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  1. Pagemaster B, we are in agreement. What I meant was that the schools can argue that they are serving healthy meals becuase they meet minimum standards, but in essence it is not truly a nutritional meal.
  2. The regulations that the US sets are minimum standards. Soda and pizza is not exactly the healthiest meal, but it can be argued that several food groups are represented and therefore constitutes an acceptable meal.
  3. US school food is really bad, for the most part. We did have a salad bar at one point in my elementary school but the quality of the produce was very poor. Soren, you should watch Super Size Me, there is a part that shows the school food programs and the big businesses that are involved. I know there are people who don't like this movie and feel that it is unfair toward McDonald's and whatnot, but I thought the part about school lunches was particularly important.
  4. dj snow, the nights in PHX are still very hot! You're still sweating and it's not very comfortable. Sometimes it's still over 100 degrees in the middle of the night. I used to live in Gilbert, too. Love that cow smell!
  5. Hey, is that cat over 21?? Had some Wasatch Chrismas Ale last night, tastes a little like Fat Tire.
  6. I had to respond to the Utah/Mormon thing, we've been in UT for a year and EVERYONE asks WHEN not IF we are going to have more kids. I come from a long line of only children, so the one I've got will probably be it. E, take your time, do it your way! Don't let the reproductive coaster nutjobs talk you into procreating before you're ready!!
  7. Aw, I miss living in Phoenix! I saw the ones in 97 also, several lights hovering over the sky. They never really explained it. I think they tried to say it was the military, but I've seen them practice with their flares and light apparatuses and the 97 lights were nothing like that. Freaky stuff happens in the desert!
  8. You might try EBSCO or Lexis Nexis at your school's library to search for newspaper articles about specific incidents and policy developments.
  9. That is first class fan appreciation! What a fantastic idea! Wish they'd bring back the Universal Hollywood Haunt!
  10. I think the official name for that gesture is "gag me with a spoon." 8)
  11. It's not worth going for coasters or coaster credit, but it's cute for a pumpkin patch/ hayride kinda place. Good for the under 12 crowd and parents. I'd rather be living in Queen Creek than Utah...
  12. I saw this show the other night and I thought, Bill Maher is dissing grown-ups who dress up for Halloween and go to D-land, but this is a man who goes to the Playboy mansion and hangs out with chicks who are dressed like bunny rabbits. Does he tell THEM to act like an adult? Don't think so! I love his show and he has made comments that have insulted just about everyone-- I figure I had it coming sooner or later! He also hated on my fav show, LOST! But I have no problem with adults indulging in a little youth culture-- as long as they're not knocking over kids getting to the rides or the candy!!
  13. Pelydr--- Yeah, it's not worth the drive from Tucson, although it is pretty far South in Queen Creek.
  14. That frosty glass almost makes me want a Bud...ALMOST! I'm planning on some Smithwick's tonight...
  15. Schanapps Farms? Now THERE's a place I'd like to visit! No coaster necessary to feel the G's!! 8)
  16. When I saw the thread I kept thinking, they can't mean the same Shnepf Farms?? It is a local institution.
  17. We went a few years ago. It was soooo hot! It's a cool little place but I don't remember a roller coaster at all. We just went to get pumpkins and go on the hayride and the corn maze. They did have a little train, though.
  18. Thanks for the great (and detailed) reply, R & E! I have started traveling more to conferences this year presenting research and it is like a huge food fest everywhere we go! It really reminds me of my trips to WDW where I am trying to cram all of the food I love into a few short days. So I was thinking about how often you guys are around really tempting stuff, and I figured maybe you had a strategy for navigating the restaurant minefield! It has been difficult getting back on track between conferences because everytime I turn around, there's another one-- I'm always on the road! Anyway, glad to hear that you follow your gut (couldn't resist the pun) and practice moderation. I will think of you guys when I am in Boston next month, getting ready to eat a bowl of clam chowder!! Amber
  19. OK, I gotta know, how in the world do you keep the weight off with all of that yummy theme park food available??
  20. Soren, you are the master of the random TR!! Keep them coming!!
  21. Really? On Christmas Day? I went in the early 90's on New Year's Day and it was dead. The last 10 years or so I've gone in either April or November on a weekday and practically have the place to myself, especially if it looks like it might rain.
  22. My favorite was Caffrey's, so disappointed that they stopped selling it in the states.
  23. Can't be there but I hope it goes well!! Good luck!!
  24. Last time I was at USH, there were a ton of jr./high school kids who looked like they had been dropped off with their pay-one-day-get-a-year pass. They were bored, not interested in the attractions, just hanging out with bad vibes. It was like Citywalk had moved inside the park. That's my opinion, but what do I know, I'm just a Legoland soccer mom. I have lived in Utah a year and have heard so many bad things about Lagoon that I haven't bothered to visit, although I'm sure sooner or later curiosity will get the better of me.
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