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  1. My opinions about the coasters at Carowinds are pretty much the opposite of everyone else's. For example, I didn't think Fury was all that great. Maybe it was just because I rode in the back half every time, but it felt very rattley. The first drop was great, but everything else just seemed kind of pointless. There were very little forces, it was mostly just about going fast. Afterburn was awesome and I thought it was tied with Fury for best coaster in the park. Intimidator was really nice and I really liked it for some reason. I think it's better than Goliath at SFoG. Vortex was my first stand up, and I really enjoyed it. I rode in the front seat... or whatever you call it... and it was decently smooth and the headbanging wasn't too bad. Nighthawk was good too. I didn't think it was rough and I actually liked it more than the B&M flyer I've ridden (S:UF at SFoG) because of the more creative layout. (Carolina Cobra and Hurler sucked as expected though)
  2. Looks good. The spiral on Blazer goes the wrong way though.
  3. I'm not sure where you're getting that from. It has never been stated what the manufacturer is, or what the layout will be. That was sarcasm. Although, the RMC, dive loop and wave turn have all been mentioned on this thread by over-analyzers.
  4. This new RMC is totally going to be better than Steel Vengeance. The dive loop and wave turn look amazing.
  5. Intimidator at Carowinds (which is actually my favorite hyper I've ridden, unlike seemingly everyone else).
  6. How crowded do you guys think BGW will be this coming Sunday? I'm going for the first time!
  7. My home park is Wild Adventures My favorite coaster is TTD
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