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  1. I was "stranded" on Independence of the Seas while all this was going down. The CNN International channel on the ship was covering this constantly, so there were a lot of people on board talking about Carnival (the Cruise Director even took some pot shots at Carnival during one of the shows). I did run into one guy wearing a t-shirt and jeans in Portofino (the upscale Italian restaurant on the ship) who said that he really didn't like Royal Caribbean very much and would stick with Carnival for his next cruise despite what had happened.
  2. From the guy that brought you F&@%ING CRUISE SHIP: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. I unfortunately have to agree with Carnival here. Most of the surviving passengers are very angry, and quite a few would probably plan to come and protest and heckle. While they definitely have a right to make their anger felt, this memorial service is neither the time nor the place. This is supposed to be a small service for the family of those that died, not an event for 4000 people, and a memorial service is a time to remember and honor the dead, not to bring back memories of a horrible night that you survived. They survivors could, and probably should, organize their own remembrance event (if they really want to open old wounds) and visit the site if they want, but Costa has every right to hold a private memorial service.
  4. Mmm, that pizza's making me hungry. I've never made it to Sally's since they aren't open for lunch, but there's nothing like Wooster St. pizza.
  5. It's a Princess ship, so it's technically Carnival. Don't know or care enough about Princess to be able to identify the ship. EDIT: Reddit seems to think it's the Sapphire Princess (if you ignore the people that didn't see the logo in the pool and keep insisting it's an NCL ship). EDIT: I watched some of his other videos. You can see it's definitely the Sapphire Princess.
  6. Interesting that the concept art shown basically a blacklight show, which would be difficult in an outdoor theater.
  7. He said that they "eviscerated" the books in a 2012 interview. That said, I don't doubt that Universal might be thinking about LotR, but I doubt that they would have WB talking to the family.
  8. My thoughts? The rumor is bullcrap. The existing relationship between WB and the Tolkein family is terrible. J.R.R. sold the film and merchandise rights to Saul Zaentz in 1969, so the family had no say in any of the films. Christopher Tolkien said that the films eviscerated the book and hated the resulting commercialization. On top of that, the Tolkien Trust sued New Line Cinema (now part of WB) for breach of contract and fraud over the Lord of the Rings movies.
  9. http://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/8471-royal-caribbean-orders-third-oasis-class-ship-from-stx-france.html Oasis and Allure were built by STX Finland, and there had been a lot of talk in the past year of RCI ordering a third Oasis-class ship if they could get appropriate financing from the Finnish government. Looks like those talks fell through and they signed a contract with STX's France shipyard instead. STX France has some experience with large ships, as they built the QM2 and the NCL Epic. They also built the Sovereign-class and four of the Vision-class ships for RCI in the 80s and 90s.
  10. The Mickey heads make a sound and light up green for valid or blue for problems.
  11. I wouldn't count on it. Their timescale doesn't seem to be long enough to allow for significant changes to the rock work other than painting. A new layout would require new rockwork.
  12. In addition to what Kevin said, the Matterhorn has gone down for extensive rehabs regularly. It was down for 6 months earlier this year, and you can bet that that involved a lot of track replacement. In addition, it has been down for several weeks of refurbishment every year for as long as I can remember. Which falling rocks? I can remember at least three different falling rocks effects that have been tried on the third lift (rocks on sticks, shaking rocks, projection)
  13. Changing all the good parts? The track will follow the same route it always did. It is simply old and needs replacing. Other Arrow Dynamics rides of that era have reached their end of life and been torn down (Big Bad Wolf, Great American Scream Machine), and none of those have seen the sort of 2400 riders-per-hour 365-days-per-year punishment that Big Thunder has.
  14. I have the feeling that this is more likely to be part of an attraction (like the in-ride video of Harry, Ron, and Hermione on Forbidden Journey) or preshow than any sort of stand-alone movie. Calling it a ninth film is absurd. By that logic, "Forbidden Journey" was the ninth film. Given that the plot of the books involved Hermione disguising herself as Bellatrix Lestrange when breaking into the Gringotts vault, it isn't inconceivable that Helena Bonham Carter would appear in the Gringotts ride.
  15. You would be surprised. When I was working the Skycoaster at SFDK, we used to get pretty backed up even with two flight lines, and we had a 100ft ride so the ride length is less than the larger ones. We could get backed up 1-2 hours sometimes because of the demand. Don't underestimate the popularity of the Skycoaster. haha. When I did it at Lake Compounce they were taking appointments. We signed up in the morning and had to come back in early afternoon.
  16. According to the video at http://wdwnews.com/videos/2012/12/05/b-roll-a-flying-fire-breathing-dragon-makes-a-special-one-night-appearance-to-celebrate-the-grand-opening-of-the-new-fantasyland/ this was a one-night only thing.
  17. ^This from the cruise line that used to have topless sunbathing areas until a few years ago.
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