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  1. http://www.sfgamworld.com/gallery/04302005/SFHH_Construction4 I guess I'll point out that you can clearly see construction for next year's Hurricane Harbor Construction. DejaVu "Just look in the middle of the lazy river. " The Ride
  2. Tityo- Come Along Robin Fox- I See Stars Dj Sammy- California Dreaming Rob Thomas- Lonely No More Rockwell and Michael Jackson- Somebodys Watching Me Europe- The Final Countdown(Remix) I'll think of more.
  3. Well, that really surprised me, but the true surprise is in the other picture.
  4. I actually agree on Raging Bull. It's running on the slow side right now. Just wait until it gets warmer out. Viper received new lap-bars on one train and not the other. The one with the new lap-bars is running horrible with minimal airtime while the other train is Viper in its true form. Same thing happened with Iron Wolf and American Eagle Red. One train got a total rehab, while the other train will be rehabbed soon. Iron Wolf is now smooth and American Eagle was running fantastic.(It only depended on what train you rode. )
  5. Did anyone notice the surprise(or not) in one of 2 of my favorite pictures? DejaVu "It's actually odd." The Ride
  6. BTW, the pics are not mine. I give credit to sfgamworld.com and to my friend Amber.(I'm even in one of the Dejavu pics.) Dejavu "I like the Mr. six shirts that say "Screamer" and have a baby picture of him." The Ride
  7. I don't think you will have a problem getting on Vu this year. Here are some links to photos of opening day, inluding Hurricane Harbor. http://www.sfgamworld.com/gallery/04302005 http://community.webshots.com/album/334069684MAmVym 2 of my favorites include: http://community.webshots.com/photo/334069684/335531524QZuEeO http://www.sfgamworld.com/gallery/04302005/SFHH_Construction4 DejaVu "If you look carefully, you can see a surprise! " The Ride
  8. Things that were closed were closed for a reason.(Not because it was a Six Flags park.) Yes, rides broke down. But it was opening day, so I guess it should come expected. Rides closed all day- American Eagle Blue(Track work just finished), King Chaos(Huss had to fix something), Condor(refurbishment), Ice Mountain Splash,(Ready, but no one would have ridden it anyways. It was cold.)
  9. Well, let me first off say that this was obviously opening day and it truly showed. But that didn't hinder it from becoming the best opening day ever! Date: 4/30/05 Weather: Pretty chilly and windy at times, but when the sun peaked out it was nice! Time at Park: 8:50am-8:25pm Who?- Me and a bunch of friends. Rides closed for the day: King Chaos, Ice Mountain Splash, Condor, American Eagle Blue I arrived at 8:50 to wait for the gates at the lights to open. They opened at about 9:03 and we were off. The parking lot looked great and they moved the drop off zone closer to the main roads.(Be aware that there are no signs for it now, so pay attention if you use it.) BTW, the bus parking lot is right next to it and they painted in regular parking lines for if there aren't a lot of buses, but if they are in need of spaces for cars. Went to the Season Pass entrance and met a few park regulars. We talked to a very nice ticket person and she informed us that DejaVu was ready to open. Once I was admitted 5 minutes before regular ticket holders, I dashed to the bridge under Hometown Square. I waited and chatted with some of the guys. (Hey ya'll! ) BTW, saw Michelle Hoffman and asked her about media day. Rope drop was at 10, and the crowds were off. I personally ran to DejaVu and made it 8th. The ride was ready at 10am! I rode row 8b for an awesome start to the season! Met up with a couple more friends and rode Vu again. This time it was a 5 minute wait for a ride toward the back. Viper was next and was running great! Walk-on. Next was Raging Bull which was running all 3 trains(which should happen a lot this year!) My back row ride was great and I got some awesome views of the waterpark.(walk-on, basically). Next was Giant Drop which was a walk-on, but broke down. We waited it out and talked with a sup. Maintenance got it up quick and we were off after 15 minutes for another great ride! Demon got a late start, but eventually did open. I got second dispatch, 1st row after waiting 5 or so minutes for the ride to open. A little rough for my likeing.(6:! is the way to go!). Next was Revolution where a girl was scolded for line jumping. But the ride was walk-on and is running the same program as last year. Anerican Eagle Red was next as American Eagle Blue is not yet ready for the season. It was running with a lot less trims, but seemed a little rough.