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  1. So.... it's furious baco? Launched wing coaster with smoke effects on the launch doesn't seem that "first of its kind" to me.
  2. Yup, I got a couple of seconds, and then "cannot connect to server"
  3. Don't use Chrome. If you have the stock browser (sometimes called Internet or Web) it will prompt you to open it in Streaming Media Player, which should work. You can also try going to rtsp://mobilestr2.livestream.com/livestreamiphone/markeysav directly.
  4. Just noticed that the live stream is named SNEB 2014. I wonder what SNEB stands for...
  5. The tri-county regional planning commission, and by extension the Dauphin County planning commission, are real entities. It is perfectly reasonable that they'd have their own website. Here are some regional planning commissions near me: http://www.cmrpc.org http://mvpc.org http://www.pvpc.org Notice that all have acronym.org web addresses.
  6. Unsafe or not, I was shocked that they didn't even close the ride long enough to disinfect it after all the blood that was in the water.
  7. No, Costa/Carnival, or more technically their insurance company, is paying for it (about $2 billion): http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/07/06/italy-concordia-costs-idINL6N0PH0EO20140706 http://www.tradewindsnews.com/weekly/340755/Costa-Concordia-claim-climbs-by-257m-after-Genoa-gets-scrap-job
  8. It does. It puts you into the room with the spiral staircase and single rider had their own staircase. Both the regular line and single rider merge right at the top so they can put uneven parties together. Sounds like a good setup. I assume there's a tour-only line like Forbidden Journey to just see the preshow?
  9. Does the single rider line bypass the elevator and preshow? Where does it split/merge?
  10. NO! HW will not buy Intamin after Giraffca/Pilgrim's Plunge. It doesn't work that way in real life. Just look at all the problems Cedar Fair had with S&S's VertiGo at Knott's and Cedar Point, but it didn't stop them from buying Skyhawk and Xtreme Swing a few years later.
  11. Is Lake Compounce still doing Text2Ride? I couldn't find anything about it on their website.
  12. Dynamic Attractions, the company behind Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, recently announced this very familiar-looking product: http://www.blooloop.com/news/dynamic-attractions-unveil-new-sfx-coaster-at/28403#.U7FikPHD8m9
  13. The airtime on that prototype is insane, but the actual POV doesn't look nearly as intense. http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2014/06/26/verruckt-worlds-tallest-water-slide-exclusive-ride-video/11421473/
  14. ^There are three world-class water rides at IoA, I'm not sure they need more. That's the same number of get-you-wet rides as all of Disney World (excluding the water parks).
  15. Just a heads up: there's a 1 hour "Making of Diagon Alley" special airing Monday night at 8 on NBC: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/blogs/tv-guy/os-harry-potter-meredith-vieira-hosts-nbc-special-20140626,0,2045496.post
  16. ^Nope, it was Vaughn Armstrong. The (perhaps apocryphal) story is that Harrison Ford originally agreed to allow his voice and likeness to be used for the ride as long as he didn't have to do any promotion for it, but someone at Disney sent him the script for the Indiana Jones themed Super Bowl halftime show so he backed out.
  17. Have any of the RMC conversions been done to white coasters? I know that parks tend to use pressure-treated wood instead of painting these days, so I wonder if they would paint the new wood to match or leave it mismatched.
  18. I was at Six Flags Magic Mountain a few years back when the ride ops were literally begging people to stay on rides like Riddler's Revenge and Goliath where they were having trouble getting the minimum number of people required for them to dispatch the train.
  19. Yes, because I base all my physics and physiology knowledge on Zach Galifianakis movies.
  20. This isn't just a roller coaster. From one of the articles posted here, there will be an observation platform, dining, shopping, and a concert venue located at the top. The roller coaster part is just a sideshow, and probably not the primary revenue source. The Orlando Eye also won't be like a theme park ferris wheel or the Toys R Us wheel (which is indoors and not designed to provide a view). The Eye is described as an observation wheel, and will move very slowly and most likely provide just a single revolution with each admission. It will have none of the thrill of a typical theme park wheel.
  21. If this does open, it's going to kill attendance at the Orlando Eye. Who would want a long ride to slowly get up to 425 feet just to be in the shadow on a 570-ft observation tower with a nice fast elevator to the top? It would be like having a 425-foot observation wheel in midtown Manhattan between the Empire State Building and 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
  22. Both. Posted in the forums first and then archived in the park index.
  23. In some videos the dark ride portion starts silent until "heigh-ho" starts on the lift hill, while in others it starts with "dig-dig-dig" and the lift hill is silent. Is this a pre-opening glitch, or does it randomly do one or the other to give the ride some variability?
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