a roomate! But yeah thats kinda messed up. My rant today is I need to loose a few pounds!
  5. We were at Six Flags New England and Superman was stuck on the lift and my friend said "can't you just make the train go backwards?" LOL
  6. Nice trip report so far. Hershey is one of my favorite places as well. I agree Great Bear is very underated. Btw, I read the captions too!
  7. My four year Tree. I love that little thing, and if I could I would leave it up all year long. Yes I'm watching Home Improvement.
  8. Now thats the cutest thing I ever seen. Besides Kidtums of course!
  9. Them be some awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing, I really can't wait until I get to Dollywood. Just I don't know when that will be lol. Thanks again!
  10. Now I know why I dislike Santa. My kids are never going to get into the whole Santa thing. Lol...
  11. Jahan, I so want a piece of that cake! Makes me think of my baking days. Kidtums is so cute!
  12. It snowed here today! Yay....and a Nor' Easter on Sunday...
  13. I LOVE Prison Break. I'm not sure why though....lol. But it's my number one tv show on right now.
  14. Awesome pictures. Tivoli looks like an awesome park! Maybe one day I will get there...
  15. That wasn't Halloweekend Lin, thats Hershey Park in the Dark.
  16. No not really. I'm ready for an alcoholic beverage, are you?
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