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  1. I wouldn't exactly call Wildfire new, it's been there for four years now.
  2. Don't forget that due to the massive size of both the trains and track, this coaster will look a lot slower than it actually it (just like X). When you look at an airplane flying overhead, dispite the fact that it is going hundreds of miles per hour, it looks slow because it is far away. On most things that are a reasonable distance away, your brain compensates for this when judging speen. However, in this case, your brain sees B&M track and a B&M car without realizing that both are almost twice the normal size, so it thinks that the coaster is closer than it really is, and doesn't properly compensate for distance.
  3. Heck, why couldn't SFAW's have kept the veritcal lift?
  4. Wait, so all the talk of current sensors on the lift motors to detect the weight of the train and compensate for it was just hooey?
  5. [geek mode] Okay, the engineer in me has to speak up here. When we are talking about something going 80mph in 1.8 seconds or 120mph in 4 seconds, all we can get from that is the average acceleration. You could have two rides that both reach 120mph in 4 seconds, but one could start at 0 gs and slowly ramp up to 2.7gs while the other stays at 1.4gs for the full four seconds. It's really the launch profile (and the jerk, which is the rate of change of acceleration) that makes the difference. [/geek mode]
  6. I don't know about weather affecting lift speed, but I do know that some coaster's lifts do run at different speeds depending on how many trains are on the track (which usually relates to the crowds in the park, which could relate to weather, but I digress).
  7. Another route is to go from there to SF Saint Louis, World of Fun, and SF Elich Gardens. Then to bridge the gap between there and LA, there is always Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon.
  8. Every inside seat ride I've had on X has been incredible. It's the outside seat rides that have been inconsistant for me. X is one of the most intense coasters out there, and a lot of fun. If X only had the inside seats, it would be one of my top two or three coasters.
  9. Well, if you're talking about coasters and lawsuits, you can't forget X, the ride which put Arrow out of business. Basically, because X opened late, Six Flags witheld payment and sued Arrow for 5.8 Million, forcing them into bankruptcy (leaving them open to being bought up by S&S). I always found it kind of funny that Arrow's first (Matterhorn) and last (X) coasters are both located right off I-5, about an hour away from each other. SFMM was also sued by an Annual Passholder because X was closed for so long, but I don't think that lawsuit went anywhere. There is also Hershey's never built Frequent Faller, where Interactive Rides failed to deliver the plans on time, Hersheypark sued them for breach of contract, IR sued HR back for not paying on time, and the whole thing is still, as far as I know, being worked out in court.
  10. I don't keep track of how many times I've ridden any one coaster, but there is one record that I do know. Back in Jr High (6th or 7th grade), I went to USH during school with a bunch of friends as a reward for selling magazines or wrapping paper or something like that (I don't exactly remember). Because it was a school day, there were light crowds, and because it was the winter (and a chilly 60 degrees out ), there was almost no line for Jurassic Park, despite the fact that it had just opened within the last year or so. Anyway, we got on, rode, saw that there was almost no line, ran around through the lockers, and got back on. We kept doind this for six or seven rides, until the ride ops started recognizing us and telling us we could just stay on if we wanted to. After a dozen or so cycles, one of us asked what the record for consecutive rides was, and the ride op said 75 (a number that he probably pulled out of his a**). Therefore, we stayed on for 76 rides. After 25 or so, we were so wet that we didn't notice the water any more (there was this one girl with us in a white t-shirt, but that's another story), and we could predict the exact timing of every single ride element. I've done 10 rerides on things like Riddler's Revenge and Scream recently, but I've never attempted anything like 75 again. EDIT: I forgot to mention that part of our prize was that a limo would take us to and from the park. The limo driver was furious when we came back soaking wet, and made us steal trash bags to sit on.
  11. Although I haven't been to BGW, I was quite impressed with PKD. I would certantly recommend it over SFA.
  12. Wow, that certaintly looks, umm, different. Nice pics, but I hate when sites can't bother to resize images, and they end up all squished like that. If you drag the pictures to the address bar, they are all 1280x960.
  13. ^IIRC, the modifications to the track were done by Premiere.
  14. I've done Cyclone at SFNE in the rain. The ride ran great with the slick track, but it did feel like I was being pelted with thousands of tiny little needles. I also did Hypersonic in the rain, which I expected to hurt like hell, but I think the people in front of me blocked most of the water from hitting me.
  15. [lurk mode off] Pretty good, but you might want to mention "Magic Mountain" in your title. There are 20 or so Six Flags parks in the US alone.
  16. Yup, it was done by VIP, Keith McVeen's company. For more information on how he does the animations, see the Badnitrus FAQ and tutorial.
  17. Some of my favorites: Flight of Fear Joker's Jynx What part of "No Step" don't you understand? Flood!
  18. No, for a few reasons. First off, as you stated, only parts of WDW are in color. Specifically, only the Magic Kingdom and the parts of EPCOT north of the American pavilion entrance (most of the southern world showcase backstage areas are not covered). Second, WDW is huge. The area covered by a photo of just the guest areas of the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT would have to cover 2.3 square kilometers. Add in backstage areas, the Seven Seas lagoon, and the parking lots, and you now have 6.8 square kilometers to cover. By comparison, my picture with Disneyland, DCA, all backstage areas, Downtown Disney, the parking structure, and all the Disney hotels covers only 2.3 square kilometers. Third, the aerial photos of that area are not as good quality, and look kind of grainy at full resolution. It's not worth my time to do them if the result won't be so great. However, the images I used are now available through the National Map project, and can be accessed at http://terraserver-usa.com. If you want to tile them yourself, go ahead. Just make sure to select "Urban Areas" images, select the largest tile size (the size selector is in the upper left), and click the "download" button in the upper right to have it display a single image instead of individual tiles. With those settings, you can get .05 square kilometers per tile.
  19. I guess I'll take this opportunity to link to my aerial pictures of Disneyland and DCA: http://zansstuff.com/aerialdl.html The largest image (wait for it, it will load) is about 1 foot resolution. Please don't submit that link to or post it on a high traffic web site. I already had BoingBoing.net link to me and cause 60 gigs of downloads in about 16 hours. Oh, and if you are comparing castles, see the attached image.
  20. I don't know why everyone's so down on Hypersonic XLC. Last time I rode it, it was butter smooth. Yes, there was some hunting on the turnaround, but the pneumatic tires made it more of a gentle rocking. Yup, Psyclone. The only redeeming part of this ride is being able to sit by the exit and watch all the people coming off the ride nursing their sore backs and necks.
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