(Walk-on back row) Next was Iron Wolf that seemed to be running great and actually smooth(Yes, it was highly noticeable), but too bad it seemed to be for only one of the trains as the other beat me to hell. (walk-on) After winning a bet , I was allowed to ride Spacelys Sprocket Rocket! The bright and newly painted Spacelys! The ride was walk-on and I truly felt like a credit whore(even though I have already gotten the credit one too many times.) Next was V2, but it was closed. We chose to wait it out. There were a lot of maintenace workers on the ride and it had been down for more than 45 minutes. They finally re-opened and I got first row after 20 minutes. It was great! We opted to ride Batman next caught it just as it had re-opened from a break down. It was walk-on for front row and we opted to go through the line again for a walk-on back row. The ride is running insane! Ragin' Cajun was open with a short line(maybe 15 minutes) but it too chose to break down.(Stuck on lift) We waited it out for 20(or more) minutes and saw John Curty and some other people whom we knew. The ride re-opened after some brake work. The ride was only running 4 cars, but that was enough for today. Hopefully they can get some more on soon! We ate Lunch at the Bayou Grill and then saw the Jug-O Jugglers. They were pretty good and are worth a show. Superman: Ultimate Flight was next, but what do you know? It was closed due to a breakdown. We chatted with a ride op I knew and the ride re-opened soon thereafter. We waited a total of 15 minutes for the back row which was running insane, but this ride is NOT aging well at all. The train exhibits a heavy vibrate and seems to shuffle.(Not too good. ) Next was Stargate with a 4-minute wait for an ok ride. The ride op asked everyone if they had a question and I felt a sudden urge to say something very stupid. But I held back. "Get the gate key!" "Attack!".(Ride was only running half the seats.) Sky Trek Tower was next, but no spiels yet. Great view of the waterpark though! Whizzer was next and was a 10 minute wait for me in the front row. It is running fantastic, but the MCBR trims seem to be on a little heavier this year. Now it was time for a mini-marathon on Batman. I got 5 rides all walk-on.(A couple front row rides.) Maybe in the middle of the Batman rides I got two more V2 rides. The ride was a complete walk-on! It included a nice surprise launch for me. Now it was time to say goodbye to a couple of friends and head to Wolf. It was walk-on and I opted for a back-row ride. This is where we rode the complete crap train. It totally sucked and to make things worse, there was a huge noticeable crack sound that came from the train. I reported it to the ride op and I think they handled the situation. Next up was AER where we saw some of my friends and we rode the new red train. It ran very well(Complete Walk-on) Next we rode Raging Bull twice more. On toward the back(walk-on) and one in the front(10-15 minutes) It was very windy, but worth it. The girls got some food, and a couple people from the group(plus me) went to ride Viper. There was hardly anyone in the station and I rode front row. We wanted to ride Vu one last time, so we headed over there.(7:30) To our surprise, Vu was a complete walk-on. Did I say walk-on? Actually, there was absolutely no one on the station! I rode 7 times before park closing with only getting off once(for 1b). The ride ran amazingly for the whole day!(Maybe 1 breakdown for 5 minutes and that was it.) So I talked to some of my friends as I walked out and I left. I'm so tired and sick right now. But I had a blast! Here are some random notes for the day and on park improvements: 1. New Shaggy character in Camp Cartoon Network. 2. Only one guy who sings(?) in Looney toons Party, along with the characters. 3. Every coaster seemed to be broken down at least once except AER and Spacelys. Various flats also closed throughout the day. 4. It was obviously a good training day for everyone. The ops were slower than usual and I saw maintenance every 5 minutes. (But they did a great job with everything and nothing closed down for the day after breaking down.) 5. Giant Drop went down to half capacity in the evening.(Raging Bull went down to 2 trains.) 6. AEB wood/track work seemed to be completed. Test dummies were next to AER and only 3 cars of one AEB train were sitting on its transfer track.(It might be open next weekend.) 7. Whizzer and Demon(Black) didn't have their third trains on site, but will surely use them this year. 8. Spacely's Sprocket Rocket was painted(Green and White, same) and boy did it look bright. 9. Was Carousel Plaza repaved? It looked like it had a new concrete design. 10. New bus lot with regular car spaces fixed into the bus spaces. 11. Repaved main and overflow parking. 