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  1. Hahahaha, no longer do I need to look at nfl.com to get my fix. Were getting ESPN in a few days when we get cable!! My teams not going to bad at all. (broncos)
  2. The GP comments thread got me wondering about the whackos you see at parks all them time. Like the infamous 'smilly' guy at one of the disneys parks.
  3. wow, looks awsome. A coaster you could ride over and over again.
  4. If i was rich and had a massive property i would buy some of these and make my own neverland ranch lol. this is awsome.
  5. theres was a thread a few weeks ago with tonnes of pics of robb in his fat patch jacket days lol. but we all know he is reformed lol.
  6. Never, the only problem I've ever had was when the main parade was on at Movieworld and I decided to climb a tree to get a better view and then a couple of security guards told me to get down. I said sory and it worked out fine lol. Prob didnt want me falling down and breaking my arm
  7. http://www.myspace.com/highvoltagekc
  8. Lol, you giving away more info here then on your own forum rabid Seaworld ride sounds awsome with all the hype around it!!!! Movieworld, DECEMBER 06 here I come :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  9. Living in New York during 9/11 the images are still fresh in my mind like someone said before, I'm realy nuteruel. I wont see it but I thinki if they have permission from family it should be fine.
  10. Lol, the Honda Accord Euro is the Acura TSX in america. The TL has a few more features and a difrent rear end lol. My dad drives the 05 sedan Honda Accord Euro
  11. Hmmm, after I re-read this thread I come to conclusion that I shouldent of put Iraq in the original post. How does this have anything to do with the thread? Other then a low blow/personal attack! As a matter of a fact I might, as I am a army Cadet if John Howard is still in office in about 4 years and I decide to continue a army carer (sp?) I could see some time in Iraq. I think if I hadnt of put Iraq in the orignal post shepp wouldent of gotten his hernia's in a knot. Its allmost certain that Saddam had WMMD, hes a smart man. As soon as he suspected Bush was comming in to office he would of gotten rid of them. BelizeIt mentioned before about how I was young at the time and my perspective of what happened would be uniqe. It definatly was, I thought that people did it randomly and it spooked me for quite a while thinking that someone could just do something so destructive so easily. Thanks BelizeIt for backing me up, I thought this thread had died
  12. http://download.yousendit.com/1B43933876AAA420 Found this on my hd, after listing to this it gave me shivers down my spine and reinforced why I supported the war in afganastain/iraq. btw, If you wonder why I care so much about 9/11 when I live in Aus but I lived in Manhatten for a year a couple of blocks away from the trade centers.
  13. Its starting to get out of control here in australia, we cant take ipods/phones or anyting expensive to school because someone sued when a boys phone was stolen. sory if it was sterotypical but when it comes from a teacher who is presumbaly and expert on stuff that happens in a country you will belive it.
  14. Yo yo yo reppin tha cbrs ghettoz park... Downunderland. http://rcdb.com/id2399.htm
  15. My American Studies teacher was telling us about Americas obsesion for liabilty cases and because of that alot of things you cant do anymore. So have you sued anyone or been sued? Ps, this isnt an american hate thread and i'm trying not to start any arguements
  16. the artwork is called airbrushing and it was soooo popular last year but has kinda dissapered. I realy liked breakdances airbrushing.
  17. Superman Escape - Go fast, superman fast,
  18. Hye guys, I was wondering if you could have some more comps to win youe coaster DVDs for us broke members The change in the bottle was awsome and lots of fun.
  19. ADF Cadet, long time till I need to chose what I wont to do at the end of school but joining the army is up the top Sooo much respect for all of you guys.
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