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  1. Yup, I've found other pictures of that sign at the Mumbai airport. Can't wait to see hits as to where they're going next.
  2. No guess from me yet, but I think it's hilarious as to how wrong those clocks are. I know Mumbai is supposed to be GMT+5:30, but in that picture it looks more like +5:25. The worst is Tokyo, which looks like it's at GMT+4:40 instead of GMT+9:00. I wouldn't buy a watch from them.
  3. I finally got all the Wicked, Rent, and Frozen clues (it's Idina Menzel, and Idina is an anagram for India). Here's my list: 1. Tampa Airport, near Delta Check-in counter 2. Fantasy of Flight museum, which is on the way from Orlando to Tampa 3. Departures board, which allows confirmation of Tampa Airport as well as which shows Delta 1892 to Detroit being on time 4. Parking lot at Tampa Airport. This is the Lindbergh section of the garage, and Lindbergh was born in Detroit (the next destination) 5. Supertarget in Indio, CA. Indio sounds like India. 6. Julia Stiles was in the Bourne movies. In the Bourne Supremacy, the movie starts in India, and then Julia Stiles' character is seen in Amsterdam. Also Julia Stiles was in a movie called "Wicked". The unrelated musical Wicked starred Idina Menzel, and Idina is an anagram for India. 7. this_has_nothing_to_do_with_the_contest_hahahaha 8. This photo shows Delta-style seatback pouches in the distance. There's also a giant "D" front and center, for Detroit (the only "D" city delta was flying to on the departures board) 9. Tampa airport, the departure point 10. Snow on the ground shows that they're flying north from Tampa. 11. Same as #10 12. Frozen lake, most likely Lake Erie or Lake St. Clair, right before landing in Detroit 13. Two cows on this picture, and cows are sacred in India 14. Frozen starred Idina Menzel, and Idina is an anagram for India. 15. ELSA was played by Idina Menzel, and Idina is an anagram for India. 16. A picture of Detroit DTW airport 17. The McDonalds in the Detroit Airport 18. A lot of people get the runs from Indian food 19. Boarding the flight to Amsterdam. The passport in Elissa's hand shows that it's an international flight. 20. Delta style seatback pockets. Those power plugs are only on Delta 777, 767, 757, and A330 aircraft in coach, which points to flight 252 21. The "Evil Ex" featured in the first Scott Pilgrim book (shown) was Indian, and in the film adaptation the fight with this Ex was a Bollywood musical number. 22. Mel Brooks made Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and Adlabs Imagica has a Bandits of Robin Hood ride. He also made Spaceballs, and the Deep Space ride at Adlabs Imagica has balls floating in space. 23. There is a Carnegie Deli at Six Flags Great Adventure, where the coaster Nitro is. There is also a Nitro at Adlabs Imagica in India. 24. BALLYS begins with BALL, which sounds like the beginning of Bollywood, which hints at India. 25. The DEVO album "Are We Not Men" features a track called "Space Junk", which is a reference to the "Deep Space" attraction at Adlabs Imagica. 26. ha_ha_we_arent_actually_going_here_but_thanks_for_playing 27. Suzuka Circuit had a "Mad Cobra" ride, and cobras are primarily associated with India. 28. Rent starred Idina Menzel, and Idina is an anagram for India. 29. This image is Le Nitro at Dennlys Parc, and Adlabs Imagica has a coaster called Nitro. Also, the image is called "Gold Mine Roller Coaster", which is a reference to Gold Rush Express at Adlabs Imagica. 30. Scrambler at INDIAna beach. INDIAna starts with INDIA. 31. Gate E7 in Amsterdam, where Delta flight 252 from Detroit just landed. 32. A reference to the "Year of the Chicken" stuff earlier. 33. The euros and european-style plug show that they're in Europe (i.e. Amsterdam). 34. Starbucks in the Amsterdam airport. 35. The reflection shows the Harvest Market near the D Gates in the Amsterdam airport. Delta Flight 50 to Mumbai left from gate D43. 36. Shiphol Amsterdam airport, where they're going to take Delta Flight 50 to Mumbai. 37. Dutch Tulips, because it's in Amsterdam. 38. Signs at the Amsterdam airport. 39. This is Goliath at Walibi Holland in the Netherlands. In addition to this being an Amsterdam clue, the park also has a Robin Hood roller coaster and Adlabs Imagica has a Bandits of Robin Hood ride. 40. This picture of Blackpool still shows the Space Invader ride, which is a reference to the "Deep Space" attraction at Adlabs Imagica. 41. That's a picture from Freeze & Fries, an Indian restaurant 42. "Space Junk" is a reference to the "Deep Space" attraction at Adlabs Imagica. 43. A picture of Six Flags Great Adventure's Nitro. There is also a Nitro at Adlabs Imagica in India. 44. Wicked starred Idina Menzel, and Idina is an anagram for India. 45. Boarding the next flight, which is a very wide plane. Delta 50 is on an widebody A330. 46. That matches the screens on Delta A330s. 47. That is a picture of Muppet Labs. Rob and Elissa are going to adLABS imagica. 48. Carey Elwes played Robin Hood in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" and Adlabs Imagica has a "Bandits of Robin Hood" ride. 49. Suzuka Circuit's "Mad Cobra" ride. Cobras are primarily associated with India. 50. IN-n-out burger. IN is the official 2-letter code for India. 51. Buildings near Adlabs Imagica. 52. The Palm in Dubai, which Delta flight 50 passed over going from Amsterdam to India. 53. India used to be administered by the British government. 54. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai 55. A mural showing bollywood stars in the Mumbai airport 56. Welcome to Mumbai!