12. Moved drop-off zone. 13. Superman wasn't ready for opening and hasn't been at least once so far for the buyouts. 14. New Mr.Six signs up in front of the pool. 15. New games where a fountain once stood by the Orbit and new games still under construction on the way to SWT from the Orbit.(6 in total) 16. Viper switchbacks are gone(to be replaced by something new ) 17. New Viper switchback construction might be under construction, but a sup didnt think so. 18. HH path leading from next to the Viper entrance. It should be paved soon. It also looks like they are starting on some of the theming. 19. Ride ops have more power with the mic! "Are you ready?" "Welcome back (name of ride) riders, how was your ride?" For Vu "There goes the floor, so there you go out the back door." It gives them more personality. They seemed a little confused with what to say, but I see them getting used to it come summer. (Think Cedar Point if you don't get what I'm saying. 20. Sky Trek Tower's and the Train's spiels are not yet ready. 21. New AER train! 22. Viper has new individual seatbelts!(AE's didn't seem to change yet.) 23, AE's queue was repainted the same color and you can already see the chipping. 24. Dejavu's paint job is almost completed and looks great! Just a few more touch-ups to go and a few other details! 25. You can see Hurricane Harbor from the Highway. 26. Iron Wold received new supports and some paint touch-ups(nothing major or totally noticeable. 27. There is a concrete slab next to Revolution with benches surrounding it. Maybe for new trees or a fountain? 28. More benches in Orleans Place near Superman. 29. The parking booklets were jam packed with stuff. 30. Employees were very friendly and asking me about my day. 31. There is a new paintball shooting gallery. It was Very popular.(I'm sure going to try it out!) 32. Hurricane Harbor should be ready for its May 28 opening with Media Day a few dats before it. The 6-slide complex was almost completed as of today and the wave pool and lazy river are completed.(basically) Skull island has 2 buckets up along with a few towers and some slides starting. The Wahoo Racers and gradually taking shape and the family slides should be done by mid-week. Hurricane Mountain has one piece left and the building look to be structurally ready. 33. No more photo opportunity at Stargate. 34. New theming in Stargate holding area. 35. Condor cars now appear to be Royal blue. 36. Fiddler's FLing received a small reahb with new paint on on some of it. 37. There was more than enough staff at the park today! 38. King Chaos had some ropes on it and a few crates in the back row. The structure is up, but I don't think it is ready to run yet. 39. Ops were actually cleaning during lenghty ride breakdowns. Good job! 40. Preferred Parking gone.(at least for now) 41. The park is looking amazing! PM me if you ever want to meet up at the park! Welcome 2005! Until Next time... _________________ Next SfGam visit: May 7
  10. Believe me, this coaster looks way better in person! The Dells should now have two of the most insane woodies on the planet!(The other being Avalanche)
  11. Man could I talk all day about waterparks! Right now I'll talk about Noah's Ark, HH Sftl and SfGam, and Magic Waters. Noah's Ark- This is by far the best waterpark I have been to Variety wise. There was so much to do, even on the slow days when there are no lines. My favorites were Black Thunder, Stingray, Jungle Rapids(mats), the Plunge(mat racing slide) and the Point of No Return. The park is pretty large, but one part of it is horrible on the feet, so bring sandles. BTW, the new Black Anaconda will be great! SfStl HH- I didn't spend too much time here, but this is how I hope SfGam's new HH will be themed after. It was awesome! The slides looked great(but I really didn't ride any.) I just chilled in the wavepool. Magic Waters(Rockford, IL)- Granted that I live less than a mile away from this waterpark, it is really great! It has 3 body slides, 4 tube slides(including the new Abyss! slides), Illinois' largest wave pool, an awesome lazy river, and the tallest and fastest Master Blaster I have seen.(Splashbalster.) It is really worth a visit if you ever plan on passing Rockford. SfGam HH- Even though this hasn't even opened yet, I have still visited it. It is looking to be great and should be ready for its May 28th Grand Opening. 25 waterslides, a nice wavepool and lazy river, and the world's largest interactive waterplay structure(Yes, it will be bigger than SFOG's. It will also have a small kiddie pool near/connected to it. I love waterparks!
  12. Well..... The park isn't out of room to add a new coaster because the next one will come without removing one. Tumbleweed, ahh, It's a cool name for a SWT ride, but that would be about it.
