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  1. Great TR! I've lived in SLC for almost 2 years and I LOVE Park City! The food is fantastic! The Sundance-owned restaurants are wonderful. When we want a great meal, we head up to PC.
  2. It was funny, but I was pretty shocked to see it! Definitely couldn't have pulled that off if they were on ABC!! I just recently saw another Robert Smigel cartoon (on a consumer advocate video) that aired only once about corporate ownership of TV networks including NBC. They removed it from reruns of that show.
  3. Gracias, J Man!!!! Doombuggies had some great stuff! Loved the Grim Grinning Ghost plywood cutouts. I plan to make a big Oogie Boogie out of plywood and flourescent green paint. And I like the chalk outline idea, too!
  4. How cool! Funny, I've been thinking about our Halloween decorations lately too. We want to do a Nightmare Before Christmas this year. Last year we had a lot of decorations but no real theme. I took pics of the NBC overlay at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland so that I could recreate some of their decorations, like the skull wreaths and the Jack Skellington scarecrows. This will be my big summer project.
  5. I actually have friends who hit all the Disney parks on their honeymoon and again on their 10th anniversary (pre-Hong Kong). They are also Club 33 members. Hardcore Disney fans, tattoos and all!
  6. Shari, I can relate to the "the one with the dogs" comment, my 7 yr old would say "the one with the waffles." I would say that while Animal Kingdom lodge is really awesome, I love the Beach Club because of Stormalong Bay, Beaches and Cream, and the proximity to Epcot and the Boardwalk. Have fun exploring WDW, Soren!! I stayed at the Newport Bay Club at DLP, and I remember wishing I had booked Sequoia. Next time.
  7. Wasatch Brewery's brewer decided to make an Irish Ale for March, just for local pubs, which luckily included the place within staggering distance from our house. It was great and with a special brew like this, the state of Utah is less the wiser about the alcohol content. Special Irish Ale from Wasatch's Brewer
  8. I'm a Guinness. When it came to the pub crawl question, I said Dublin because I've actually done one there, and it was great. Well, the first three stops were great, I don't remember the rest but I'm told there were 10 in all. I ended up with a sprained ankle. Good times!
  9. Thanks for the TR, looked like you guys had a great time! BTW, when did you go? The weather looked perfect (nobody was pooling with sweat, yet it looked warm enough to be comfortable at the water park).
  10. What are your career goals, and how does moving fit in with that?
  11. A TPR swimsuit issue sounds disturbing...
  12. Yeah, good ol' Phoenix. The downtown is really just for going to games and Pizzeria Bianco, IMHO. I know they are building condos and trying to get all of the yuppies to move down there, but I just can't see it happening.
  13. I think a podcast would be great. You could even do a video podcast as a trailer for the DVDs.
  14. Had some awesome margaritas in Palm Springs this weekend... Derailed my graduate seminar last week by telling all of the Utahns how great Sam Adams is, luckily the prof is a big fan of SA and told the class that she has tried most of their seasonals. Now THAT is stimulating intellectual discussion!!
  15. I thought I was the only one on a McDonald's kick!! Must be the influence of this board. I generally have 2 hamburgers, but last week I wanted McNuggets so bad I had them a couple of times. I haven't had them since I was 12. My kid is thrilled that he doesn't have to beg for Mickey D's.
  16. Many niche publications are going totally online. You could add a few feature artices to this site.
  17. I went up to Park City for dinner, and one of the more liberal establishments had Sam Adams, so I had a couple of those and I feel whole again!!!!
  18. Mmmm, just what I needed after a long day of taking other people's crap!
  19. Keep the torture coming Derek-- I'm drinking vicariously through you!
  20. That's IT!!! I've had it with Utah FAKE BEER!!!! I am sick of the low alcolhol content! I want Fat Tire and Ballast Point and Smithwycks and Four Peaks and other beers with FLAVOR and the ability to give someone a buzz!!! Watching Derek and his beer-o-rama posts is slow torture!
  21. Just wondering if you have fixed the pix, I am still getting little red x's...
  22. Gwen Stefani in San Diego. Before that Hilary Hahn, classical violinist.
  23. Red Rock brewpub in Salt Lake has a cool holder for its taster, you could probably put candles in it when you're finished. Sadly, we only approved of 2, the oatmeal stout and the honey wheat. But both of those were awesome! Looks like something they sell at Pottery Barn!
  24. A trip to Squatters brewpub, awesome beer (First Amendment Lager, Chasing Tail Ale, and American Wheat). Food is fantastic too, great wings and fish and chips. American Wheat is the BEST hefe I've ever had, the rest taste like dirty hot dog soup!
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