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  1. Definitely Cedar Point. It has better rides, better atmosphere, and better pretty much everything. Not that Great Adventure is a bad park, but if you have to choose one or the other CP is a no brainer.
  2. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and say it: My prediction for CP's 2020 coaster is a 200+ foot RMC Raptor or T-Rex. So screenshot this if you want and see if I get it right.
  3. So now it seems like it won't be a dive coaster. The tunnel is too narrow and the track is shaped differently.
  4. And I just told someone it would probably be 2 weeks to a month before it opened again.
  5. I would like to point out that from this point forward, everything posted to this thread is inside parentheses.
  6. To be honest, that layout makes it look like a spinning coaster. But it could definitely go either way.
  7. First coaster - Probably a kiddie coaster at Wild Adventures (They used to have more than one), My first thrilling coaster was Cheetah. Favorite - TTD First steel coaster- Same as above, Favorite - TTD First Woodie- Cheetah, Favorite - Lightning Rod First 100+ ft coaster - Twisted Typhoon, Favorite 100-200ft - Maverick First 200+ ft coaster - Millennium Force, Favorite 200-300ft - Griffon First 300+ ft coaster - Millennium Force, Favorite 300-400ft- Milennium Force First inverting coaster- Twisted Typhoon, Favorite - Maverick First B&M- Superman Krypton Coaster, Favorite - Afterburn (yes, I have ridden Fury.) First Intamin- Millennuim Force, Favorite - TTD First GCI- Thunderhead, Favorite - Thunderhead First B&M invert- Goliath, Favorite- Afterburn First Launched coaster- Poltergeist, Favorite - TTD First Standup- Vortex (Carowinds), Favorite - Georgia Scorcher First Flyer- Superman Ultimate Flight (SFOG), Favorite - Same First RMC - Iron Rattler, Favorite - Lightning Rod First B&M Hyper - Goliath (SFOG), Favorite - Apollo's Chariot First Arrow - Road Runner Express, Favorite - Magnum XL-200
  8. It’s kind of funny that the best steel coaster in the world according to this poll literally has ‘steel coaster’ in the name.
  9. Could it be an Intamin Blitz coaster? I know it’s been a while since Cedar Fair worked with Intamin, but it seems like the name would fit it perfectly...
  10. 1. Lightning Rod 2. Thunderhead 3. Batman The Ride (SFoG) 4. Griffon 5. Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFoG) 6. Wild Eagle 7. Mystery Mine 8. Tempesto 9. Georgia Scorcher 10. Apollo's Chariot
  11. Perhaps the best coaster video in existence:
  12. This thread makes me sad, but then I think about Steel Vengeance and everything's okay
  13. That's the most exciting speculation I've heard since RMC Mean Streak
  14. I wish this one had a drop tower as well like the Orlando one. It wouldn't be the tallest in the world, but it would still be awesome.
  15. I see the height requirements and ride descriptions, but the wait times just aren't there. I don't know what's going on.
  16. Is anyone else not able to view the ride wait times after the new update to the Dollywood app?
  17. I'm planning to visit Dollywood this December and so I went ahead and got the app just to see how it worked. I was looking at the ride wait times today and I thought there must be something wrong because everything said 0 minutes!
  18. 1. Wild Adventures 2. Yes, an Iron Rattler shirt. I had to buy it to get on the ride. (I was there the day before the official opening and they were only letting on people who had some kind of special pass and people who bought a shirt) 3. The only one I've ridden is Twisted Typhoon at Wild Adventures, and it's actually pretty smooth in the front seat. So, yes. 4.Iron Rattler, Mystic Timbers, Wild Eagle. 5. I've never been to any bad parks. 6. Scream, Power Tower, Acrophopia, and Mach Tower. 7. TTD, but only in the front seat. 8. Don't know 9. Not sure, probably around 6 or 7. 10. Millennium Force 11. No 12. Not sure what an independent park is. The park I go to the most is Wild Adventures, and I've never been to a park that's not part of a chain. 13. I would guess Intamin, but I've never been on an Intamin hyper. 14. Geronimo (a Sky Coaster) at Wild Adventures 15. Lone Star Barbeque 16. InvadR 17. Looking at the animals I guess 18. Flume 19. No 20. My mom's phone fell out of my pocket on Fury 325. 21. Raptor. Not sure why, but I don't like it at all. 22. Maverick 23. RMC 24. Splash Island at Wild Adventures 25. Thunderhead 26. Probably Pharaoh's Fury at Wild Adventures 27. None 28. Never been to one 29. Carolina Cyclone 30. Don't know 31. Don't know 32. One, Iron Rattler 33. Drop tower 34. Don't know 35. Cedar Point 36. 2 37. I guess Curse of Darkastle because it's the only one I've ridden more than once. 38. Cherry Vanilla Coke! 39. Afterburn 40. Doesn't matter
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