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  1. IThanks for the random TR, it was great to see London. Hoping that you'll post more while you're there. Are you there for the whole school year or just a semester?
  2. I collect Alice in Wonderland stuff (mostly Disney), posters, mugs, and T-shirts. Oh yeah, and old school skateboards (Powell Peralta).
  3. I was looking for an excuse to go to Fleming's!!
  4. Hi Mischa, If you are ever hoping to present your documentary at an academic conference or pubish a study based on your findings, it is a good idea to contact the parks ahead of time. Many conferences and journals have stipulations about that. Even if you are not currently considering selling/ showing your documentary, the opportunity may come up later and you won't want to miss out. In many cases, these companies either do not respond or are usually open to being part of an academic project, so it doesn't hurt to cover your ass. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about academic projects in the U.S.!
  5. My kid is going to be Darth Maul or Jango Fett, he can't decide. I'd rather he be Jango, I don't want to have to try to do the Maul makeup.
  6. I'd like to suggest a zip up hoodie, if possible. Just seems easier on the hair!
  7. I am a Ph.D. student in Comm at U of Utah. I did my M. Mass Comm and B.A. in Journalism with a Public Relations emphasis at Arizona State. For those of you who are considering Journ/PR/Comm, I'd be happy to answer any questions!
  8. I'm married but I have some friends that are looking for "coaster love"! Bring on the dating forum!!!
  9. 1. The commercial where the wierdo creature lifts up a foul, infected toenail and goes underneath it. Bleack!! 2. High fructose corn syrup 3. All of the spam that tells me that my account at their bank has been corrupted, despite the fact that I've never banked there, or the ones that want to sell me a fake Rolex or, ahem, enhancement products.
  10. I was planning a trip to Florida and did a Yahoo search for Discovery Cove pix (we didn't make it there on that trip because of time constraints). At the time, my friend was planning her wedding at Disney so I sent the site on to her. When the forums opened, I was just getting interested in studying discussion boards, so I've been lurking quite a bit since then.
  11. Robb and Elissa, since many people on the boards are interested in your lives, have you considered an "About Us" page? Just wondering-- in some of my research of online communities, it's a common request for the site owner to have a more detailed profile.
  12. I found out what my favorite fast food is by moving to Utah: El Pollo Loco, it's the thing I crave the most that we don't have. So my faves are: El Pollo Loco Chipotle Rumbi (an awesome polynesian chain in UT that is starting to branch out) Jack in the Box (their breakfast is the best!) Boston Market Pei Wei (smaller version of PF Changs) I can't eat at regular fast food places anymore like Burger King and Wendy's, I end up feeling ill afterward. Although once a year, my friend and I have a Big Mac together, usually on a road trip. We consider it our patriotic duty!
  13. The tenderloin area in SF is less desirable as well.
  14. It's almost impossible for me to narrow it to 3! Smithwicks Caffreys Squatter's American Wheat (Utah micro so it's low alcohol, but it's the best wheat beer I've ever had) and the ol' faithful Fat Tire...
  15. Hi, I am usually a lurker but thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Amber and I am a Ph.D. student in Communication at the University of Utah (and we will be leaving Utah as soon as I finish!! I'm just not a mountain person ). I'm originally from San Diego. I am a coaster fan but really more of a theme park enthusiast in general. I have done academic studies about theme parks as well as online communities, but right now I visit this site for fun.
  16. Is Mythos kind of upscale? I would love to see pictures, if anyone's got them. I ate at a cafeteria style place at Sea World San Diego that was really good: salmon and veggies and tons of choices. I think it's great that the parks offer some upscale choices, but I still love the tradition of theme park "junk food." It's just more fun.
  17. Knott's chicken (although it's been years since I've been there) Award Wieners in DCA (maybe I just like the name!) Blue Bayou (a classic-- mainly, I love the mint juleps) I suppose Club 33 would rate high here but it's kind of a special case. Everything we had there was phenomenal and they had the best apple martinis ever. WDW food-wise, I like the stuff at the resorts the best, especially Beaches and Cream, Jiko and Ohana. Fish and Chips in UK at Epcot. Our favorite character meal is Donald's Breakfastasaurus. I remember having a huge box of fries at SFMM years ago. We dumped all of the fries into the carry box and couldn't stop eating them. I don't even like fries but this was so much fun-- I think it speaks to the spirit of senseless acts of silliness in theme parks.
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