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  1. Splatosphere has test dummies and is now testing. I was kind of surprised to see it half way up the tower considering it was just put up a few days ago.
  2. Not saying you are wrong or anything(Because for the most part you are right) but I have had first hand encounters where I have seen what rain has done to a ride in the rain that has caused problems to the operation of the ride. EG. Cedar Point during Halloweekends in 2006. I was in line for Mantis when it started to downpour. I was surprised they didn't cease operation right away. Then when the second train was coming near the station, it didn't quite stop properly and bumped into the unloaded train in the station. The train in the brakes was immediately unloaded and the guests were escorted off. This bump caused minor damage to at least one of the trains and had maintenance and supervisors looking at it in awe. (I'll have to look for a picture.) Everyone in line was told if we give our name we could go up the exit of one ride. Then we were told to leave the line. I'm pretty sure those trains would not have bumped if the brakes/brake fins were dry. I used to think rain didn't affect rides too much, but there is still a chance that it can happen and cause minor damage.
  3. My worst coaster experience was on the Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan's Adventure in the back row. It was just horrendous. The front was a little better but I was surprised I even gave it a second chance...
  4. It will be an Indoor Mack Wild Mouse coaster. Same layout as Cheetah Chase.
  5. Ways guests are informed of the No-smoking policy at SfGam: 1. The back of most team member shirts. 2. On pretty much every trash can in the whole park. 3. No-Smoking button on the front of almost every team-member. 4. Guest Code of Conduct boards at front of park and Admissions area. 5. Designated Smoking board at Admissions area. 6. Guest Code of Conduct boards located at front of the 4 B&M coasters. 7. The 12 Designated Smoking areas themselves. 8. Park Map which has locations for all designated smoking areas. 9. Park Guide which includes Guest Code of Conduct. 10. Announcements made periodically in main park. 11. Announcements made even more often than previous announcement in Admissions area. 12. Announcements that some rides make to the queue lines.(Which state the park-wide policy.) 13. Previous news articles that highlight the No-Smoking policy among other "family friendly" changes. ....there could be more.
  6. Ted's Coney Island is also a new food location this season. It is located next to Coldstone Creamery in Farmer's Market.
  7. They should just call it Goliath. This is basically the same color scheme as the one at La Ronde isn't it?
  8. The actual funny thing is.....Dejavu ran all day (except for minor mishaps) on Friday, Sunday, and Monday. It also hasn't seen a day where it hasn't ran at all in quite a long time. It's almost like....dare I say it?.....a normal coaster. Just a random tidbit....fireworks are now BACK for Fright Fest. Catch them on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in conjunction with the nightly Zombie Jamboree pre-show and parade.
  9. http://www.sfgamworld.com/gallery/BatmanTR/Batman003_001 Older picture of SfGam's Batman minus wheel covers.
  10. Me in the Batman the Ride queue at Six Flags Great America. No Im not doing anything illegal. It's the awesome fog.
  11. ...and DON'T send them to me Colin.... :? Seriously, you were just agreeing with me about me being a lil slow and then you sent me here...Who's the slow one now you little "Sfgam blows BGT's butt but I still get coasters in December" acer? Just Playin' Colin. 8) But seriously, what exactly were you doing?
  12. Six Flags Great America- It's really hard to decide as there are so many good ones. I guess Raging Bull, DejaVu, Viper, and the original Batman The Ride are all top tier. As for flats, I really like Chubasco(Spinning Tea Cups) especially when my friend Dan does the spinning.
  13. The last coaster I rode was the Demon at Sfgam last night for their Fright Fest preview. They totally themed the ride like it was in the 80's. The sign has a lil cage with eyes in it plus lights and fog behind the sign, fog in the tunnels/by second corkscrew and station, the soundtrack playing in the queue, torches everywhere.
  14. Revenge of the Mummy-USF -An Amazing attraction that left me wanting to go again, again, and again. Amazing Adventures of Spiderman-IOA -Stunning and very entertaining. It put me directly in the middle of chaos and actually made me a fan of Spiderman DejaVu-SfGam -Not the BEST coaster on the planet but it's history is what makes me love it so much. Ran like crap for 3 years and is finally beginning to run like a champ. The crew is great, the location is great, and just watching it run is great. Top Thrill Dragster-CP - Left me simply speechless. Any ride that can do that needs to be in the top ten. Avalanche-Timber Falls -Speed, Speed, Speed. Airtime, Airtime, Airtime. The wickedist ride known to man. Chance Zipper- The only ride to ever make me feel like throwing up. And did I mention that it was insane? Men In Black: Alien Attack-USF -Shooting aliens, great storyline, and spinning. Great combo if you ask me. Chubasco-SfGam- "My neck feels like it is going to snap." When my friend Dan spins, this thing no longer becomes a ride, it becomes an experience. Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls-IOA -Best water ride ever! I love water so how could I not have one in my top ten? Tower of Terror-Disney Studios -Great theming, great cast members, awesome and unique ride programs. Heck, I love Disney. Believe me, making a top ten list is very hard for me.(I typed over 20 ride names and had to make the list only 10.) I don't rank attractions, because that sort of takes the fun out of everything. Here's a few others that would be in my top 20. -Hades-Den of lost Thieves-Raging Bull-Demon Drop-Shivering Timbers-Batman the Ride-Mission Space and countless others
  15. I think I heard somewhere about Top Gun being a goner, but I really don't have too strong of proof to back that up. It's just kind of strange that it was brought up at one time or another.
  16. And to think.....I get sick of White Castle burgers like after what, 2?!? :shock: So did you guys finally get your DejaVu credit or will that moment have to be saved for tomorrow?
  17. You know you're at a Six Flags park when the reason for ride closure is weather and it is a perfect 70 degrees with sun.
  18. I should really get out to a Carrabbas one day. It seems like a great place. Colin! You're getting me there when I hopefully come out in september. Hope you have a fun credit whoring day Robb! Little A-Merrick-A is a nice place, but it really isn't anything too special. BUT it does have the 3 credits. As for SfGam, I hope to see you guys there on Sunday. A couple friends are coming with me(Dan and Ally) and I guess Kyle and David are going with Andrew I guess. Cya there.
  19. You know you're at a Six Flags park if the line at Guest Relations is longer than the line for any of the rides.
  20. I completely agree! There seems to be sooo many Wolf haters, but I really love the ride. It is one of the most intense rides out there and it really isnt too bad. Train 2 received a minor rehab over the off-season and is notably running much better than train 1. Give the ride a chance, it may surprise you.
  21. So yeah, I'll find you guys there. I will be there and will probably have a couple friends with me.(Who are also enthusiasts.) Should be a fun time.
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