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  1. Blizzard Beach is great but... ...does anybody else miss River Country?
  2. The reason the trim doesn't line up there is because these are pretty much Mark V monorails with new nose cones, aka front and rear cars. Despite the inner 3 cars being rehashed Mark V's, they have supposedly been reworked as far as the windows go and all of the electric mechanisms and interior components have been replaced and/or completely overhauled. Although I would've preferred that Disneyland spent the money and got truly new MVII monorail chassis, the way Walt Disney World got *really* new MVI's, it's a more than welcome change and update. The retro styling of the nosecones and th
  3. Was there any news at all at this year's event about the new PTC trains that will be similar to GCI's MF's?
  4. I know a lot of people on here are calling it a pretzel loop, but the way a pretzel loop on a flyer is taken is really much different. The only real similarity is the shape of the loop, but I think when you actually ride through the element it will actually feel more like a dive loop right into an immelman.
  5. In that shot of Batman through the zero-g roll, is it me or is the first car missing a wheel cover?
  6. McFly...you didn't tell me your car had a blind spot! And now look, who's going to pay for this? I spilt beer all over my tie! B&M coasters are some of the most reliable and safe roller coasters out there, and do restraints get stuck...I'm sure it happens once in a blue moon but I have never seen a B&M restraint not unlock in the station when supposed to. On Arrows it happens a lot, that's why the foot pedal is there, but these two idiots are not free of guilt and did themselves more harm than good by filming the incident. The restraint operated as it was supposed to, and it
  7. Thanks again guys...and Derek, in no way did I intend for my original to make me sound like that at all; it's my first day off in about 3 weeks from lifeguarding (Nassau County's understaffed this year) and my family has had this planned ever since they knew I was getting the day off. They asked me yesterday if I would still want to go even in the bad weather...I didn't want something that would be enjoyable for me end up being unenjoyable for them. I hope I'm no rotten egg...
  8. Thanks saxman47...and to 307, I've been to Great Adventure before and I know that there are places to go, but I was asking if anyone had been there and experienced an iffy day for themselves. It's just a question man, and it is a theme park forum...let it go.
  9. Hey guys, just a quick question for the GADV locals. I live out on Long Island and was planning to go to GADV tomorrow (8/26) with my family for the day...but the current weather report is saying 30-40% chance of thunderstorms and precipitation. For me, a chance of rain is a chance of rain, and it doesn't really bother me. It's a two plus hour drive out to Jackson, and really didn't want my family to end up stuck in the rain, so I was wondering what exactly Six Flags management does if it thundershowers briefly; are there enough places to truly "take cover," do they re-open everything as so
  10. I was line jumped zero times and the park employees and security guards were all over the place enforcing the areas in which smoking was prohibited. Like I said before, the park was extremely clean and I had a great time, no complaints.
  11. Last night my parents asked what we should do on my day off from work, and my dad had mentioned something about Connecticut. First thought, let's check out TPR and see what parks are in CT and if they have good reviews. Let me just say this, Lake Compounce lived up to the strong positive reviews I've read from Robb and the infamous Guy Koepp; the park had FAST, efficient, and friendly ride-ops and was rediculously clean. It was well-worth the two hour drive from Long Island. Zoomerang-It's a Vekoma Boomerang...that's all that needs to be said. Wildcat-It was decent...one train op
  12. Can you PM me with the same information everyone else is asking for?(pictures and price)
  13. 1955-Opening year of Disneyland 1960-Opening year of Freedomland U.S.A. (NY had a theme park!) 1964-The New York World's Fair 1965-Disneyland's 10th Anniversary, Walt still walking the park. 1970-Adventureland Long Island open for 8 years, old pictures make the place look gorgeous. 1985-Disneyland's 30th Anniversary, a good era for Disneyland as a lot of today's highlight attractions were still *fairly* new. 1992-SF Great America to ride the first B&M invert, Batman the Ride. 1995-Opening of The Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland.
  14. Something about this situation doesn't sound right...maybe Tigger punched the kid in the face and caused the raft to tip. A lawsuit, in America, has become a way to legally steal.
  15. That was a really great PhotoTR, and some of the best pictures I've seen of Busch Gardens Williamsburg...I doubt I'll ever get used to calling it BG Europe. They have great maintenance and everything for the most part, every season, looks freshly painted and very well kept. What struck me most was the cleanliness of their flumes, Escape from Pompeii and the other-one-whose-name-escapes-me. They look gorgeous and very clean, and I'm going to assume they're chlorinated and skimmed often. I know SFGadv, Hersheypark, and my hometown Adventureland Long Island all have flumes and they have DISGU
  16. ^Nothing says quality better than buying Cedar Fair surplus
  17. You can always count on Six Flags to get their facts wrong...1997 for El Toro? You're printing merchandise, doesn't someone do a little research and review of a demo-shirt before they print thousands?
  18. ^^^GCI currently only offers Millennium Flyers for coasters they have built.
  19. It is beautiful...GCI builds some of the best looking and best riding wooden coasters out there.
  20. Batman and Robin the Chiller originated in dark blue and red when it opened, it was repainted last off-season to the new black and red scheme. If anything, Batman's new train would be getting the paint change from red to black. One of Robin's trains last year suffered some damage, and Batman's train was painted red and moved to the Robin track because the Batman side didn't have enough working LIM's to operate. What was probably meant by the information that whatever Op, manager, sign, Churro vender said to you is that the new train for Batman (the old train for Robin with its last car from
  21. I'm loving the capes on the Ride of Steel ops...it's a nice touch.
  22. I was waiting in line for Kingda Ka last summer with my friend for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS...and when we finally got around to the section near the lockers where they hold you up before sending you into the station the ride goes down as a train makes it only three-quarters of the way down the launch track and comes to a slow, grinding halt and then proceeds to rollback. This crazy little-english speaking foreign exchange op (FEO...not related to FEZ from That 70's Show) tells us, "It could be closed for one minute, it could be closed for one hour, it could be closed FOREVER!" I knew what he me
  23. Another awesome trip report...and I'm especially loving the updates on Chiller. I'm sure your sources are pretty right about the switch from 5 trains to four standard on both sides, but looking at the pictures, it looks like Robin's train has silver dots running along its side and Batman has all black dots. It's not a big deal to me and I'm sure it's not to anyone else, as long as the thing is running again, but I mean if you look really closely, it doesn't even look like the size of the dots match up right. Also, the last car (3rd car) on Batman's side doesn't look complete, it's probably
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