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  1. I'm pretty sure they're refurbing all of Paradise Pier, so they might close off sections of the Pier and work on them yearly, such as now until 2007 for the section of Paradise Pier on which Screamin' sits. DCA needs that Monsters Inc ride open SOON! Soarin' in my opinion is an E-Ticket, Tower of Terror DCA Budget Edition is also an E-Ticket (like a D and a Half compared to WDW's...) and DCA has other E's, D's, C's, etc. but Cali Screamin' was a "reason" to go to DCA, attendance is going to drop even more...but this is what Disney deserved for building a parking lot into a parking lot with n
  2. Well, correct in that the train has to be at a complete stop...however, all Intamin's with the cable lift HAVE to start with a direct lift from the station. This is as far as my coaster knowledge knows, Robb probably knows that Mil. Force, Goliath, and Exp.G-Force all have lifts that start right from the station. This is the only way for the cable to grab the coaster car, even in RCT2 and RCT3. I could very well be wrong, but I'm 99% sure that a cable lift hill must start from the station, and since El Toro has a turnaround before the lift and the video shows the classic chain...I do not pr
  3. After watching the video I didn't see the cable lift mentioned by GACoaster (The Greatest Photographer of ALL-TIME), however, these vids are not always 100% accurate, especially last year's Kingda Ka vid with the all yellow trains. Also, magnetic brakes usually are used on coasters with dual loading stations (switch-tracks), in this case, I expect a combination of the air-lock brakes and magnetic brakes or just air-locks, as magnetic brakes tend to just slow the coaster down instead of being able to hold it in place, for say, a train was loading in the station and the train is being held by a
  4. Instead of Disney investing in the construction of more and more half-a$$ parks that lack attractions, build ONE excellent park. When I visited WDW in July I accomplished hitting all the attractions in MGM (Tower, Rock'n', Great Movie Ride, Catastrophe Canyon, and Fantasmic), Epcot (Test Track, Mission:Space, Living Seas <---waste of my life, Honey I Shrunk the Audience <---aging horribly, and most of the countries in the World Pavilion), AND Animal Kingdom (Kilamanjaro Safari, Tough to be a Bug, Kali River Rapids, and saw Tarzan Rocks)...THAT IS FRICKIN' SAD!!! It took me three days t
  5. I'm surprised all Top Scans world-wide are still in current operation in the wake of the recent tragedy at Adventureland Long Island, NY (my home park 10 minutes from my house)...I thought Mondial would order a stopping of operation until the problem was investigated to prevent the random person ejection with OTSR still down...
  6. IMO, without the Twilight Zone backround theming, this ride is going to be unique from the other towers the way Phantom Manor is unique from the Haunted Mansions. I believe that Disney-MGM's Tower of Terror will still take the cake, it's the original, it has a completely random drop sequence, its location at the end of Sunset Blvd draws you to it, its inside theming is spectacular, it has a very creepy and well-themed garden, it looks straight from the era it was supposed to. Now, Tokyo's Tower costs $190 Million in 2005, while Florida's Tower cost $140 Million in 1994. I used an inflation
  7. If you look closely at the pic it looks like the Sky Splash rubber duckie from Sesame Place behind Robb in the backround, are you guys in Langhorne Pennsylvania? BTW, they use clear tubes, and are a Busch Park, thus they have nice plant-life like that. Also, Sesame Place has a *Vekoma* credit! Argh, I be the crazy Rubber Ducky from hell who ate Ernie and Bert's unibrow, now gimme some candy!
  8. Top Photo of Top Scan, a Mondial thrill ride from which the woman was thrown from. Bottom Photo of LadyBug Coaster, a Zierer/Tivoli Medium coaster, that is the train that struck and killed the Op.
  9. Yesterday, September 1st, yet another death occurred at Long Island's Adventureland in New York. This time, however, much more extreme. A woman was THROWN from Top Scan while it was in it's peak rotation, sending her flying to her death. Her body landed in the adjacent parking lot on top of a parked car. Now let me rant, Adventureland is my home park, all the rides at the park are transportable for space, money, re-sale value, and the ease to remove/relocate easily. I LOVE THIS PARK. I grew up in it, it is safe, the Op's are amazing. When they usually lock you in on Top Scan they p
  10. Here's a picture of the coaster that the op was struck by, taken at the end of July
  11. About the "poverty" in China...did anyone ever consider how much a Disney Theme Park Resort helps to boost economy since it employs so many frickin' people...and they're not working for free...so obviously a country greatly benefits from these theme parks, which is why China seems to embrace the fact the Disney wants to build another one!
  12. At WDW's Magic Kingdom: GP-"This park must've opened in 1955 if it's 50 years old now." Cap'an Jack-"Disneyland's 50 years old, this park is only 34 years old." GP-"No it's not." GP-"Tokyo Disneyland doesn't have the same castle as us!" The Captain-"It's slightly smaller but otherwise nearly identical." GP-"No it's not, The Disney Company wouldn't copy castles." Cap't-...walks away... GP-"Pirates of the Caribbean sucked, where was Johnny Depp?" Cap'an Jack-"It's a classic ride made in 1972, the movie was made in 2003, and the ride inspired the movie." GP-"So where's Johnny Dep
  13. That was absolutely amazing, as in, I could never have dedicated myself to nailing that so exactly, and the editing was spectacular. My jaw hit the ground.
