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  1. The only re-ride I had was on a kiddie coaster, no one was in line so they asked if we wanted to stay.
  2. Some people have trouble telling people they cant ride, even I fell sory for obse/handicapped people who cant ride. More when they had waited ages for the ride.
  3. Superman Escape because I rode it 20 times in a row and never got bored. PLUS DARKRIDE THEMEING! HELL YEA I'm a movieworld fan boy aswell
  4. Lol, I saw you the day I went to Movie World. DO you allways walk around taking pictures of little boys? J/K
  5. I sure americans would hate for another non-american to post but I just needed to get this of my chest! I am 100% behind bush and Howard(aus pm) I get realy heated up when people say he invaded afghanistan/Iraq for oil. I have got into heated arguments with my RE teacher about this subject.... So he just 'happened' to free afghanistan from the taliban and he just 'happened' to free Iraqis from the raping, murdering ect ect dictator.
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