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  1. In other Carnival news, they have been rolling out a new dining program in the Main Dining Rooms on their ships (starting with the Carnival Glory last week, and starting on the Carnival Liberty, Imagination, and Inspiration in the next couple months). Appetizers, sides, and desserts are now served family style for the table, on formal night every table gets the same appetizer sampler platter, side, and dessert to share (there's no choice), and tablecloths are only used on formal nights.
  2. Here's the original video from CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/17/travel/carnival-cruise-triumph-problems/index.html?c=us&page=0
  3. Just saw this on CNN. As far as I can tell, Royal Caribbean has nothing like this in their cruise contract. The fact that Carnival is actually trying to enforce this clause in the Triumph lawsuits is enough for me to never want to sail with them (bad reviews aside).
  4. http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/family/2013/06/rescuing_drowning_children_how_to_know_when_someone_is_in_trouble_in_the.html EDIT: it looks like the 10% number was removed from the article.
  5. ^Also keep in mind when blaming the parents that most people don't know what drowning actually looks like, especially with children (hint: it doesn't involve yelling and hand waving). Of the approximately 750 children who will drown each year, about half of them will do so within 25 yards of a parent or other adult. In ten percent of those drownings, the adult will actually watch them do it, having no idea it is happening.
  6. I don't know of any cruise line that has full-time life guards at the ship's pools. Disney and Royal Caribbean don't, and they advertise to families with young children way more than carnival does.
  7. Last time I was at the park it was 2006 and I don't remember any river attraction ( I was more concentrated on Everest that year), so I'm asking jray21 and anyone else about this River at Animal Kingdom. Regardless if it was before my visit or came after my visit and ran for a short time, then I'm glad that this "River" will be running again and not left to decay into obscurity. Radio Disney River Cruise was the park's boat transportation that made 2 stops around Discovery Island. These ran the first couple of years of the park, I think until around 2000ish? These boats acted as a transportation shuttle between 2 areas of the park like the Friendship boats at Epcot. Problem was guests waited in extremely long lines for what many thought would be a themed river attraction. So most guests were disappointed. There were 2 loading docks, one in the front of Discovery Island and the 2nd in Asia near the Flights of Wonder Bird Show. Other than the exotic foliage of The Tree of Life and Discovery Island, there was not a lot to look at theming wise, with the exception of an animatronic dino in the water near Dino Land USA and a fire-breathing animatronic Dragon in a cave between Camp Minnie Micky and Africa. Back when I first visited Animal Kingdom (December 1998) they were called the "Discovery River Taxis". They closed a couple of weeks later for the Radio Disney overlay. Originally the boat did two stops (Safari Village and near the then-unopened Asia section). In June 98, the boat was doing only round trips back to Safari Village and they added some on-board animal encounters (mostly small reptiles and insects). In September 98, the ride closed. It reopened around Thanksgiving '98 and again for Christmas '98/New Years as the "Discovery River Taxis" (the new name was supposed to keep expectations low). In January 1999 it closed again and reopened In March '99 as the "Disney Radio River Cruise" with a new paint job and loud teeny-bopper music. It closed for good in August 1999.
  8. Less than a week to go before the 8th anniversary of Flying Turns being announced (October 9th). If they can open to the public before then our long national nightmare may finally be over!
  9. I've been using Forum Runner to read TPR for a couple of years now. Will you continue to support it, or will I have to switch to Tapatalk? I tend to prefer the Forumrunner interface (especially the way they handle stickies).
  10. I'm a bit confused by the pictures. Are the Krusty Burger/Chicken Shack/Moe's buildings just facades for a single indoor food court? Are Moe's and Flaming Moe's two different venues?
  11. http://www.usatoday.com/story/cruiselog/2013/05/30/royal-caribbean-quantum-class-order/2371911/
  12. Dinnwitted was the same person blaming Carnival for not knowing where each passenger is at all times and taking 3 hours to notice that a passenger was missing in the middle of the night. I'd hate to live in the Orwellian security state that he dreams about.
  13. The fact that it was a dry ice bomb probably means that whoever did it thought it would be a harmless prank. A student set off a dry ice bomb in my middle school during lunch once with similar results. When I heard it was a dry ice bomb, I was frankly surprised it didn't happen before a Grad Night. When I did Grad Night there was all sorts of stupid stuff that was done, including two kids that were kicked out for switching seats on the Matterhorn during the ride. While most young people would never dream of pulling something like this, I knew plenty of people when I was a teenager who would do really stupid things without thinking through all the consequences.
  14. Personally I'd go with a screamin swing as being uncommon enough to not be chosen but still an awesome ride.
  15. One feature I'd like to see is live guidance as you're building to indicate whether your train will stall or the ride will produce uncomfortable g forces or jerk. There is no reason to have to run a train through the track to get this data, as speed, acceleration, and jerk could be indicated with color coding, floating labels, or even a live graph. It would sure beat the build-test-rebuild-retest-rebuild-retest scheme of RCT. There could even be a "beginners" mode that would prevent the track from being bent or placed in such a way that it would violate preset speed/acceleration/jerk parameters.
  16. 150km is about 3-5 hours depending on ship speed. Just like at a hotel, the card readers on the stateroom doors aren't centrally connected to anything, and although they keep an access log, someone needs to physically connect a computer to the reader to view it. Swiping your card isn't required for accessing any free entertainment or dining venues on the ship, so it's entirely conceivable that someone's card could go untracked for days. On my last cruise my card was only swiped into a computer when I got on and off the ship, which was way more than 4 hours apart.
  17. It's not like there is a daily roll call. 2 people out of thousands are easy to miss.
  18. Agreed on Carly. The lack of activities didn't bother me much on such a short cruise, but I wouldn't have wanted to spend a week with her.
  19. I just got off Jewel of the Seas and there were a lot of people on board that had originally booked on the Carnival Triumph and switched to Jewel since it was the exact same itinerary on the exact same days. I heard many people during the cruise say that they preferred Carnival (including the group that insisted on having a very loud conversation while the captain was trying to give his speech at the welcome aboard reception). There will always be a demographic that resents that the bars don't open until 9am, the water slide is just for kids, you can't wear your bathing suit to the buffet, and that the musicians play too much "old" music (that last complaint was heard on 70s night). I heard similar complaints from people that preferred Carnival on my last cruise on Independence of the Seas, which actually occurred the same week as the Triumph incident.
  20. Most of the discount coupons in past years haven't been good on weekends. They were offering $27 discount tickets online yesterday, but it's too late now for that.
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