  13. Yep, if Vu has a "Bad year", then it will bite the dust. :? Though they are working hard at getting it open "soon".
  14. Well, the track really sucks and SfGam had to have the whole train welded back together during the 2003 season.(Hence the reason it didn't open until late July of that year.) Also, it has many PLC errors which cause the ride to go down for unknown reasons and once the train at SfGam even split with half the train stuck between the loop and second tower and the other half between the Loop and Cobra Roll. So in short, there are a lot of things wrong with DejaVu.(But at least they are improving, right?
  15. It is in the employee handbook, but does that matter anymore? BTW, Skull Island has gone verticle and the slide tower for the Wahoo Racers is now up.(Not the slides though.)
  16. Sure, whatever you say. DejaVu "Tell that to those who didn't listen to what they signed." The Ride
  17. Well, No I don't work there. And if a Six Flags Great America employee were to post on a forum, such as this one, then they would be fired.
  18. It WILL be ready. However, there are conflicts that may arise, but you should see all the people they have working on site. Also, as you said, it takes about 1 month to get a Koala Group structure up and that would mean mid May in this case. That still leaves 2 weeks before opening. Also, most if not all slide pieces should be on site or on supports by the 23rd. There will be park buyouts that need to use the parking lot. DejaVu "I'm very excited for the even more improved SfGam!" The Ride
  19. As of right now, they are on schedule. Unless any unforeseen circumstances arise, it should be ready for media day.
  20. BTW, SfGam's HH will have its entrance to the right of the entrance to Viper and will run parallel to the train tracks. The park is EXPECTING great things and I was told that this the year to get back on track to the Marriott Days.
  21. As many of you know, SfGam will be adding a 13 acre Hurricane Harbor waterpark this summer and I thought I would update all of you. So far, most of the supports are up and most, if not all of the footers are now in place. Ground Work has recently started on Skull Island, and the wave pool and adventure river are almost complete. In recent days, slide pieces started to go up (as you can see in the far upper left of the webcam) for the atomic coasters. Construction should really start to zoom and hopefully be ready for the goal grand opening of Saturday, May 28. The entrance to the waterpark is either going to be by the Go-Cart attraction or by the entrance to Viper. It has not been made public yet. And as many of you know, the waterpark is included with regular park admission. http://www.sixflags.com/parks/greatamerica/Rides/water.html Other news for the park: 1. DejaVu is being painted or has already been painted. 2. Condor's rehab is almost finished and MIGHT be open on opening day(April 30) 3. There will be no shows in the Southwest Territory Ampitheater this season, but there will be more concerts this year. 4. Looney Toons- We Got the Beat is in Theater Royale and Cirque Magnifico(an extreme circus) is in the Grand Music Hall, while there will be many new street performers and other outside stage acts. 5. American Eagles lift hills are being retracked and maybe more. 6. New paint should appear all over shops and restaurants. 7. Increased Park capacity for the rides. 8. Coasters After Dark is returning. 9. The park is hosting ACE Coaster Con.(Details released at Aceonline.org) 10. Many other new and exciting additions which should seperate SfGam from any other park.(You just have to wait and see.) This should be the parks year to shine and I hope it really will. Again, if anyone ever wants to meet up, it would be a blast. Thanks.
  22. I know I would if I lived out there. The Special Olympics is a great organization which I love to help out. Heck, I even jumped into freezing cold Lake Michigan jumped as Mr.Six for the Polar Plunge that Six Flags Great America sponsored for the SO. I hope you get all the volunteers you need!
  23. The Whizzer is the best "couple" roller coaster IMO. The guy sits toward the back of the seat while the girl sits right in front of him between his legs. You are very tight together. It is classic!
  24. My plans: Well I already hit WDW and the Universal parks in January/February. April: SfStl, SfGam Opening Day. May: SfGam, Hurricane Harbor Media Day June: SfGam, Mt. Olympus, Little A-Merrick-A, Cedar Point, Geauga Lake July: SfGam, Indiana Beach, Valleyfair!, Mt. Olympus, Timber Falls August: SfGam, SfStl, Holiday World, Worlds of Fun September: SfGam, SfGadv, Dorney Park October: SfGam, USF, WDW, Sea World, Knoebels, Kennywood Should mean a busy summer. If anyone plans on going to SfGam, it would be cool to meet up(Or possibly some of the other parks). It is so much fun hanging out with new people at the park. DejaVu "Likes it when a park makes good changes" The Ride
  25. If Paramount Parks as sold in the near future, I wouldn't think that there would be any MAJOR changes to the parks. I would bet that many of the current employees would stay with their respective parks.
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