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  1. Oh...my...God...wings from the Anchor Bar, the Holy Grail!! SO jealous! Nicole, I spit out my soda at you "modeling" the nachos. You sure are a good sport!!
  2. Great, Elissa! BTW we have a Carrabas...but you probably already knew that!
  3. Great, it'll probably open around the time we are moving out of state. Curse you, Lagoon! Seriously though, TPR should do a Lagoon meet next year. I volunteer to help those from the beer thread find suitable beverages!
  4. Funny, I don't like Garden State but everyone I know LOOOVES it. Maybe I'm too old.
  5. Yes, I once saw Lara Croft having a hot dog at the Comic-Con, and something was lost forever about her mystique. Love the Gaslamp Strip Club, but I usually opt for Kansas City BBQ.
  6. Just wondering about taking stills with a vdieo camera. How's the quality?
  7. Oh, I love The Saint with Val Kilmer! And Mallrats, and Xanadu...
  8. Sure, the first year I miss the Con and they roll out cool LOST stuff... But where's SAWYER??? I mean c'mon, SHANNON??
  9. What's even more pathetic is that not only do I like Sister Act 2, I also like Grease 2. Maybe I need a bad movie intervention.
  10. Heathers is a classic! No one has probably heard of Nice Girls Don't Explode, but it's really funny. I also love Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Real Genius, and Orgazmo. I live in shame.
  11. OMG, Kona is awesome! They had a few that I liked, a red maybe?
  12. Great pix!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time! One of my friends just got back from Barcelona and loved it, I'm really hoping I'll get there (until then I just watch a lot of Pedro Almadovar movies!). Just wondering, how did you guys choose your hotels? Rick Steves recommendations?
  13. I'll contribute. I've been on a bender, so we decided to get a growler full of Squatter's latest seasonal. Spongebob is ready to party. Squatters growler filled with the limited edition Mexican Gold.
  14. Those freeway parties are a cultural oddity. I love AZ freakishness! As a former Gilbert resident (Germann), I'm just happy this is done.
  15. Yeah, SD is very beer friendly. I also like Ballast Point beers, they don't have a pub or tasting room that I know of, but you can take some home with you.
  16. Derek, you might also check out The Field and Karl Strauss Brewpub, both in downtown San Diego . The Field is an Irish pub and they pour a great pint (I love Smithwycks) and Strauss is a local institution. I like the Trolley Red at Strauss. Have fun in the UK, can't wait to see the pix from the pubs.
  17. Pizza Port is awesome! I like the Solana one, so I can stumble out to the beach afterward. Next time you're in the area, try the Coronado Brewing Company, fantastic food and beer.
  18. THANKS for the pic of the BIG CHICKEN!! As a former resident of Marietta, I remember everyone in town giving directions that started with "Do you know where the big chicken is? Well, you turn right at the big chicken and..." It can be rather jarring the first time you see it. Great trip down memory lane with SFOG. I spent my 10th B-day there and haven't been back since.
  19. Thanks for the great TR. We really want to visit DC but mainly for the reef and aviary: I'm a fish freak and my son is a bird freak. The dolphin swim has always looked to me like a fun photo op for my kid but with little interest for me. We did a stingray excursion in Grand Cayman with the Disney Cruise and I think that DC might be a letdown after being in such a fantastic natural environment with marine life (although I know some consider stingray interaction problematic as well). I grew up with Sea World in San Diego and I totally agree: they are constantly pushing their propaganda about how great they are and how the animals really benefit from SW's efforts. Methinks they do protest too much. Susan Davis is awesome. You might want to also check out Staging Tourism: Bodies on Display from Waikiki to Sea World by Jane Desmond. Sea World is troubling to a lot of us Comm folks!
  20. Ok, Mr. Clean is totally trying to touch your boob in that picture. His thumbs up looks like it might migrate at any minute!
  21. Shawan's reminds me of Tops Liquor in Tempe, AZ. Conveniently within walking distance of the ASU campus...good times! Does anyone here brew their own beer and have any success? All of the home brew stuff we've made or tried has been so-so.
  22. Mountain biking at Sundance is on the schedule for me this summer. I am finally getting a bike now that it looks like Spring is really here.
  23. Yeah, Snowbird is great in the Summer/ off season. We love the Oktoberfest. The resorts are so peaceful and great for hiking.
  24. Our resorts are staying open until May 14 (at least Snowbird, and after that weekends until May 29). How about a TPR snow/ ski meet next Fall? No coasters, but maybe the gondola and the lift will count as pseudo-credits??
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