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  1. (What I am about to say may shock some of you.) Six Flags is interested. Don't ask. With their financial problems I don't see it happening, but they have made odd decisions in the past.
  2. I've tried to do this without seeing the others. Also, keep in mind that I have only been to WDW. (In no particular order.) 1. Tower of Terror 2. Mission Space 3. Dinosaur
  3. So Q-Bot is that great? I've never used it before but this summer I'll give it a shot. Does it have a limit on how many rides you can use on it? At SfStl I think they had a 9 ride limit or something.(Maybe I'm wrong?) DejaVu "I'm going to have to get better acquainted with Q-bot " The Ride
  4. SfGam has been the very best Six Flags park I have been to. The park has been improving greatly as of late and in 2005 the park is really going to shine its way to be considered the best with its GREAT improvements. DejaVu "And I'm not talking about Hurricane Harbor" The Ride BTW, SfStl is my second favorite.
  5. I rode Avalanche at Timber Falls Adventure Park at the Wisconsin Dells for a total of 67 times in one day. All I can say is ouch. I had bruises all over my legs the next day. The airtime is fantastic on that ride though. Also, a pair of ten ride marathons on Raging Bull and Superman at SfGam. Man I loved 11/02, closing day of 2003! Oh man I can't wait for SfGam 2005! A Lot of Ohio will show up at the park. If you know what I mean.
  6. I've been stuck on V2 at SfGam for 20 minutes while it was stuck outside of the station. I've been stopped at a block for Ragin' Cajun(SfGam) for about 10 minutes. I've seen Dejavu break millions of times! 1 which was very scary.(And no, it was not normal.) I have been stuck on Wild Thing at Valleyfair! when the lapbars wouldn't release and they had to release each one manually and some still wouldn't open. I'm sure there are more. That's all that I can think of at the moment.
  7. I guess I have grown up having to like waterparks. I practically live in one. I live less than a mile from Magic Waters waterpark in Rockford, Illinois. Great park BTW.(I love master blasters!) I also love Noah's Ark waterpark.(Can't wait for Black Anaconda!) Noah's Ark is probably even my favorite. This is definately a full day waterpark. And I can't talk about waterparks without even mentioning SfGam's new Hurricane Harbor that is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend. I, along with the park, am really excited about it! So in short, I love waterparks!
  8. I'm from Northern Illinois so my home park is SfGam. Here are the parks that are near me. Magic Waters Waterpark- 1 minute Santa's Village- around 45 minutes Kiddieland- Maybe about 45 minutes? SfGam- an hour and 15 minutes Little A Merrick-a- an hour and a half or so(Never been here) Mt. Olympus- an hour and 45 minutes Riverview and waterworld parks- an hour and 45 minutes Dells waterparks- an hour and 45 minutes
  9. Of the ones I have ridden. Wood 1. Avalanche(Timber Falls)- This ride was incredible. Every seat had airtime on every hill and the laterals were intense. 2. Viper(SfGam)- What can I say about Viper? The whole ride is great and night rides can't be missed. If you like airtime and headchoppers, then this ride is for you. 3. Raven(Holiday World)- This ride was also amazing. I loved the out of control feeling and some great airtime. 4. Blue Streak(Cedar Point)- An oldey but a goody! The airtime was great on this classic. 5. American Eagle(SfGam)- Ok, you've heard moderate reviews of this classic staple at SfGam. the truth is Red is better than Blue. This past August Red was running some days will barely any trims. Can you say Amazing? There was nothing like it and you had airtime out of your seat. Then the helix showed what it could really do. It was a glimpse to how it must have run in its glory days. Steel 1. Top Thrill Dragster(Cedar Point)- Height, Speed, etc. Even though Kingda Ka is soon upon us, it still won't be the same as Top Thrill Dragster. 2. Raging Bull(SfGam)- What an amazing ride. The great airtime in the back row on the first drop cannot be beaten by any other ride I have ridden. The ride is quick and had some great inclined loops and an intense figure 8 finale. 3. Raptor(Cedar Point)- This ride really surprised me. It was just an overall great, intense, and fun B&M invert. 4. DejaVu(SfGam)- I don't know if it is just great because it is never open and when it is, you fell honored, or if it really is that good. Whatever it is, I always come off this ride with a smile. 5. Mr. Freeze(SfStl)- Great launch, very intense, and awesome hangtime in the Top Hat inversion. It is just so great!
  10. Hi, I'm Jeff(16) from Rockford, Illinois. You will usually find me at SfGam(as it is my homepark and I'm proud of it.) or at my local waterpark, Magic Waters.(Home of the Splashblaster water coaster.) I also visit many other parks periodically. If you have any questions(specifically about SfGam) I would also be happy to answer them. I'm just glad that I am able to join a forum right when it starts so I don't get the feeling that I have to catch up. Thanks Robb and Elissa!
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