  4. ^More interestingly, Mad Cobra was removed from Suzuka Circuit and is now operating in China at Discoveryland, but that's closer to Korea than Hong Kong. I'm still going with the Cobra name being a reference to India.
  5. There's Suzuka Circuit again, but I'm still not thinking Japan. The coaster in the picture is Mad Cobra, and Cobras are usually associated with India. If it is India, the Mel Brooks picture could be Mel Brooks ->Space BALLS->BOLLywood>India
  6. That's Le Nitro at Dennlys Parc in France, but the image name, "Gold Mine Roller Coaster" might imply Happy Valley Shenzhen which is right near Hong Kong, which would fit in with the Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park hints.
  7. Okay, so the RENT and DEVO pictures both have RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE outlined in black. The Ballys picture shows a series of rings and the Suzuka Circuit shows a ring-shaped ferris-wheel. Here's some Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Black rings: Here are some more:
  8. So we have: Scott Pilgrim (with a "YOUSUCK" anagram in the caption) Mel Brooks (bet_youll_never_figure_this_one_out_lololol) Andrew Carnegie (Carnegie Deli) Ballys Las Vegas Are We Not Men by DEVO Marina Bay Sands Singapore Suzuka International Racing Course (Suzuka Circuit) Ino, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan If you make an acronym, you get SMABAMS, and SMABAMS backwards is SMABAMS, so I guess that means... umm...
  9. That's starting to sound like another Sochi hint with all the reports of no running water, toilets that won't accept toilet paper, double toilets, and the famous "no fishing" toilet signs.
  10. That picture is definitely Detroit's airport, so it looks like I might've been right with flight 1892. Now the question is whether they'll take Delta flight 619 to Amsterdam and then if they'll go from there to Mumbai (Delta flight 50) or Hong Kong (China Southern Air 308). I'm thinking that the Adventuredome picture could refer to the world's largest aquarium dome at Ocean City in Hong Kong.
  11. WAS worth a shot, so past years of the rooster... Last one was 2005... Hong Kong Disneyland opened in 2005... Hmm...
  12. This is actually the Year of the Horse, not Rooster. The current month is the month of the Tiger, and the day is Rat and Pig.
  13. Well, the Super Target in Indio might mean they are going to India. If they're flying Delta there are no non-stops, but most connections seem to be through Amsterdam. My guess is that they are taking 1892 to Detroit, where they will take Delta 619 to Amsterdam and then Delta 50 to Mumbai (or they could take Delta 98 to Paris and change to Air France 218 to Mumbai).
  14. That's definitely the end of the runway at Tampa International Airport, so (despite the red herring) that's you taking off, not landing (unless the departures board was also a red herring ). Runway at Tampa International Airport
  15. The Super Target is at 42625 Jackson Street, Indio, CA 92203: Super Target, 42625 Jackson St, Indio, CA 92203-9737 I knew it had to be California or Nevada because where else would you get Palm Trees AND mountains?
  16. Furthermore, that board shows Airtran 3832, which was scheduled today but was last scheduled on January 4th, 2014, so I would say that you took those pictures this morning.
  17. Looking at the departures board and cross-referncing those flights on Flightaware, the only thing the flights have in common is that they leave from Tampa, so I would say you are flying from there.
  18. "IMPULSE" could also refer to the 1974 William Shatner movie about a gigolo who seduces, robs, and kills lonely women.
  19. My understanding is that Anthem will be replacing Independence out of Southampton, not supplementing it. Royal Caribbean promised Galveston a ship larger than Navigator in 2015 in exchange for a new cruise terminal, so Independence will most likely end up there or in Port Canaveral (freeing up Freedom to go to Galveston). There's also a Spanish press release on the Allure eurotrip that said that Liberty of the Seas won't be returning to Barcelona in 2015, which means that it might be staying in Fort Lauderdale year round to fulfill the passenger load requirements in Royal Caribbean's contract with Port Everglades.
  20. Former Busch Gardens Tampa director of security fatally shoots someone for texting in a movie theater: http://www.baynews9.com/content/news/baynews9/news/article.html/content/news/articles/bn9/2014/1/13/wesley_chapel_theate.html
  21. Shame they aren't ever using tablecloths again... My bad, I should've said on "American FEAST" nights (believe it or not, that's the actual new name for formal night, because apparently nothing says formal dining like "American FEAST")
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