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  1. Faster than usual blood rate is not just from "intensity" and g-forces, it's also from getting excited. I know that when I'm on a lift hill or waiting on the launch track of Storm Runner waiting for the crazy hickish voice from nowhere I'm excited and pumped for what's to come. The problem with people today is they worry too much about everything. "This causes cancer..." Soon fun will cause disease...we have to take life on, and in this case, take coasters on!
  2. Don't get me wrong...but there is only so much you can revolve around a racing theme. Hotels themed to Ferrari's, restaurant's themed to Ferrari's, attractions themed to Ferrari's, etc. It will become a little repititous, however they have the money to make it outstanding. If you think about it this way, if they split the theme park into sections or "lands" or different time eras. Ferrari and the world in the 20's, the 60's, the future, etc. Should be interesting...and I believe the article said open by 2008!
  3. Hey everybody! This thread is simple! Rather than having a million little threads about everything about Ferrari World, this thread is designed to consolidate it all into one user-friendly thread. Feel free to use it to post updates, trip reports, questions, comments, and of course, general discussion. Official Park Website TPR's Park Index Page Below are some links to past announcements and updates from the park, you may be interested in. Enjoy! --Robb _____________________________________________________ 2005 November 16th, 2005 - Project based around the Ferrari br
  4. To us that trailer was sh*t...no doubt about it. To us...SFMM is sh*t. Now, to the general public, this trailer was "Oh man Scottie, I got to go see that...the coaster just flew off!" To the general public..."SFMM is awesome dude...that Deja Vu is flippin' SWEET!" The number of non-coaster lovers that will be like "Well that coaster is from Canada and does not have a loop" or "All roller coasters must have a lifthill or a launch of any of the above forms of propulsion...LIM's, Hydraulic launch, etc etc etc." Teens go to see that movie to see the crappy things that happen to these people.
  5. Nitro is in the Movie Town section of SFGADV...behind it is Congo Rapids which is part of LTSP.
  6. I was all excited until I saw a screaming resemblence between DCA's Tower and this one's structure...God, please, not again. I know this one has a new storyline, etc, but please, topping DCA's tower is not enough. Topping GOOD tower is near impossible...but if done, it may be Disney's best E-Ticket.
  7. NITRO at SFGAdv was originally to be named Superman Krypton Coaster and was probably going to have that paint scheme. Right before the steel was painted Six Flags made a paint scheme and name switch as there would already by other Superman coasters on the East Coast and would confuse the public. However, the "confused public" idea was thrown out the window when Superman Ultimate Flight was built in '03... NITRO would've been a pretty damn cool Superman and would have fit GADV's Movietown nicely.
  8. crap...thanks Herc...wow, how could i forget my own rules and regulations?
  9. 4 o'clock tomorrow...by the way...I'm sorry Robb, next round I'll be more specific and run everything by you before I start a voting style thing. Thanks for letting me run this, I should have definately asked for your permission before I did this, so thank you so much.
  10. The difference of votes in some catergories is only one to two votes! It's an intense Olympic voting thus far...keep up the voting! -Captain Jack
  11. To those who have voted so far, much thanks! To those who haven't, please do so, it only takes a few minutes. (cough the Alveys cough) The categories so far are pretty tight excluding maybe one or two. Once again, round one ends 11/1/05. Round two will consist of the coaster segment finale and the beginning of the theme park segment. Keep voting, and may the best (or the worst) coaster win! -Captain Jack
  12. Ladies and gentlemen...I present to you the logo for this year's Coaster Olympics...
  13. Keep voting, two full days left! And I still need a Coaster Olympics logo and trophies for categories 1-9 that were in my original post... LOGO/TROPHIE Competition, send them to DSPrettyBoy@aol.com Coaster Olympics Logo-500x500 pixels TROPHIES AND MEDALS- Best New 2005 US Coaster-200x200 pixels Best New 2005 International Coaster-200x200 pixels Most Disappointing 2005 Coaster Worldwide-200x200 pixels Least Improved 2005 Coaster Worldwide-200x200 pixels Most Improved 2005 Coaster Worldwide-200x200 pixels Most Painful Award 2005 Worldwide-200x200 pixels
  14. COASTER OLYMPICS 2005-As the 2005 season comes to a close...it's time to vote for the nominees in this year's awards genres...this will be round one, round one will be followed by round two in which the winners in this round move on to larger awards...Post your votes by copying the layout near the end of this information post, no reviews/reasons please...results from round one will be posted on 11/1/05 and voting will cease at 4:00 PM EASTERN TIME 10/31/05. Four+ nominees per category for ROUND ONE...LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! ROUND 1=Coasters: Semi-Finals (ends 11/1/05) ROUND 2=Theme
  15. The park looks amazing in the 80's because then it fit with the time period...the 80's...now it looks so outdated with random cloned E-Tickets and 80's-esque 3D movies shoved wherever possible. EX. The Living Seas...o Lord...the cast members are even dressed like Michael Jackson in Thriller...
  16. The park was only THREE YEARS OLD...awesome yet scary pics (Space Mtn being built, Space Mtn is now a word families across the world recognize) The thing I can't stand is how Walt bought all those acres in Orlando so he could isolate his new "Magic Kingdom" as far from hotels, highways, etc. as he could...and now Eisner/Iger, HOTEL, HOTEL, UNFINISHED THEME PARK, another hotel you say...PASS! Walt wanted isolation for his Florida venue as the unisolation of Disneyland angered him...back in '74, you drove through woods to the Ticket and Transportation Center and when you arrived you had for
  17. You don't realize how much Tomorrowland truly was Walt Disney's "World On the Move" until you look back at these pictures...two forms of motion transport in this picture alone have been stripped from Tomorrowland.
  18. The Skyway from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland at WDW left the park in 1998, and the loading building and area became a stroller parking area next to IASW in 1999. Trick to remembering that (if you desire to remember it?) is that in 1994 Disneyland lost its Skyway while WDW lost 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, its submarine voyage-esque attraction. In 1998, what happened in 1994 flip-flopped...Disneyland lost its Submarine Voyage as WDW lost its Skyway. PS-You said you made the video in 1998, however the 25th Anniversary was 1996 (1971+25=1996), although they did "milk" the anniversary a
  19. Awesome pics but I have una problema...Walt Disney World's Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration was in 1996, not 1991, and the parade you saw was not the Anniversary Parade, I'm pretty sure the parade for the 25th was ("It's Time") "To Remember the Magic."
  20. I realize these bad boys are probably slower than the Rocket Rods, but doesn't the idea of this ride remind anyone of Rocket Rods, which DIED HORRIBLY. Disneyland said Reopening Next Summer...and did it ever happen...whcih reminds me of IOA's Summer 2000, Summer 2001, etc. However, I really respect Universal's decision to keep it closed until it is perfect. One again, the Rods needed banked turns. Pressler/Harris said "Hoooooplaaaaaaaaaaaa" and the rest is history.
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