  14. The ARROW/S&S woodie was great? Wow, times sure are a changin'! Honestly, the falling apart Arrow getting sued by Six Flags may have given them new life in that now they are a part of S&S, they are building awesome coasters...Powder Keg, and now Falken! This new ownership/partnership between S&S Power and Arrow Development seems to be a hit, at least for the ACE'rs and enthusiasts.
  15. ECZenith, Jurassic Park is Universal...Disney is Dinosaur/Countdown to Extinction...
  16. In my opinion, I think Universal's Islands of Adventure will get a Bolliger and Mabillard Flyer only because B&M's are often quite relaible, smooth, and rarely complained about by the general public. Universal seems to be happy with what B&M has made them, similar to how Six FLags and Busch Gardens continuously use B&M. Hear me out when I say that once the Busch Gardens family purchased a steel coaster from B&M, they have yet to use another brand, excluding Mack water coasters and a VEKOMA (why, why!?!?!) for Sesame Place as well as one Morgan Hyper for a less reknown Sea Wor
  17. This one's for you... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ On June 8th, KK closed due to problems with the switch track. Later, during a test launch, Blueberry Muffin was seen on the launch track with sparks, smoke, and parts flying around it. The ride closed for the rest of the day and has yet to reopen. The train did not go up the tower and thus did not roll back, but became stuck in a position several feet from the 90 degree ascent into the stratasphere. Several sources say Muffin took off brake fins with it, however I beg to differ since the brake fins run so they go under the train so they don't collid
  18. My uncle's Action Park scar looks like an A, and my aunt's looks like a P. Both scars on their backs from the cement slides and other insane attractions. I have a scar on my hand from their CEMENT KIDDIE POOL! (I was 4 when I last went) Maybe it was a cheaper way of advertising, brand people with an AP on their backs to get more visitors?
  19. Ah yes, I remember going to Action Park when I was younger with my family. I forgot the name of the Looping Slide, but it was redonkulous to watch and a sight to behold. I heard it was painful, maybe Vekoma made it back in the day... Anyways, I remember how unsafe the park was, and how it had cool names for the slides, such as the Kamakazie!!! My aunt suffered scarring to her back from one of their slides, and so did my uncle, as with anyone else who went to Low-Budget-Unsafe-Action Park. It closed down due to lawsuits if my memory serves me correct, and they became Mountain Creek, and to
  20. In my opinion, any coaster built by TOGO is worthy of getting "The Worst" title. Very uncomfortable trains, very sloppy steelwork, and horrible transitions. Experience of Manhattan Express and the Viper could prove this very true to almost anyone, as it has for me. The Viper never even had banked turns, zero degree angle turns made at 40 mph. Sheer genius, like the two guys advertising beer: Guy 1: "Let's make the Americans pay for the bombs they dropped on us back in the day." Guy 2: "Brilliant!" Guy 1: "We could build the Viper!" Guy 2: "BRILLIANT!!!"
  21. This brings a tear...a tear of laughter to my eye. One of the roughest coasters ever designed, honestly, TOGO and their 35 mph unbanked turns and near stall speeds in the dive loop only added to their roller coaster genius. As what had been said above, SF Darien Lake already has a Viper, an Arrow custom looper, I believe. How would Great Adventure's Viper, that was the complaint of 99% of guests and that it is themed to look like a snake, fit in at all at Darien Lake, unless SF was pulling a Viper: The Sequel. "Just when you though you were safe from the roughness..." "When you thought TO
  22. Kingda Ka was given the greenlight today by NJ at about 2 O'Clock, and ran its first circuit with passengers... This is all according to http://www.gadv.com and has been proven true. I'm sure pictures and more news are soon to come. On top of all that, others have reported that the commercial was filmed today as well.
  23. Sum41-Fat Lip Green Day-Suffocate Taking Back Sunday-Set Phasers to Stun AC/DC-Highway to Hell or You Shook Me All Night Long As a drummer, tried to find you catchy and quick songs. In Fat Lip during the break of the song you can show some slow-mo coaster footage, just a suggestion... By the way, the Kaiser Chiefs new song, I Predict A Riot, is an excellent English song and would work, in my opinion, in a coaster video.
  24. KENNYWOOD Phantom's Revenge:B+; okay hyper, now better w/o inversions Exterminator:B-; theming not bad, ride overall okay Thunder Bolt:A-; old school yet fun, cool trains and layout, ACE Classic Jack Rabbit:C+; a tad boring, another old schooler, ACE Classic Racers:B; you need fun riders to really enjoy DORNEY PARK Talon:C-; if you want a good invert travel to Six Flags GADV Steel Force:B-; fair for a hyper Thunder Hawk:C+; boring Laser:A-; best coaster in park, Scharzkopf goodness Wild Mouse:D; brakes, brakes, and more brakes HERSHEY PARK Storm Runner:A+; more origi
  25. Hey hey hey, can I get De onnodige vekoma pijn which is Dutch for "Unnecessary Vekoma Roughness" since they are from the Netherlands and don't understand complaints made in English!!! Those freaky deaky dutch!
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