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  1. I only have 56 credits but here goes: 1. TTD (Front seat only) 2. Maverick 3. Iron Rattler 4. Afterburn 5. Fury 325 6. Millennium Force 7. Thunderhead 8. Griffon 9. Batman The Ride (SFOG) 10. Apollo's Chariot
  2. Sorry about that. Most American chocolate has added preservatives to increase shelf life--thereby increasing profits by decreasing amount of product thrown away. So now I know what that preservative tastes like to those outside the US. The taste comes from a process that used to be essential to making the chocolate last longer. Currently, that process is no longer necessary, but Americans are so used to their chocolate tasting bitter that manufacturers will add a chemical that recreates that taste.
  3. Someone posted that quote on here because they thought it was dumb, but it ended up being right.
  4. I just want to point out that this was posted in this thread in 2014...
  5. Looks like we're getting more hybrids this year so far than 2016 and 2017 combined!
  6. Comment on a video of Twisted Typhoon at Wild Adventures (an SLC):
  7. Definite: SFOG (kinda home park) BGT KD Maybe: SFDK, DW Super Maybe: SFMM Super Duper Maybe: KBF
  8. B&M Invert. Kings Island or Kings Dominion?
  9. Does anyone have any clue when WA will announce any 2018 additions? This is my home park so it would be awesome if they got a decent coaster.
  10. With Irma now headed straight for Tampa, how much damage will BGT get? Will there be any serious problems?
  11. Just to clarify, I didn't say that Fury was rough, or that the rattle ruined the ride. It's still a good coaster. I was just surprised that it was the most rattly B&M in the park.
  12. I rode Iron Rattler the day it opened. Or, to be more precise, the day before it opened. I was in San Antonio and decided to go to SFFT. I saw POVs of IR, and didn't realize that it had only been open for the media so far. I got there and went up to Iron Rattler, and there was a worker at the entrance to the queue that asked me if I had some kind of pass (can't remember exactly what it was now). I said no and he said the official opening was the next day. I was really disappointed and asked him if there was any other way I could get in. He said if I bought and Iron Rattler shirt in the gift shop and wore it, I could ride. So I bought the shirt and rode it and it was amazing. I've also ridden Gatekeeper, Wild Eagle, Dare Devil Dive and InvadR in their first seasons.
  13. Personally, I hope they get rid of the paint. I like the look of the natural wood in the animation and I think it goes well with the blue track.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl-Ap2yUjYQ&t=12s There are so many things wrong with this video I can't even point them all out.
  15. That's pretty amazing. I never thought of that. And SF says Magic Mountain is the "undisputed Thrill Capital of the World”
  16. I feel like this should have gone to SFA and SFDK should save money for some kind of launched coaster.
  17. I ranked the hyper coasters I've ridden: 1. Apollo 2. Magnum 3. Intimidator 4.Goliath (SFoG)
  18. My top 5 coasters I've ridden: #1: Top Thrill Dragster (only #1 in the front seat) #2: Maverick #3: Afterburn #4: Fury 325 #5: Millennium Force
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